Chapter 490: The matter that makes a man suffer the most

Feng Ling was somewhat puzzled and asked, “Past history? I know everything about me…”

Long Yi shook his head and replied, “You only know the situation on your mother’s side. However, do you know anything about your father?”

“I don’t know, my father and mother never talked about it before… My husband, could it be that you know something about it?” Feng Ling asked as she looked at Long Yi with doubt in her eyes.

“Of course! Your husband knows geomancy of astronomy, past life, this life, I know everything…”

“Okay, my husband, don’t exaggerate anymore! Hurry up and tell me. What information do you have about my father’s side?” Feng Ling angrily interrupted Long Yi and shook his arm.

When Long Yi saw that Feng Ling was getting impatient, he no longer teased her. He explained with a smile, “Come to speak of it, you have already seen your relatives from your father’s side. In the past, on the top floor of the library in Mea Holy Magic Academy, do you remember who you saw?”

Feng Ling’s charming body trembled and he said, “Shui Linglong, she is……”

“She is your father’s mother. She is your grandmother.” Long Yi patted Feng Ling’s beautiful face which was frozen and explained.

“How can that be? How……” Feng Ling muttered and shook her head. All of a sudden, it was as though she thought of something. She looked up and grabbed onto Long Yi’s wrist tightly. With urgency in her voice, she asked, “Then, what about Teacher Shui Ruoyan?”

“She is your biological big sister.” Long Yi softly answered.

“I have a big sister… I also have a grandmother… My Husband, are you speaking the truth?” Feng Ling asked. Everything Long Yi had said up to this point completely shocked her. She had never thought that illustrious Water Master Archmage Shui Linglong was actually her grandmother. Teacher Shui Ruoyan who got along well with her was actually her biological big sister. It was difficult for her to accept the facts in such a short amount of time.

“Of course. When did your husband ever lie to you before?” Long Yi said as he recalled that beautiful lady he met in Mea Principality. It seemed as though he would have to go to the Skynet Intelligence Organization located in White Cloud City to ask about the latest situation in Mea Principality. He felt that that vicious beautiful lady had evil intentions.

“Then, doesn’t that mean I have a big sister? I actually have such a beautiful big sister!” Feng Ling became happy and she exclaimed with joy. She came back to her senses suddenly as she rolled her eyes at Long Yi, “Smelly husband, the two of us sisters were actually duped by you.”

Long Yi complacently laughed and said in a proud voice, “How is this duping? This is called fate. There is a saying that if something is predetermined by fate, two people will meet even if they are thousands of li away, we were complete strangers before. However, we are people fated to meet each other. Who can separate us?”

“Fate?” Feng Ling muttered and gently pounded her little fist on Long Yi’s chest. Maybe, they were truly fated to meet each other. Otherwise, how could they possibly run into each other even though they were so far apart? So many things had happened but there was an invisible thread connecting them to each other. That was how they got together. If this was fate, Feng Ling hoped that this fate tied them together even tighter.

“Yes, the fate between us isn’t shallow at all. In the past, when I saw my good brother change into a girl, I found it truly hard to accept. Heh heh, but, I truly didn’t expect that you would be such a peerless beauty.” Long Yi teased and his hand which was on Feng Ling’s waist started to move upwards.  He grabbed Feng Ling’s ** which was elastic and soft from above her clothing. The amount of force he used wasn’t too much and it was just enough for Feng Ling to feel good.

“Ah……  So hateful……” Feng Ling’s beautiful face flushed red and she quickly raised her hand to slap Long Yi. Long Yi didn’t know if she did it intentionally, but her hand slapped Long Yi’s little brother who was ready to make trouble. Long Yi issued an exaggerated scream and he sounded like a pig which was about to be slaughtered.

“What happened, Young Master?” The bedroom door opened and Liuli rushed out when she heard Long Yi’s scream.

Feng Ling bit her lower lip and rolled her eyes at Long Yi. She clearly knew that she hadn’t hit him that hard. How was it possible for him to be in so much pain?

Long Yi twisted his waist and looked behind Liuli with shifty eyes. Seeing that Liuxu and Niur were not behind her, Long Yi said with a bitter expression, “Lingr want to kill her husband! Hurry up, come over here and protect this Young Master.”

Liuli looked at the resentful expression on Feng Ling’s face and Long Yi’s exaggerated expression. She instantly knew that the two of them were playing around. She closed the door and walked over as she twisted her willowy waist. She was truly attractive. Feng Ling greatly admired Liuli’s walking posture. Swaying her slender waist that could be held with one hand was very attractive and her movements didn’t appear artificial at all. Her feminine charm was on full display.

“Young Master, where are you hurt?” Liuli sat beside Long Yi and asked with a soft voice.

Long Yi directly pointed at the place between his legs and said, “Here! This girl Lingr nearly destroyed my root of life. Quickly, help this Young Master rub it.”

“Smelly husband! You are bullying other people again.” Feng Ling couldn’t help but pinch Long Yi’s waist.

However, Liuli reached out her slender hand towards Long Yi’s hip with her face as red as a tomato. She used her jade-like spotlessly white hand to lightly rub on little Long Yi. Although the little brother of Long Yi was a seasoned soldier, it stood erect which disappointed Long Yi.

In an instant, the three people in the hall started to breathe heavily. Liuli trembled as she felt that burning hot rod in her hand. Feng Ling stood up and wanted to run away, however, Long Yi grabbed her before she was able to leave.

