Volume 3, Chapter 13: Battle with Alumis


Within the sanctuary outside the royal capital, along the banks of a spring, I stood face-to-face with the now yandere Alumis.

This yandere spirit just told me that she can only be harmed by someone that has received the Goddess’ divine favour. The tentacles restraining Femia, Claudia, and Rose are all considered part of Alumis so the same goes for them.

She wanted me to lose hope after hearing this, but instead, I now felt I had a chance.

“…just so I know, when you say ‘Goddess’ who exactly are you referring to?”

“Obviously, that would be the Goddess Medea.”

…just as I thought. This is Medea-nee’s fault.

[T-T-That’s not true! This really isn’t my fault! Alumis is just doing this on her own!]

Medea-nee’s excuse appeared in my log window.

[It’s not an excuse! If I am lying about this, I’ll punish myself by not observing you for twenty-four hours!]

So she really is observing me all the time — well, since she does seem pretty desperate, I’m guessing she’s telling the truth.

But this just made me more worried about what Alumis may be capable of doing.

Since the water tentacles are considered to be an extension of Alumis herself, they are also protected by Goddess Medea’s divine favour.

But, if the tentacles really are an extension of her, I shouldn’t be able to attack them due to my Feminist skill.

I asked Medea-nee [What’s this about?]

[Didn’t I tell you before that I’m not here to support you? I’m just going to observe as you try to do your best, Yuzuki-kun.]

[Don’t try to act like you never interfere. If you refuse…I won’t say a word to you for a while.]

I spoke these words in my mind to Medea-nee.

[A-A while…? H-How long exactly?]

[Eh, I wonder…. Maybe three days?]

[I couldn’t stand that…. Muu~, just this once. It’s just as you thought. Alumis does not fall under the effect of your Feminist skill.]

[Eh? Does that mean she’s a man?]

She doesn’t look very masculine or feminine and her chest is rather flat, but Medea-nee told me this wasn’t the case.

[No, she really is a girl, but she’s also a spirit, not a living being. She doesn’t count as a female humanoid creature that would be affected by Feminism.]

[…I see. So it has more to do with how the skill system of this world works.]

Then why does my SSS ranked skill have an effect on her?

Now that I actually think about it, some skills only affect ‘human beings’ while others have descriptions that say they only effect ‘women’ or ‘an ally to the user.’

It was right there in front of me but I never stopped to think about it. I still feel like this is Medea-nee’s fault…. I don’t have time to worry about that.

[Why did my attacks have no effect?]

[I told you, I’d only interfere that one time.]

[Oh, come on.]

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[I can’t do that. I want to see you do something cool. Besides, you already know the answer to that question.]

I tried to think of what she meant. When I was fighting the sacred beast, Alumis told me it was strong against physical attacks.

It’s possible Alumis has protection against magical attack on top of the Goddess’ protection.

This would explain why my magic seemed to just fizzle out when it touched the tentacles.

— So I reached into my item box and pulled out a sword. I actually lost the sword I used to slay the sacred beast when it toppled over. This is another, slightly shorter, blade.

I removed the sword from its sheath and approached Alumis.

“What are you doing? You suddenly fell silent. I kind of like how you won’t give up but don’t attempt to do anything foolish. If you become mine, I might consider –”

“– shut up.”

From the bottom of my heart, I truly hate this girl.

“All you care about is what you want! I’ll never be with a girl like you!”

I put all of the anger and rage I felt into one powerful blow as I buried my sword deep into Alumis’ shoulder.


Alumis let out a terrible scream, but I paid her no mind as I pulled the sword out of her shoulder and prepared for another attack.

If she attacks me I’ll be able to revive. I have no reason to hesitate as long as Rose and Claudia are in trouble.

But —

“– you think I’ll let you!?”

Alumis swung her right arm in a large arc.

I should’ve been out of her reach but I was knocked down by something.

“– ku, what was that…?”

I rolled through the fallen leaves and got to one knee. I looked up at Alumis to see her arm from the elbow down had transformed into a water tentacle.

