Chapter 129- To Slay A Dragon

[You used ‘Dragon Lord’s Roar’. It has been negated by a stronger dragon4dragonspecies of lesser rank. Your pride has been slightly hurt. Your brood has heard your call.]


Astrid7Astridcharacter was a little surprised as she read the system message.

She expected something like that when the roars canceled each other, but the ‘your brood has heard your call’ part surprised her. It’s strange because the only people in her brood are KMega6KMegacharacter and herself, who was asleep offline. Still, she had no time to worry about that now as Electra charged at her with the intent to bite her. Since Astrid knew the difference between the two of them, she dodged behind several demons and used her tail to swipe them away before dodging again. Just as another attack followed, a familiar dragon crashed into Electra. It was Lazar.


Lazar was surprised that he took his sister by surprise. Even on his best day and her worst, this would have never happened, but he did it today of all days.

Lazar used his entire body weight and held her down using the best hold he could.

“You must not kill her, my lord. She’s apart of another brood. I’ve her restrained, now…” (Lazar)

However, he was soon cut off as a demon appeared that wasn’t like the others randomly passing by. It was General Enel.

Just as Lazar had surprised Electra, Enel surprised Lazar with a punch that struck his unguarded lower jaw, shattering and dislocating it. Even with his senses knocked out of him, he dug his claws deeper into the scales and flesh underneath to keep hold of his sister.

“P***ant, who said you can touch my new favorite pet?” (Enel)


Lazar’s head dipped to the side as he almost lost consciousness with his jaw laid limp.

Unlike before, General Enel’s level was even higher, but so was Astrids as she changed to her draconian form and rushed over to him. He had an amused expression on his face as he thought about her like a new pet that defied him. He only came over to claim his new pet, but a second one unexpectantly showed up. However, Astrid, wise to his enslavement trick, had already severed the hairs he was trying to use to trap her and Lazar.

As for Electra, they were already planted inside her so it was too dangerous to try and help her as it is now.

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If Lazar can keep her pinned down, then she can take care of this demon.


Her ‘Dragon Bond Lesser Fang’ is a powerful weapon of legendary rank that suited her rather well.  However, without the ‘Greater Fang’ version around, it’s like a spouse that lost its mate and much of its power. It was still rather strong though in terms of power. With most of its ability sealed, only the ownership restrictions applied like dot damage.

While Astrid was large and powerful in her dragon form, she’s rarely in it when she fights because she saves it as her trump card. However, against an opponent she fought to a draw before, she deemed it overkill. This became apparent when she overwhelmed the demon general that wasn’t a master in close combat fighting and was quickly forced to flee from her savage assault.

During his fight, he failed to keep track of the battlefield and didn’t notice that the Eastguard forces were escaping from the side gates and sending flanking maneuver units to each side of the army.

When he finally noticed their actions, he yelled one word, “Retreat!” (Enel)

The surviving members of his army fled through the portals.

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Lazar kept hold of his sister as she struggled to try and break free.

When the portal timed out, the unexpected happened; black blood started pouring from her jaws, eyes, and ears. Astrid immediately reacted and began casting her strongest holy magic, but it was too late as the thread in her head killed her since she failed to follow orders and retreat.

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