Chapter 130- After Battle Rewards

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Since her target was deceased, Astrid7Astridcharacter redirected the gathered magic to start clearing the demonic miasma around them. She then took a knee because of exhaustion. She was just expecting to make a few weapons, but she wound up fighting for her life instead. After taking a moment to catch her breath, she caught Lazar staring at her as he got off his sister.

“Go to your father and tell him what happened here. You may clean up before you do so.” (Astrid)

Lazar bowed his head, “ Yiss, mi lard.” (Lazar)


With the battle over, she rested next to the deceased dragon4dragonspecies. She didn’t hate her though, Electra was as much as a victim as she was, if not more. She was made to betray her brood and the mortal realm in general. She knew it was a little bit her fault since she learned about her resentment while she stayed with the Dark Sky Brood. However, a lot of her kin just thought she left because she was frustrated and didn’t even know about her fate. Astrid guessed that this is what happened as she recovered.


Since they won, the church’s forces began purifying the demon bodies en mass.

While this occurred, Nierlar and Lazar arrived. Nierlar took a more equal stance while Lazar walked over to her flank in respect.

“Did he tell you everything that happened?” (Astrid)

Nierlar looked at his deceased daughter before speaking, “I saw it.” (Nierlar)

Astrid felt both relieved and dejected.

Since she doesn’t have any children, she had no idea what Nierlar was feeling right now.

“How do you wish to proceed? She attacked my lair, but she didn’t by my brood’s hands.” (Astrid)

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It was a complicated manner that Nierlar was struggling with the entire time he was flying over. “I propose an alliance. The one that commanded your daughter was not your brood. While I can’t say if she joined that faction willingly or not, I can tell she didn’t want to attack my home. You saw it yourself that her mind was that of a zombie?” (Astrid)

Nierlar instantly understood what she was suggesting; Electra was killed and made an undead. This would allow her to save what little face she had left.

“As a brood lord, I would have to reject your proposition. Electra was foolish enough to break the rules and break curfew. We have no cause to fight alongside you in your war. That being said, as a father and a proud dragon, if I find out who did this to my daughter, they will receive my wrath.” (Nierlar)


Neirlar tensed up as he looked at his deceased daughter. She was his favorite and his brood’s potential future. With Neirlar’s deep inhale, Astrid immediately gave a command to the soldiers behind Electra to move out of the way. Neirlar used a powerful breath attack and unleashed a fraction of his fury. Not only was Electra’s body turned to nothing, but the land nearly half a mile behind her was scorched black. Astrid was genuinely impressed by his power. If she wasn’t already sitting, she would be weak-kneed.

Neirlar then turned towards Lazar.

“As for you. You are now a part of the Blood Tear Brood. You may still call me father, but never lord.” (Nierlar)

Lazar metaphorically and literally picked up his jaw, as his focus broke while he was healing and it slipped from his grasp.

He bowed his head in response since he couldn’t talk well yet.


After seeing to the hurt and dead, the soldiers of the city started cheering as unexpected after battle rewards came. The able-bodied ones started partying excitedly since they just overcame a demon invasion of over ten thousand strong. Astrid and Lazar then entered the city in their draconian forms. The plaza outside the main gate was the center of the party. After eating and drinking their fill, Astrid left Lazar with a group of men who wanted to celebrate with their hero and the young girls who wanted to ‘celebrate’ with their hero.

Before she left though, she warned him that if he impregnates them, then he will have to treat them as his wives.

After returning to her and KMega6KMegacharacter’s room, Astrid found him sleeping like a baby.

She smiled happily as snuggled into his arms.

She was tired of being the husband in their relationship.

She wanted to be the princess, even if it’s only for tonight.

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