That tentacle must be what knocked me down. On top of that, her shoulder turned into a liquid and reshaped her wounded shoulder. She was now completely unharmed.

I was told she was a spirit…. She must be a spirit of water.

“What!? What is this!? How are you able to hurt me!?”

“Who knows!”

I’m under no obligation to answer Alumis. In fact, I can use her confusion to land another attack.

I fired several Fire Bolts at her as I continuously slashed at her with my sword. Since it’s rank is too low I was forced to stop moving each time I wanted to use Fire Bolt.

The magic seemed to have little effect, so I abandoned magic altogether and focused on attacking her with my sword.

I was trying to find an opportunity to distance myself from Alumis and free Rose and Claudia from the tentacles using my sword. However, they were both being held in the middle of the spring and I knew I’d have no chance of making it to them.

I think the only chance I have of saving them is to defeat Alumis.

“Ku, damn it. Would you just stop trying to resist me!”

Alumis unleashed a flurry of attacks with her tentacle.

Her attacks were like a whip. I desperately tried to avoid them, but Alumis seemed to be more skilled in close combat than me.

Even after activating Goddess Medea’s Blessing, it still required all of my concentration to fend off her attacks. As her flurry of blows continued, I started to accumulate several minor injuries.

“Come on, what’s wrong? Is that all you’re capable of? I was surprised when you were able to injure me, but were you not expecting me to fight back!?”

Her attacks increased. I did my best to block her whip-like tentacle, but several made it through and cut deep into my arm.

“This is it!”

Alumis began to prepare for a big attack. Any ideas she had of loving me were now replaced by the unrelenting, ruthless yandere thoughts that were filling her mind. But I was waiting for this.

“Uwaaaa –!”

I cut off the tentacle she swung at me and ducked under the remainder of her liquid arm. I took this chance to rush towards her with my sword held at the ready. Her tentacle began to reform and it was clear I wasn’t going to get close to her in time. I thrust my sword out in front of me and directed it towards her exposed stomach.

— I felt a sharp impact hit my chest.


I looked down at my hands.

I had stopped my sword forward, harmlessly into the air. I knew I was aiming right for her stomach and there was no way she could avoid it. There, wrapped around the end of my blade, was another tentacle. It originated from her back and had guided my blade away from Alumis’ torso.

A second tentacle had also appeared from her back — this one was impaled through my chest. I could feel moving water flowing through the gaping hole in my chest.

“Fuu~, you almost got me there. I’m not that used to actual combat and I’ve never even fought someone skilled with a sword.”


I tried to pull back my sword and stab her, but there was no strength left in my body. Alumis nonchalantly twisted my arm and my blade joined the fallen leaves on the ground.

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“Now then, if I pull this out, you will bleed to death in a matter of seconds. But…you don’t need to worry. I will bring you back to life using my Resurrection skill. And, of course, you won’t be allowed to leave me once you’re brought back.”

“…damn –”

I tried to curse her but I couldn’t get any words out through the blood filling my mouth.


I could see the tentacles tightening around Rose and Claudia. Tears filled their eyes as they tried to scream with the tentacles still covering their mouths.

Don’t worry, I’ll help you soon. My lips moved but no voice came out. Alumis appeared annoyed when I looked over at them.

“…ah, that’s right. I still have to kill those two that committed such a grave sin with my Yuzuki. I can tell that as long as these two still draw breath you’ll never be able to look at me the way you look at them.”

Alumis said this with almost no emotion. It was as if she were doing an everyday task. I really hate her. She’s going to torture Rose and Claudia until their minds break.

I started channeling another Fire Bolt using No Chant. A magic circle began to form beneath me.

“Don’t even bother. I don’t know why you’re able to hurt me, but whatever the reason, magic will have no effect on me.”

Yeah, that’s right. Magic won’t hurt you, Alumis, but I’m not aiming at you. I shot it at myself.

As the Fire Bolt hit me, my conscious slowly faded.

“…hmm, you’re that desperate to avoid seeing them tortured…? Well, that’s fine. I’ll torture them anyway. When next you see them, they’ll be begging for death.”

Alumis’ words were the last thing I heard before my vision faded to black.

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