“My husband, let Liuli accompany you. I will go back to my room to rest.” Feng Ling begged. Knowing Long Yi’s character, she knew that he would do something bad to her without a doubt. Since the day they met, they naturally had s*xual intercourse. However, she had never served him together with Liuli.

“No way! Look at how swollen little Long Yi is. Until you cause its swelling to go down, you are not allowed to leave.” Long Yi pulled Feng Ling into his bosom and blew a breath of hot air into her ear. Feng Ling’s entire body went limp and her heart wanted to jump out of her chest.

Feng Ling squinted her eyes and shot a glance at Long Yi’s bad fellow which was standing erect. When she saw Liuli’s hand moving up and down, her maiden heart shrunk. She was familiar with making love with Long Yi and she knew what she had to do.

Feng Ling also stretched out her jade hand and grabbed little Long Yi which was exposed above Liuli’s hand. Long Yi’s eyes glimmered as he sucked in a breath of cold air. This visual stimulation was enhanced by strong physiological pleasure.

“Liuli, what is big sister Liu and Niur doing?” Feng Ling asked Liuli in a low voice as they cooperated in a tacit manner. She was afraid that Liuxu would suddenly appear out of nowhere.

“Big sister Liu is meditating. As for Niur, she is sleeping.” Liuli also understood what Feng Ling was thinking and she replied to her with a chuckle.

When Feng Ling heard what Liuli said, she was finally able to relax. In any case, both she and Liuli belonged to Long Yi. She didn’t think that there was anything wrong with serving him together with another woman. She shyly reached out her hand to untie Long Yi’s belt. The moment it was undone, little Long Yi jumped out angrily.

“Bad fellow!” Feng Ling gently flicked that big fellow and she fell to her knees in front of the sofa. She slowly lowered her head towards little Long Yi who was standing erect and she took it into her mouth. She used her fragrant tongue to caress it and swirled her tongue all around. Long Yi’s soul immediately flew to the ninth heaven.

Liuli was stunned when she saw Feng Ling’s actions. Her heart jumped rapidly and her breathing became heavy and her gaze never left Feng Ling. Even as a woman herself, she felt her entire body melting, let alone Long Yi.


Long Yi caressed the Feng Ling’s buttocks which were high in the air. Then, untying her belt, he entered her pants as he pinched and teased that soft and warm buttocks. Feng Ling started to secrete spring syrup from her mysterious valley.

“Liuli…… You should come over here as well…” The evil fire inside Long Yi was ignited and he gently pressed onto Liuli’s head.

Liuli trembled and she was ashamed in her heart. However, since Long Yi said so, she would obey him without thinking too much about it. She knelt down on the sofa on the other side of Long Yi. Sticking out her buttocks high in the air, she used her tongue to service Long Yi as well. With Liuli and Feng Ling side by side, they serviced him together.

“Damn…… I am going to die!” Long Yi muttered in his heart as his Adam’s apple rapidly moved up and down. Looking at those two red lips and their cute little tongues playing with his **, which man would be able to hold out against them?

The two women were no longer maidens who didn’t understand anything. When they saw that Long Yi’s body was stretched taut, they knew that he was about to reach the peak. As such, they started working even harder.

When Long Yi was about to explode, the bedroom door suddenly opened and a pair of pure big eyes curiously looked at the three people. Feng Ling and Liuli who had their head lowered as they served Long Yi didn’t notice it at all. However, Long Yi, whose soul was in the ninth heaven, saw little Niur standing at the door. It was as though a bucket of cold water was poured over him. His mighty little brother instantly laid down the flag and stilled the drum.

Long Yi hastily pulled up his pants as he lamented endlessly in his heart. This was the calamity brought about by stimulation. For a man, the most painful thing was being tossed down to the bottom from the peak.

“Father, what are you all doing?” When Feng Ling and Liuli were confused, Niur rushed over from the side and asked in her innocent voice. The two women were instantly startled and they immediately sat up straight with their face flushed red. They wanted nothing more than to find a hole in the ground to crawl into,

“Eh…… We were playing games.” Long Yi laughed hollowly and answered her.

“Then, Niur will also accompany father to play games. Is that okay?” Niur innocently said and her big eyes looked straight towards his crotch.

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Long Yi reflexively wanted to use his hands to cover little Long Yi. However, when his hands were halfway there, he felt as though it was improper and he said, “Let your two big sisters accompany you to play. Your father is busy right now.”

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Long Yi got up and rushed into the bedroom after speaking. He instantly shut the door with a bang. The two girls who were left in the room with Niur were looking at each other with a blank face.

Long Yi exhaled and after he opened the curtain of the bedroom’s window, he realized that the sky was already dim. The sun had already sunk into the horizon. Only a red glow was left on the horizon and it resembled the blushing face of a beauty.

The window of this bedroom was directly facing the main street. Since this was the time when the temperature started to get cooler, the streets were beginning to bustle with activity. Men and women wearing different ethnic dresses were shuttling back and forth, displaying the unique sight of White Cloud City. At the same time, Long Yi confirmed the rumor which he heard about White Cloud City. Indeed, the girls who grew up in White Cloud City were of much better quality compared to girls who grew up in other places. The great majority of girls had a slender waist and fair skin. Their facial features were also delicate and pretty. In addition to their unique temperament and dressing, they indeed had attractive qualities. No wonder the men of Blue Waves Continent would enjoy themselves so much here. So much so that they would forget to go home.

“Divine Wind Legion?” Just when Long Yi was about to pull down the curtains, he caught sight of a cavalry walking down the street in a neat formation. That symbol embroidered on their shoulder belonged to Divine Wind Legion controlled by the Beitang Clan.

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