Chapter 492: Jingjing

Long Yi suppressed the surprise in his heart and he was able to feel Mu Hanyan’s presence in the other room. She walked into the room where the wind magician was doing it with a young girl.

“F*ck, is this girl going to make this father wear a green hat?” Long Yi frowned and he stood up. He returned to that small hole in order to peep at them again. Long Yi saw that the magician and girl were putting on their clothes hastily when Mu Hanyan entered the room. She was standing at the entrance with an ice-cold expression.

That girl just draped over her clothes and hastily rushed out from that compartment. Only Mu Hanyan and that magician were left inside the room. Mu Hanyan opened her mouth but Long Yi was unable to hear anything. She had casted a sound insulation barrier around that room the moment the girl left. In order not to beat the grass and startle the snake, Long Yi didn’t dare to break the barrier.

Even though he wasn’t able to hear their conversation, he was able to see that the old man had a subservient and respectful appearance when he talked to Mu Hanyan. Mu Hanyan instantly became more mysterious in Long Yi’s eyes. The old man should be Mu Hanyan’s subordinate…

In the end, what was Mu Hanyan’s identity? Why did she have a Wind Master Archmage under her leadership? Not to mention the fact that he wasn’t supposed to exist in this world. Long Yi remained puzzled after pondering over it a hundred times.

When Long Yi was deep in his thoughts, the beautiful lady came back. She saw that Long Yi was leisurely drinking tea on the sofa and she couldn’t help but smile and say, “You are so relaxed. The other guys were restless and filled with anxiety when waiting for that girl’s decision.”

Long Yi smiled and said, “Looking at your expression, that girl Jingjiag seems to have agreed.”

“You’re right. She agreed to meet you. However, there are two more guests. You will not be able to monopolize her.” This beautiful lady chuckled and said.

“I am simply spending money to see whether this girl Jingjing is worthy of her reputation or not. As a matter of fact, I stay at a respectful distance from this kind of aloof women. The ones I like are beautiful ladies like you. I like ladies who know the intention of others.” Long Yi took a step forward with a perverted smile. His claw gently caressed the perfectly round butt of this beautiful lady standing in front of him.

“You must be joking. How can my faded flowers and withered willows enter your eyes? On the shores of Cloud Mist Lake, although I was also a well-known star actress in the past, that was in the past. I am a beauty past my prime…” The beautiful lady swayed her waist as she wanted to dodge Long Yi’s wolf claws. Her voice was sweet as she explained to Long Yi.

However, Long Yi’s hand followed her hips everywhere. His wolf claw grabbed onto her pert buttocks from the beginning to the end no matter how she tried to dodge him. The beautiful lady was extremely surprised and she no longer tried to dodge.

“Guest really hid himself deeply… This little woman admires you.” The beautiful lady said with a bewitching smile. Her walking speed slowed down a lot. It seemed as though she wanted to let Long Yi take more advantage of her.

“That’s natural. There is rarely anyone who can match me in the field of the cluster of flowers. On Blue Waves Continent, there are many beauties who think of themselves as high and pure. However, after some lessons from me, they will turn completely obedient. Alas, experts are lonely.” Long Yi shook his head and said. His words made the beautiful lady chuckle. That smile was her real smile, it wasn’t a professional smile which she had on her face when she led him to the second floor.

“You are quite a bragger. If you really have the abilities, make the girl Jingjing fall in love with you.” The beautiful lady said.

“That girl Jingjing is not challenging enough. She is cold outwardly and she is passionate deep down. This kind of woman doesn’t need me to make a move. However, I feel like beauties like you are the most challenging. How about I make you fall in love with me?” Long Yi smirked and patted this beautiful lady’s butt.

The beautiful lady rolled her eyes and replied, “Oh, are you going to use your true abilities to make this little woman fall in love with you?”

When they were speaking, they arrived at the third floor. Long Yi looked all around and saw that the decoration of this third floor was noble, simple, but elegant. On both sides of the corridor, various kinds of flowers and plants were placed. A faint fragrance of flowers permeated through the air. It would cause everyone to feel relaxed and joyful after inhaling it.

Walking to the end of this corridor, Long Yi saw two beautiful maids standing at the left and right sides of the door. When they saw Long Yi, they respectfully bowed and pushed open the door for Long Yi to walk in.

“Guest, you can enter, Jingjing is inside.” The beautiful lady said with a smile.

Long Yi took a step forward before turning around suddenly. He leaned close to the ear of the beautiful lady and he whispered with a grin on his face, “Beauty, I bet that you will fall in love with me in the not too distant future. Didn’t you feel that the emotion you displayed in front of me just a moment ago was very authentic?”

Long Yi said and stepped into the room with large strides. The door was gently closed by the two maids standing at the side. That beauty was biting her lower lip and her expression was changing unpredictably as she stared at the closed door.

“Big sister Lulu, what happened to you?” The two maids asked when they saw the beautiful lady’s changing expression.

“I am fine, thank you.” This beautiful lady came back to her senses and a professional smile hung on her face.

Inside the room, there was a maid who led Long Yi deeper into it. This place was rather spacious. Just like outside, this place was also covered with various kinds of flowers and plants. It seemed as though that girl Jingjing, was a flower lover.

