Chapter 120: This is a Misunderstanding

After watching Ma Meng drive away, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character looked down at Hong Chen who was like a little kitten in his arms. Probably because of the shock she experienced tonight, her entire face was white and she fell asleep.

Su Ke sighed helplessly as he stared at her.

Hong Chen had previously given her house keys to Su Ke. She probably didn’t have enough strength to open the door right now, not to mention that she lived alone so there was no one to help her.

Good people commit to the end.

If you’re going to send the Buddha, send him to the west!

Since he was involved in this matter, he couldn’t turn a blind eye.

Fortunately though, Hong Chen’s house was only on the 3rd level.


With every step he took, Su Ke felt his arms getting heavier.

Curse you, gravity!

The two of them were rather intimate with Hong Chen’s arms looped around his neck, her head resting on his shoulder. Her short hair had the scent of sweat, which he could continuously smell. Her eyes were shut tightly and tear stains were visible on her eyelashes.

Her elaborate nose and tender lips had unknowingly become red, making her look more like the lively and bouncy reporter from before.

What hadn’t changed was her pure face that didn’t belong to the nightlife.


He turned his gaze away from her face and unconsciously moved downwards, her arms around Su Ke’s neck. Her neckline was wide open, revealing a vast expanse of white.

He could even see a bit of something he shouldn’t, causing his legs to weaken and making him stagger.

After he managed to right himself, he heard Hong Chen yawn like she had just woken up.

Su Ke’s legs didn’t stop as he walked up the stairs and said, “You’re awake!”

“En!” Hong Chen replied dazedly.

She kept her position as she looked at Su Ke from below her eyelashes.

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“Thank you!”

Her eyes then misted up, like she was thinking of something again.

They had finally reached the second floor when he spoke, “No need for thanks! It’s not like I saved you for nothing!”

He then propped her up to prevent her from slipping out and his palm felt something soft and round that was very elastic.


In a moment, Su Ke stopped moving, even nearly dropping Hong Chen.

Her originally pale face reddened and her breathing picked up, causing he two rabbits on her chest to undulate vigorously under Su Ke’s chin.

He could feel Hong Chen’s embarrassment as her arms trembled faintly.

They could hear each other’s frantic heartbeats loudly going ba-thump ba-thump.

The more Hong Chen tried to calm down, the more anxious she got.

Her rabbits then jumped even more, moving ceaselessly under Su Ke’s chin.

They had even touched his lower lip a few times, so she forcefully pulled her chest away, but when she did that, she then felt Su Ke’s palm sink into her butt.


“Hand, your hand!” Hong Chen’s voice was like a mosquito, unable to be heard.

Her originally very weak body was now completely limp, her voice starting to tremble.

Su Ke felt like his face had stiffened and a bead of sweat dripped from his forehead as he twisted his mouth, showing a strained smile that was even uglier than crying.

He wanted to smash his head against the wall and die right now.

If he knew this was going to happen, he would have just carried Hong Chen straight up to the 3rd level! Why did he have to delay!?

The miniskirt that Hong Chen wore for work was definitely too short.

In a split second, her skirt had ridden up and his hand had slipped inside.


Coincidentally, his hand brushed in between her cheeks and he felt half tender skin, half cotton.

He felt something soft and flexible as his hands moved before he could feel a ripple.

This was simply, simply too immoral!

Hearing Hong Chen’s trembling voice, Su Ke’s heart jumped and he felt like his knees were going soft, like he was about to collapse.

They might actually have fallen from the 2nd floor.

“Hei hei, misunderstanding, misunderstanding!”

Su Ke smiled embarrassedly and immediately pulled his hands out, but he didn’t know where to put his hands.

In the end, he could only place them on her thigh, but his anxiety didn’t vanish but grew instead.

He scratched his head before gritting his teeth and rushing up to the 3rd level.

He kept trying to tell himself to calm down, but only when he was in front of Hong Chen’s door did he stand in silence and she did the same.


“Hu!” He took a deep breath and held her house keys with his right hand.

He then knelt down with his right knee pointed up and kept Hong Chen propped up.

Su Ke’s posture was rather strange, his right hand trying to insert the key into the door.

However, his neck was embraced by Hong Chen, making it hard  for him to see the lock.

He could feel the side of his face pressing just above Hong Chen’s chest; her soft and glossy skin slightly chilling his face.

Hong Chen was too ashamed to show her face. It was already really embarrassing when Su ke had touched her butt, so who knew that right now his face would be so close to her two rabbits, like they were pressed together. Hot breath was blown onto her skin, causing her to feel goosebumps.


However, this couldn’t be helped! She kept inwardly hurrying up Su Ke to end this embarrassing display.

She then shut her eyes tightly, as if this would alleviate her embarrassment.


A loud natural noise sounded in their hearts, making them momentarily stunned.

Su Ke used a bit of force and the door was finally opened.

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Unknowingly, his back was soaked with sweat. This was even more tiring than the fight at Jin Se Hua Nian. He then stood up and walked through the door, feeling rather relieved.

Hong Chen’s house was a small apartment.

However, for one person, it was not only comfortable, it also didn’t have an empty or lonely feeling. The house was elegant with a small living room, inside of which was a pale yellow cloth sofa and some unfinished snacks on the coffee table.


Su Ke surveyed the apartment and saw a wall with a lot of pictures hung on it, many of them with Hong Chen as the subject. He then glanced at the bedroom door and asked, “Bed?”

“Ah?” Hong Chen’s whole body shook and she was frightened for a moment.


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