Chapter 121: Physiological Needs

When Su Ke2Su KeMain Character finished speaking, Hong Chen’s body trembled like a frightened rabbit, her eyes carrying shock and innocence as she looked at Su Ke, confused.

Su Ke could obviously feel Hong Chen’s trembling, feeling a sense of inner hostility in that moment. If he wasn’t holding her so tight and she didn’t have any strength, he was afraid that he would have had to hide in one corner. He was momentarily at a loss.

“En! D*mn! This is a misunderstanding!”

Suddenly, he thought of his words just now and felt like a bucket of cold water was poured onto him as he immediately reacted. His entire face was on fire as he quickly tried to explain himself, “When I said bed, I didn’t mean it that way!”


He looked down at the trembling Hong Chen and was so anxious, his head started to sweat. “What I meant was did you want want me to just place you on your bed? It’ll only be you on the bed, I’m not climbing in!”

After Hong Chen went through a short moment of terror,  she gradually calmed down and looked at Su Ke’s red face and giggled. “I know what you’re saying!”

In actual fact, Hong Chen wouldn’t have had such a misunderstanding.

However, today’s incident had caused her to be rather jittery; she might have some trauma from this and it wouldn’t be easy to get over it.


Su Ke originally saved her, so how could he take advantage of her?

After Hong Chen thought about it, she smiled apologetically and said, “I’m not going in the bed. Set me down on the sofa first, ok?”

When Su Ke heard her finish, it was like he was absolved of a burden as he set her down on the sofa and finally let out a breath of relief.

This whole situation was too exciting.

If he didn’t have a firm will, maybe some immoral behaviour would actually happen!

“Su Ke, help me get a glass of water!” Hong Chen wanted to comfort her body, but found that she still had no power. It felt like her entire body was under the control of someone else.

Even though she could feel, she didn’t have a shred of strength.

When she said that, she pointed at the water dispenser beside the TV.


“Hu!” Su Ke handed her the water and Hong Chen breathed out heavily.

“Why aren’t you asking me why I went to Jin Se Hua Nian!?”

“Aren’t I just waiting for you to say so!”

Su Ke shrugged his shoulders, indeed feeling very curious.

Why did such a righteous journalist go to work in such an establishment like a KTV?

“I’m currently writing a manuscript. Someone informed me that Jin Se Hua Nian was providing services from women who had taken a wrong step in life. Also, there were some girls who were trafficked over here!” Hong Chen then drank a bit of water while thinking about how she nearly lost her innocence.


Su Ke saw Hong Chen’s face and quickly said, “Ai! When did you become a police officer who’s in charge of delivering justice?”


“Wei! I was always in charge of a newspaper, okay!? Do you think I’m a paparazzi who’ll go and get decorative news!?”

As expected, Hong Chen then suddenly pouted, “A newspaper would always want this kind of story. In the previous incident where you were playing the hero, I was the one who reported on it, okay!?”

Hong Chen leaned against the sofa and curled her legs up. Her short chiffon skirt showed a large portion of her thighs, and her posture made her skirt only cover her butt.

Her jade legs were curled up and her snow-white skin was lustrous.

She wrapped her arms around her chest and held the cup of water with one hand. Her short hair was pretty, her face was pure, and her eyes were slightly red and swollen, evoking a sense of tender affection..


Thinking back to what happened at the stairs, Su Ke was somewhat at a lose as he thought about her charm.

Suddenly, there was a notification sound from the system and Su Ke quickly entered and saw a new task on the screen.

“Task: Resolve Hong Chen’s physiological needs. Reward: 1000 RMB”


“What? Physiological needs?”

After he finished reading, Su Ke’s eyes opened widely with a stunned expression.

Her physiological needs, could it be? It can’t be!?

“Wei, Su Ke, what happened to you? Why are you stoning?”

Just as Su Ke’s brain turned to mush, his heart beat faster and he had no idea what to do.

Hong Chen’s voice then brought him back to reality,

“Eh! Nothing! Nothing!”

Su Ke quickly waved his hands, but his red face gave him away.

Hong Chen furrowed her eyebrows, “Are you hot?”

Su Ke rambled out, his brain still musing on the sudden task, “He he! It’s okay, I’m fine!”

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His heart was thumping wildly as he thought, “What exactly is with this stupid system!? Resolve her physiological needs? Why not just directly tell me to be a prostitute!”


“I’m still a pure virgin male, even if Hong Chen wasn’t bad and her body felt rather good. Even though her chest was rather small,, she was a lover that the masses would yearn for. However, my first time can’t end like this!”

Su Ke condemned the mysterious system as he unconsciously glanced at Hong Chen and shook his head.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you!?” Hong Chen saw Su Ke’s thoughtful appearance and his gaze was just directed towards her chest and thighs for a moment, so she immediately regained her fiery personality and continued, “Where were you looking just now? Is it somewhere you should look?”

“Eh!” Su Ke, who was caught by Hong Chen, was jarred awake, but his heart was confused.

When they entered the room just now and he said the word ‘bed’, she was scared witless.

She didn’t seem like she had some physiological needs?


Su Ke was scared witless when he thought that, “Don’t tell me it wants me to force myself onto her?”  Even if Hong Chen was unwilling, the her right now couldn’t fight back.

He could just directly complete his task, but if he did that, how was he any different from Zhang Wen Long?

“Forget it. Even if I fail this task, there won’t be any punishment, so I’ll just give up!”

After Su Ke thought things through, he quickly regained his calm.

Even though 1000 RMB wasn’t a small sum, some things should never be done.

Hong Chen stared at Su Ke’s red face for a while and thought that he was thirsty.

“I have no strength right now, so if you want to drink something, pour it yourself!”


“Hong Chen, are you still thirsty? I’ll pour you some water!”

Hong Chen shook her head, “Not thirsty, thanks!”

“Hong Chen, are you hungry? I’ll cook for you!”

Hong Chen continued to shake her head, “I don’t have an appetite right now!”

“Hong Chen, are you tired? I’ll carry you to the bed to sleep!”

Hong Chen’s face was full of suspicion as she shook her head unconsciously.


Su Ke had asked for half a day, but she didn’t make any headway and was even more gloomy.

He couldn’t help but curse inwardly, “What else could be a physiological need!?”

I’ve asked everything already, f*ck!

I asked about water, food, sleep, and there’s still 2 left!

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“Hong Chen, do you need to go to the toilet?”


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