Chapter 132- The Fall of the Union

Luke, the Prince of Southguard, a dual sword wielder. He and several others that were beaten within an inch of their lives by the demons entered the hall, waking up several Eastguard soldiers that were already vacating the drunk people from the room so the injured can have some space. Having recognized him, KMega6KMegacharacter stood up and walked over. Luke then noticed the Northguard man and almost laughed with amusement. The one that the other four members of the union thought was the weakest was the only one to survive.

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KMega snapped his fingers and called a guard. “Send word to the Senate. The representatives of the other union’s states are here. Since this matter is no longer about national defense, I must have their input. Take priority measures.” (KMega)

The guard nodded before passing on his orders.

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With the commotion; Yirk, Xandor, Lazar, J, and his wolf companion, arrived in due time as well. Yirk, Xandor, and J began aiding the injured as the wolf laid down with a bored expression on its face and Lazar, while in his dragon4dragonspeciesian form, went for the food. Since his appetite easily rivaled what the cooks expected from Astrid7Astridcharacter, they weren’t prepared. This left Luke, KMega, and Astrid alone with the one from the north. Luke kicked off the conversation, “Prince Harry, I thought you would flee to Centerguard before coming here.” (Luke)

Prince Harry grunted in annoyance, “If only I was so lucky to have the option.” (Harry)


In the games original storyline, the union’s five heirs would have formed an alliance at this point in time and battle the demons with the combined might of the union. In which case, the prince of the fallen kingdom of Eastguard would shine as a military leader and commander during the war, rallying the remnants of Eastguard and the other nations. However, since KMega all but usurped him, Prince Luke, who had the respect of having battled to basically a draw, but KMega’s win nonetheless, he sought him out. However, Prince Harry, on the other hand, was disqualified due to his overbearing pride and looked to the proper storyline, but he soon learned he had no real power. In the end, he wound up greatly annoyed when he learned that everything rested on KMega’s shoulders once again.


Since there hasn’t been any contact since the demons first invaded, Westguard was presumed lost. As for Centerguard, Prince Harry confirmed that they were wiped out. What surviving forces they had were wiped out when they encountered the Northguard invasion force. What puzzled KMega though was the numbers. He heard from Astrid that they were hit with over ten thousand demons. It was thanks to intense training and careful planning that they did as well as they did. Even as they speak, squads of soldiers were patrolling and eliminating any demon invaders they found. However, with the numbers, the individual armies numbering over ten thousand men were overrun by a mere thousand. KMega pondered what could result in such a swap. Because of his rank in the fortress, he naturally had video account of the battle.

A sloppy commander wouldn’t have been enough, however. It would have to be the difference in performance between the demons and soldiers. KMega then took a deep breath before speaking. “I’m sorry to say this, but Eastguard can’t take action and aid your countries. However, we will aid you with evacuations as much as we can. We only repelled the demon army ourselves. They even unleashed an undead dragon that my wife had to deal with directly.” (KMega)

KMega decided to play to the story that Astrid and Nierlar created. The two princes stared at the little girl with stunned expressions on their faces. Luke then remembered that she was his blacksmith and a half-breed dragon. He, however, kept any thoughts he had to himself.

As for Prince Harry, he didn’t learn much from the tournament and was promptly knocked out when he insulted a man’s wife.

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