Chapter 491: Red Sleeve Boat, Mu Hanyan

The pupils of Long Yi shrunk. The Beitang Clan and the imperial Long Clan were jackals from the same lair. Divine Wind Legion was one of the five elite legions of the Violent Dragon Empire. Considering how White Cloud City was a strategic location which was difficult to attack, if the Nalan Empire’s army sieged the city, they would definitely fail. If the Ximen Clan wanted to seize power without any chance of failure, they needed firm control over this White Cloud City.

With heavy traffic shuttling back and forth the streets, the sky gradually became dark. A bright moon shined brightly in the horizon and it illuminated the entire White Moon City with its desolate silvery moonlight. The colorful magic lamps on the street added color which made the streets look even more beautiful. When the moon was high in the sky, the curtain of the luxurious and dissipated nightlife opened.

The dinner was arranged by the innkeeper of the Phoenix Inn. There were delicacies from both the land and the sea. There was everything one could imagine. This clearly showed how much the Phoenix Matriarch looked after Long Yi.

When he thought about the Matriarch Phoenix, Long Yi couldn’t help thinking about her beautiful figure. Also, the events which happened in the past and that ** appeared in Long Yi’s mind. The relationship between Long Yi and the Phoenix Matriarch had a hint of ambiguous hue. Although he knew that this kind of relationship was morally wrong, the feeling of doing something he shouldn’t do turned him on. It was just like his relationship with the Elf Queen.

After eating and drinking to their heart’s content, Long Yi stood up and wanted to go visit some ** at the shore of the lake in White Cloud City. His purpose there was to broaden his horizons and increase his knowledge. It was clearly inappropriate for women to go to that rouge district. As such, he told the women to roam around as they pleased as he wanted to go there alone.

“My husband, I will tell you first. You can look and touch the women when you are there. However, you are absolutely forbidden from bringing them back.” Feng Ling was particularly worried when she reminded Long Yi. Long Yi had Si Bi, Youyou and the other beauties around him. When all was said and done, all of them were beauties of similar grade. Those prostitutes were not good enough to enter his eyes.

Long Yi smiled and winked at Feng Ling, signaling for her to rest assured. After he pacified them, he stepped out of the inn. When he stepped out of the inn, he was still in disguise. He was currently a man with ordinary facial features.

White Cloud Lake was a huge lake located inside White Cloud City. There were many natural springs at the bottom of this lake. As a result, the lake water was mostly spring water. The water was cool, refreshing, and sweet. This lake was a famous scenery within White Cloud City. On the shore of the lake, there were drooping willows which gracefully swayed along with the wind. It attracted merchants and travelers from the various regions.

Of course, when it came to the most attractive thing about White Cloud Lake, it was not this beautiful scenery. It was the numerous gaily-painted pleasure boats located beside the shore of the lake. These so-called gaily-painted pleasure-boats naturally made up the red-light district of White Cloud City. It was said that all the women there were skilled in dancing, singing, poetry, and pictorial arts. They had the abilities to make the crowd drool. Many wouldn’t hesitate to throw away money like dirt in order to make those beauties smile. This place was the most famous ** den in the entire Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi arrived at the shore of this White Cloud Lake. This place was truly boisterous and gorgeous magic lamps decorated the area. This place looked like paradise. There was a long row of gaily-painted pleasure boats with different styles lined up by the lakeside. There were boats which were simple, yet elegant. There were also boats which looked incomparably luxurious. The sweet and delicate voices of women fell incessantly on his ears. Long Yi could frequently see countless men walking out as if they were riding the clouds and flying on the mist from those gaily-painted pleasure-boats. They were usually surrounded by the smell of alcohol. They still had thickly dotted lipstick marks on their face when they left. This place was worthy of its reputation as a ** heaven on Blue Waves Continent. This widened his knowledge.

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Long Yi was dazzled looking at those beautiful gaily-painted pleasure-boats. Of course, he came to experience the most illustrious gaily-painted pleasure-boat with the most beautiful woman. Walking to a small stall at the side, he threw out a few silver coins. He asked with a smile, “This brother, may I ask where is the most famous gaily-painted pleasure-boat in the area?”

The youth who was wearing plain and simple clothing put away the silver coins and a smile burst forth on his face like a flower. Nowadays, most of the guests treated the girls from these gaily-painted pleasure-boats as their hero. They treated these salesmen who were in-charge of small stalls at the side with disdain. Since Long Yi was different from the majority of people, the youth had a good impression of him. He replied Long Yi with a smile. “It seems as though this is your first time coming to White Cloud City. You made a right choice to ask me this question. There are hundreds of pleasure boats on the shores of the White Cloud Lake. However, the most famous ones are the Passionate Pleasure Boat and the Red Sleeve Boat. The only problem is that they are not here at this moment. There, do you see that largest dragon-headed pleasure-boat at the center of the lake? That is the Red Sleeve Boat. As for the Passionate Pleasure Boat, I have no idea where it is right now.”

“The girls of the Red Sleeve Boat, are they beautiful?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Of course they are. The face and figure of the girls of the Red Sleeve Boat will blow you away. Especially the girl, Jingjing. She has the figure of a goddess.” That stall vendor had yearning look and drool almost flowed out of his mouth. After returning back to his senses, he realized that the person asking him about the pleasure-boats was already gone. He seemed to have disappeared without a trace. The youth couldn’t help but rub his eyes as he muttered to himself, “Was that a ghost?”

