Chapter 131- The Demon War with Eastguard’s Allies

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When KMega6KMegacharacter woke up, he took a shower before making everyone breakfast and chatting with them. Once KMega started talking with Winter, she became surprisingly warm and kind. As if a penalty in their relationship was over, Winter did a 180 and wouldn’t shut up. When Adams and Brian tried to sneak out for some martial arts training, KMega asked if he could join them.

In a fit, Winter insisted on joining as well, but it was more because she wanted to stay with KMega than anything. The training took a little longer than he intended because of this so KMega didn’t get into the game until it’s midday, or over an IRL hour past what he normally did. When he woke up in his game bed, he was surprised to find Astrid7Astridcharacter not clinging to his body, so he didn’t immediately notice her in his arms instead. In a rare fit of uncertainty, she quickly escaped his reach and blushed. All KMega did was stand and return her to where she was before, just while they were standing. His in-game avatar was a lot more burly and masculine than his IRL body, but it was slowly catching up.

She blushed happily before he let her go. “So, what happened?” (KMega)

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Astrid knows that he gets an afgr, or away from game report, whenever he logs out, so she didn’t hide it.

“There was another demon attack. I know that you need your IRL sleep so I dealt with it myself.” (AStrid)

KMega looked at her for a moment before gently smiling and kissing her.

“I trust you with our home more than anyone. I’m hungry now though, so you can tell me all about it over breakfast, or rather a late lunch.” (KMega)


What they walked into was a scene that looked like someone threw a forty-eight-hour bender in his fortress. There were very few soldiers not impaired by liquor. Fortunately, though, the cooks were rather fine. Since he would often dine with his men and forgo formalities of taking longer to have it delivered, he was a regular. They also quickly learned that he eats more than a normal human while in his draconian form. Fortunately, today wasn’t one of those days as he sat down and ate in plain clothes next to Astrid.

A stranger then suddenly walked in and saw the two of them eating and made their way over to them.

“I demand to see the commander of this fortress! I was told he was in here.” (???)

The stranger from Northguard noticed the dozens of guards passed out around the area and held a disdainful expression on his face.


Astrid could feel that she was the one being spoken to, but KMega is the one who responded, “You found him. I’m Commander KMega of Eastguard. May I know who you are, man of Northguard?” (KMega)

The man grinded his teeth for a moment, trying to keep his composure, “Your silly senate directed me here since they hold no military power in your country.” (???)

KMega nodded. Even though Eastguard was a Republic, to keep the possibility of corruptions out of their hands, an independent militia held power over the army.

“Let me guess, the demons?” (KMega)

KMega instantly figured it out since over half his army was already spread out over Eastguard to protect the civil centers. While he knows that not all of them succeeded, he believed that this increased their chances. The Northguard man calmed down and seemed disgusted with himself.

“How many of my countrymen were sacrificed protecting you from the empire? When we need aid, even you abandon us.” (???)

Before the man could continue though, another man entered.

In the games original script, the Markwell Empire destroys Eastguard and cripples the other union countries, letting the demons have a swift and easy foothold in the region. However, with KMega’s intervention, this scenario changed. He had made full use of his blessings and restored Eastguard as a military power. Not with numbers, but worth in soldiers. The lowest level soldier under his command was over Level 120, with the highest being over Level 200.

They had an average level of about 145 while the average for everyone else was just 100.

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