Chapter 612 – Damm*t, My Low Cultivation Is Simply Too Weak

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Huan Qing Yan sweated even more, both of them wanted to fly up into the sky?

Do they know what is low-key?

Just as everyone was engaged in conversations, a commotion broke out within the group of spirit treasures inside the hall.

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The Dragon Spirit Treasure might have gotten irritated by the Luan Spirit Treasure which was circling it to show its affection, so with a blur, its several meters long powerful body shrank into a half-meter long mini dragon.

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It was even shorter than a single tail feather of the Luan Spirit Treasure!

After it shrank, it immediately distanced itself from the Luan Spirit Treasure.

And immediately disappeared into Ji Mo Ya’s wrist.

The Luan Spirit Treasure was left standing alone in its location…

Everyone was startled at this change, the previously seemingly compatible scene of a Dragon and Luan had disappeared, leaving only a flustered Luan Spirit Treasure alone in the air.

It seemed to be confused about why the Dragon Spirit ignored it, it was supposed to be a noble existence as well!

Most of the other spirit treasures that were floating around were sharper than their masters as they each started to snicker when they look at the Luan Spirit Treasure’s situation.

That group included Huan Qing Yan’s Pig Spirit Treasure, although it was only an illusion but it was rolling about while laughing, it was impossible for such actions to not create any enemies.

The other spirit treasures might be laughing but they were doing it secretly, only the Pig Spirit Treasure was the only one that dared to laugh at it openly and in an extremely unbridled manner. The spirit treasures whoo were following it also started mocking the Luan Spirit Treasure when they saw the Pig Spirit Treasure laughing…

That look that was asking for a beating even caused Huan Qing Yan to be unable to look at it directly.

‘Damm*t, that fella had once again pulled aggro for her.’

Especially in this situation where the spirit treasures were still in an intoxicated state where their masters were unable to control them.

As expected, the Luan Spirit Treasure was displeased and threw a fireball at the Pig Spirit Treasure; a ball of raging flames charged forward…

The Rainbow Luan Spirit Treasure was already a Mystic Spirit Treasure, it possessed a physical body!

While the Pig Spirit Treasure was only a small illusion, when the Pig Spirit Treasure saw the incoming attack, it immediately peed in fright.

It quickly ran towards Ji Mo Ya’s direction to hide! It had on a terrified and fearful expression…

After hiding behind Ji Mo Ya, the fireball was immediately extinguished by a bundle of water mist before it could even get close to Ji Mo Ya.

The mini dragon came out again and had the fireball extinguished.

The Pig Spirit Treasure approached the mini dragon and grunted a couple of times, it looked like it was giving its thanks.

The Dragon Spirit Treasure lazily and coolly returned inside Ji Mo Ya’s body.

It’s displaying the same behavior like its master!

This scene caused everyone to stared wide-eye in shock…

It was truly exciting and the hall filled with juicy gossip.

Even the Half-Sages and the several King Spirit Masters have started to examine the Pig Spirit Treasure in detail.

“That pig is quite peculiar! Whose pig is this?”

“This pig is not simple, who is its owner, stand up and let this Sage have a look…”

Huan Qing Yan stood up hesitantly.

Everyone’s gaze scanned her multiple times.

Huan Qing Yan instantly felt that, ‘Dammit, my low cultivation is simply too weak to handle this situation.’

Ji Mo Kai Yuan’s smile froze when he saw her, he recognized who she is!

It was the concubine that Little Ya just gotten recently!

He had underestimated her abilities; however, she was only a concubine in the end, he cannot allow a mere concubine to affect the orders of the clan patriarch.

The two Half-Sages were very happy, “Young Lady, you are really excellent. This spirit treasure of yours have a bright future ahead.”

Huan Qing Yan steeled herself and replied, “I thank the two Lord Sages for your kind praises.” She was currently feeling a powerful ill intention pressing down on every side of her body, preventing her from lifting up her head.

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