Chapter 119: I’m A Good Person

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character smiled at Zheng Mo and caressed her shoulder rather naturally before walking over to the sofa in the corner, “We should go!”

Even though Hong Chen had regained her mobility, she was still weak as she yelled, “Su Ke!” while trying to sit up, but her arms lost their strength and she fell back once again.

“Don’t move!” Su Ke had no idea what drug Zhang Wen Long had given her.

After seeing her in such a weak state, all he could do was carry her in his embrace.

Even though Zheng Mo felt a sense of loss, she quickly suppressed it and ran to Su Ke’s side, “Do you need any help!?”


Su Ke shook his head and looked down at Hong Chen leaning against his shoulder before glancing back up at Zheng Mo, “I’m fine!”  

He then suddenly felt rather anxious and headed outside.

“Can we go?” Since Ma Meng was standing at the door the whole time, when he saw Su Ke coming out with a girl in his arms, he wasn’t that shocked.

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Ma Meng walked in front of Su Ke under the gazes of the waiters as they slowly walked down the stairs. Zhang Wen Long was lying on the ground unmoving while all this was going on.

He was probably afraid that if he made any sudden movements he would attract trouble, so he’d rather pretend to be dead to stay safe.

When they finally walked through the doors of Jin Se Hua Nian, they could see four vehicles parked outside; a black SUV, a Buick commercial cabin, and two white vans.

However, the passerby’s were truly frightened by the twenty-plus people standing outside wearing baleful looks.


When Zheng Mo walked out, she was frightened for a moment because she thought they were men hired by the KTV boss. Considering everything that had taken place, that wasn’t totally illogical.

Su Ke seemed like he could read Zheng Mo’s mind as he quickly said, “Don’t be afraid; they’re all on our side!” Actually, he had already guessed that Ma Meng would have brought people downstairs as reinforcements just in case they lost against Wu Ao Ran.

However, when he saw that there was 20+ men loitering around down here, he was also surprised.

“Our side?” When Zheng Mo heard Su Ke’s words, she was even more stupefied.

These people didn’t look like good guys, so how can they be on their side?

Before she could ask though, she saw a blond hooligan running towards her.

It was Huang Mao, who shouted as he ran, “Brother Su Ke!”

He was wearing a black vest and his two indistinct tattoos could be seen under the store lights, while the smile on his face was filled with goodwill.


“Huang Yong?”

Su Ke immediately recognized him as the brat he schooled outside the school gates for harassing Wei Lan. However, he also admitted that he was wrong. Even though it was because of Liu Fei Hong, it was also because of that incident that helped him remember his name.

Huang Yong had a face full of smiles as he cleverly greeted Ma Meng before following up with Su Ke, “Brother Su Ke, you still remember my name!”

As Huang Yong spoke, a man that looked to be around 30 and wearing a Hawaiian-styled flower shirt walked forward.

Huang Yong quickly introduced him, “Brother Su Ke, this is my boss, Sun Song!”

Even though he was called ‘boss’, under Liu Fei Hong’s group, he was nothing more than a third-rate member. Once he learned that Huang Yong had provoked Su Ke before, he had been thinking about how to pander to him.


“Brother Su Ke, nice to meet you, I’m Sun Song!” Sun Song only nodded at Su Ke because he was carrying a girl in his arms and couldn’t shake hands.

Su Ke never thought that this 30-something-year-old man would address him like this.

However, he was only shocked for a brief second before he quickly regained himself and returned the greeting. “Brother Sun Song, nice to meet you!”

Sun Song then quickly stood at Ma Meng’s side, “Grandpa Meng, the timing was a bit tight so I could only gather this many people. However, I still have a few other brothers on the way who will get here soon!”


“The situation’s been resolved, tell the brothers to go home!” Ma Meng then glanced at the guys standing by the road before waving his hand and continuing, “Right, get people to send Su Ke’s friends home!”

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“Su Ke, come with me!”

Su Ke looked at the Hong Chen in his arms then over to Zheng Mo standing beside him. Helplessly, he could only whisper a few words to Zheng Mo, but she could roughly guess what was going on. Even though Su Ke was her ‘boyfriend’, he was hugging another girl and sending her home. He thought that she was probably feeling uncomfortable.

Under Sun Song’s supervision, a few vans very quickly loaded up  Zheng Mo, Han Mei, and Xiao Xian Ren and sent them back to Lang Fang institute while Su Ke carried Hong Chen into Ma Meng’s SUV.


Ma Meng started the car and started driving towards the address Hong Chen had provided when he asked, “What happened?”

Based on what he thought of him, Su Ke wasn’t the kind of person to stir up trouble.

Su Ke had placed Hong Chen on the seat next to him before he finally relaxed. In a moment, his body felt extremely exhausted as he let out a deep breath and narrated the whole incident.

“En!” After Ma Meng heard the whole story, he became silent. “Sister Fei Hong is in the north right now. I rushed over only after I got her phone call. Fortunately, you’re fine.”


Su Ke nodded before realizing that Liu Fei Hong didn’t come when he called.

Looks like she had left Lang Fang Shi early in the morning.

“Wu Ao Ran is Lang Ming’s person. I reckon that he’ll leave you alone now, but you still need to be careful. Have you heard of Lang Ming?” Ma Meng slowly said, his hands steadily holding the steering wheel as he kept his head forward.

“Lang Ming? The double-headed wolf, Lang Guang and Lang Ming, the two brothers?”

Su Ke tried very hard to place their names.

When he finally remembered, he was rather shocked.

The double-headed wolf brothers had an even worse reputation in Lang Fang City than Liu Fei Hong.


“En, I didn’t act on my own today. Sister Fei Hong is still gone, and according to our intelligence, the people from Ba Zhou who wanted to kidnap Liu Qing Qing are related to them. If I want to mobilize everyone, I need to wait for Sister Fei Hong to come back and take charge!”

Su Ke didn’t really understand, but he still unconsciously nodded, “En!”

The car then filled up with silence.

Su Ke carried the still weakened Hong Chen out of the car before he turned around and said, “Brother Meng, you can go home first. I really troubled you today!”


“Oh?” Ma Meng was shocked as he looked at Su Ke. He was planning to wait until Su Ke had sent the girl home before sending him back as well.

However, when he heard Su Ke say that, he smiled meaningfully and waved before quickly leaving.

Su Ke had a depressed expression on his face as he quickly understood the meaning behind Ma Meng’s smile.

“Please don’t think that I’m perverted! I’m a good person!”


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