A pleasant melody of a hard came from not too far away. It was definitely that girl, Jingjing, playing the harp. The music she played was pretty good. However, when compared to Liuli’s celestial music, it paled in comparison.

Turning towards a fan screen, Long Yi saw a graceful figure behind that translucent white curtain. Her hands were gently dancing above the harp. Below the screen, two men were sitting in front of two tables. One was a sleek-haired and creamy-faced noble son dressed in gorgeous clothing. The other was a middle-aged man with sideburns. There weren’t any magic fluctuations around him. However, Long Yi could sense that the air around him was distorted. This person was definitely an expert… Long Yi could at first glance.

Long Yi waved his hand to signal for the maid to leave him before making his way to the hall. He sat on the table which was specially prepared for him beside the man with sideburns. On the table, there were fine wine and snacks.

After sitting down, Long Yi drank a few mouthfuls of good wine directly from the wine jar. He threw a piece of exquisite snack into his mouth. His sitting posture was also improper and he appeared just like a rough fellow.

That noble son snorted and stared at Long Yi with a gaze full of contempt. If it was not for the person he admired still playing the harp, he would have already flipped out on the spot. How could this kind of person appear before Jingjing? He questioned the judging abilities of the person who led him here.

“This what….  Oh, was it Jingjing? This grandpa spent money in order to see what you looked like. By hanging this piece of white cloth here, are you asking me to look at a fart?” Before the girl Jingjing completed her song, Long Yi interrupted with an impatient voice.

The sound of the harp ceased abruptly and before Jingjing spoke, that noble son jumped up as if he was a cat whose tail was stepped on. He pulled out the ornamental sword and pointed it at Long Yi. With a loud voice, she shouted, “What kind of creature are you? You peasant! Just being here is already a blessing given to you by your ancestors. You still want to see Jingjing? You can see her in your next life! Now, immediately get out for this young master. Otherwise, don’t blame this young master for being rude.”

Long Yi sneered and continued to chew on his snack, “Why is this dog barking here? Stop barking or this father will kill you with his farts.”

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“You…  You vile pheasant! I will kill you!” This noble son was extremely angry and he wasn’t able to control himself any longer. This profligate son was domineering and was an expert in oppressing people. However, he definitely didn’t know how to insult people.

The sword tip stabbed as fast as lightning towards the space between Long Yi’s eyebrows. Naturally, the lightning speed in the eyes of this noble son was no different from a tortoise crawling in Long Yi’s eyes.

Long Yi completely ignored him and continued to chew the snacks in his mouth. Although this wine was not up to his standards, these snacks were exquisitely made.

When the sword was less than a centimeter away from his glabella, two fingers suddenly appeared and clamped down on the sword. The two fingers slightly pinched and the sword was shattered.

Long Yi looked up and saw that the man with sideburns had appeared next to him at an unknown time. Seeing as Long Yi was looking at him, he slightly nodded his head. Since they were just beside each other, Long Yi could smell the thick smell of blood on the man’s body.

“You…  The both of you just wait here for this young master. I’ll call people to tear your body to shreds!” This noble son was startled and he screamed while retreating in terror.

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“Noble son Wei, have you forgotten the rules of our Red Sleeve Boat? Any feelings of gratitude or resentment should be resolved outside. You however should know the consequence of using force in this boat.” From behind the white gauze, a crisp and fresh voice rang in everyone’s ears. It was very pleasant to listen to as if it was a sound coming from a jade bowl.

The face of this noble son became pale. Snorting coldly, he threw the sword hilt and returned to his seat.

Long Yi smirked and stared at the man with sideburns. They immediately understood the meaning in each other’s eyes. These two unfamiliar men showed a tacit understanding at this moment.

Long Yi knew that this girl, Jingjing, said those words in order to remind everyone present not to act foolishly. They would face serious consequences otherwise. This showed that the backing of this Red Sleeve Boat was not simple. When he thought about backing, Long Yi thought about Mu Hanyan… This Red Sleeve Boat wasn’t established by her, was it?

“Jingjing, pretending to be aloof also has certain limits. Even if you don’t wish to be a prostitute and wish to stand in the memorial archway, it doesn’t matter how you pretend. You are still a prostitute. Why are you not removing this piece of white cloth?” Long Yi caressed his fake mustache and said sharp and unkind words. He played this vulgar role perfectly.

Jingjing who was behind the curtain remained silent. It was unknown whether Long Yi’s words hurt her or not.

“If you cannot remove it, let me help you.” Long Yi stood up and rushed towards the white cloth with large strides.

All of a sudden, four maids who were holding swords jumped over and blocked Long Yi’s way. Their eyes were glimmering with cold killing intent.

“This father also wants to see how the world-famous Jingjing looks. This brother, leave these four little girls to me.” The man with the sideburns spoke and a kind of strange aura burst out from his body. The aura suppressed the four maids. It was neither douqi nor magic power. It was also not the internal force. However, the four maids were not able to move at all.

Long Yi took advantage of this situation and pulled down that white gauze. That noble son and man with sideburns simultaneously moved closer and exclaimed together with Long Yi.

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