Chapter 611 – Expressing Love!

“Who owns that Pig Spirit Treasure? So cool, it did not lose out to the spirit treasures of Young Master Ya or the Saintess!”

“I don’t know; I have never seen it before, it even belongs to a low rank Star Spirit Master, impressive.”

“Quickly look, what is the Luan Spirit Treasure doing?”


Everyone shifted their gazes over!

The Rainbow Luan was actively circling around the Dragon Spirit Treasure in a dance…

The Rainbow Luan already possessed a physical form, its long tail feathers were indescribably beautiful; as it danced, its tail feathers would sway and moved like a snow made from rainbow.

The bird-type spirit treasures nearby all started to be led by the Rainbow Luan and started to dance beside it as well.

Those spirit treasures that were following the Dragon Spirit Treasure were also pushed away by the Rainbow Luan.

Only one Dragon and one Luan was left as they danced in the air.


It was expressing love towards the Dragon Spirit!

Bai Li Zi Xi flushed as she bit her lips, displaying an innocent look of being unable to control her spirit treasure… and being so embarrassed that she wants to find some place and just hide in it.

The old fellas seated in the Upper Sections were grinning, especially Ji Mo Kai Yuan, who smiled the widest.

He stroked his chin, “Aiyo, that Luan Spirit Treasure is not bad! Be it talent or breed, it is a rather good match with the Dragon Spirit Treasure of our family’s Little Ya. From the looks of it, the two of them are rather fated…”

The two Half-Sages smiled without speaking.

The other King Spirit Masters present all knew the main motive of this banquet, that it was related to the Ji Mo Clan and the Bai Li Clan.

However, since the both clans in question were part of the Eight Great Clans, no one from the two clans suggested anything or made any arrangement.

The Ji Mo Clan had never expressively brought out the topic because the Phoenix Spirit Treasure was the most suitable match for the Dragon Spirit Treasure, but none has appeared within the entire Spirit Treasure Continent so far. Only the Bai Li Clan managed to produce a Luan Spirit Treasure. From a different perspective, the Luan Spirit Treasure was not the most suitable and was only a backup.

The Bai Li Clan did not express any intention because their female clan member was reserve plus the Bai Li Clan likes to stay lowkey and avoid being involved with worldly matters, so they did not declare anything as well.

Now that the Half-Sages had lent a hand, gathered the talented younger generation of humanity in this banquet and attracting out all their spirit treasures, yet only a single Luan Spirit Treasure appeared.

This signified that the Ji Mo Clan should stop waiting, in addition, the Luan Spirit Treasure also expressed affection towards the Dragon Spirit Treasure…

It meant that these two spirit treasures have a relatively good compatibility as well.

If they were to get married, even though it was not the ideal match of dragon and phoenix, they would still be able to activate the Couple Spirit Treasure Battle Technique!

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Increasing the overall strength of humanity.

“Indeed, congratulations to the Ji Mo clan and Bai Li Clan, both are astoundingly talented youngsters…”

The people within the Male and Female Guest Sections also started to emit all sorts of envious and jealous tones.

“Is my spirit treasure blind? Why is it chasing that pig, this daddy will surely become a laughing stock later! However, fortunately it did not chase after the Luan bird, if not I will be laughed at for being a toad lusting after a swan! Hahaha…”

“I think that pig is quite impressive, it had nine Goose-Egg Stars, not only is it eye-catching, it is also stayed aloof and did not chase Young Master Ya’s Dragon Spirit Treasure. Just from that point, I feel that it is not ordinary. The spirit treasures that are attracted to this pig spirit treasures are ones with good taste!”

“This bro’s spirit treasure is also following that pig! Gosh, can it be that this bro is fated with the owner of that Pig Spirit Treasure? This bro’s ideal woman is the Saintess!”


Huan Qing Yan broke into cold sweat, she had been attacked for no reason because her house’s pig must catch the attention of everyone present.

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The Leaf Spirit Treasure within her wrist also expressed unwillingness, it was implying that if it was let out, it was confident that it would have as many followers chasing it as well…

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