Long Yi used Great Cosmos Shift and arrived at the prow of the Red Sleeve Boat. He discovered that this pleasure-boat was indeed very big. It had three floors and the prow’s dragon head was decorated with golden lamplights. The entire boat looked extremely gorgeous.

At this moment, a cool breeze was blowing at the deck and numerous guests were holding girls as they laughed and joked. They were staring at the full moon in the sky and they were completely unaware of Long Yi’s arrival.

Long Yi went straight into the pleasure-boat. The first floor was a huge hall. Tables were spread all over this hall and there was a platform at the center where several beautiful girls were playing wind and string instruments. Some of the girls were dancing lightly and gracefully in a skimpy dress. Every time they swayed their soft, body, they looked very attractive. Everyone sitting in the hall was staring at their big breasts as well as their spotlessly white slender thighs as they drooled.

Long Yi scanned around the hall and saw that there were people of all trades and all occupations present in the hall. There were also many mercenaries in the hall, however, they didn’t seem to be high-ranking ones.

Just when Long Yi was looking all around, a beautiful lady wearing only a pink undergarment walked over to him. Her face was covered with a piece of transparent fine gauze. When she approached him, he could smell the fragrance coming from her body. The cosmetics she used were high-grade products of Beauty Shop. Long Yi didn’t dislike this smell in the slightest.

“This guest, you had just arrived. Please forgive us for being late in receiving you. This first floor is already full. On the second floor, there are luxurious private compartments. From there, you can enjoy the performance of the girls on the first floor. If you like them, you can call over a girl to accompany and entertain you.” This beautiful lady leaned on Long Yi and rubbed her plump and soft meat buns against his arm. The expression on her face was enticing and really sexy when she looked at Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled and stretching his claws, he pinched the beauty’s buttocks without holding himself back. He said, “Can’t I go to the third floor?”

This beautiful lady moaned and rolled her eyes when she replied to him, “The third floor belongs to the girl, Jingjing. It’s not that easy to see her. First of all, the girl Jingjing should be willing. Secondly, the cost is 20 amethyst coins at the very least.”

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. 20 amethyst coins and Jingjing herself would be willing to serve him. Hehe, this was truly a conceited prostitute. Spending such a huge price just to see her face. It seemed as though men had fallen quite far. Of course, this kind of method was commonly employed in the big red-light districts. It was naturally the best if they could place a lead girl on such a high pedestal that she becomes an existence which couldn’t be reached. That was the way to earn big bucks,

“Money is not a problem. I simply want to see what kind of appearance the girl who costs 20 amethyst coins has.” Long Yi said with a smile. The fake mustache stuck above his lips was trembling non-stop. It seemed as though he found this amusing.

“Please follow me to the second floor and sit there for the time being. I will go to the third floor and ask for permission.” The rich was the boss here. The beautiful lady smiled bewitchingly at Long Yi as she touched his sturdy chest. Then, turning around, she led Long Yi upstairs as she swayed her buttocks.

Long Yi followed this beautiful woman. His hand was unable to stop as he constantly took advantage of her. She simply grumbled in a flirty manner when Long Yi touched her. However, when Long Yi wanted to touch her important places, she would skillfully avoid him. Long Yi was surprised. It seemed as though the owner of this pleasure-boat wasn’t simple.

On the second floor of the Red Sleeve Boat, there were big and small sized compartments. There were rooms which were half-isolated and also rooms which were completely sealed. Long Yi was able to see some lively and fragrant scenes with his sharp eyes. He also discovered that the clothing of the guests on the second floor was clearly of far superior quality compared to the people below. High ranked magicians and warriors were also present here. Long Yi even saw some people with the Archmage and Great Swords Master emblems on their magic and war robe respectively.

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The beautiful lady led Long Yi to a small compartment on the second floor and asked him to sit on the sofa there. She directly went to the third floor in order to ask for permission.

Long Yi took this opportunity to look all around him. He felt a hint of wind magic element fluctuation coming from the compartment next door. Although this fluctuation was very small, Long Yi was able to sense a powerful energy behind it. Long Yi was surprised and he looked for a concealed spot. Poking a hole in the wall, he peeked at the other room. From this hole, he saw a skinny old magician next door. He was making love with a young girl with extreme passion. Looking at his current appearance, he seemed to have exerted himself so much that he forgot to restrain his aura. From the intensity of his aura, Long Yi was able to discern that the strange magician was a Master Archmage.

“Wind Master Archmage?” A strong sense of curiosity appeared in Long Yi’s heart. Other than the Winged Clan and himself, there were actually other people who could cultivate wind magic? Not to mention the fact that he was already at the Master Archmage realm.

Thousands of years ago, wind magic only appeared briefly in the magic history of the Blue Waves Continent. This was briefly recorded in some miscellaneous books. However, wind magic was never seen in the official history books.

Now that someone who cultivated wind magic to the Master Archmage realm appeared in front of Long Yi, he was shocked. He couldn’t stop himself as he peeked at the strange magician from the other side of the wall.

All of a sudden, Long Yi noticed that someone was coming. He returned to the sofa and sat up properly. The moment he took a seat, a familiar figure flashed in front of him.

“Mu Hanyan? How could she appear here?” Long Yi was startled. He knew about Bai Yu’s sharp perception. As such, Long Yi completely retracted his aura and he intentionally leaked a bit of fire magic elements. Of course, this was to mislead the public.

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