Volume 6, Chapter 6-6: Student Lounge Conversations II

“How many times have you partnered with Kisai?” I inquired.

“Not a lot. He usually works alone. Not like he needs any backup though, Jin is too OP. He can destroy most enemies with his ridiculous magic,” Shan responded.

“I’m guessing you’re with Ichaival mainly?” I followed up with another question.

“We did get our powers from the same dimension. We were on the tennis team together too, so I’ve had a lot of experience working with him,” he confirmed.

“Okay, I can start to see how the pairings formed. I’m curious though, how do they look for team battles?” I was curious about possible pairings.

“I’m with Darry mostly. Jin is solo for the most part, doesn’t do a lot of tag battles. But he’s pretty versatile, so he’s a good with anyone,” Shan responded.

“Kyoi’s not with Zhuyu? I thought they would fight a lot together,” I observed.

“You would think, right? Zhuyu’s with his friend, Zhang, a lot. Jin’s with Kuan the most, the guy who tames animals. Jen’s usually a support so she doesn’t participate in tag battles too often. Who else is left? Oh, Lau switches around too, depending on the situation. He’s usually with Zhang,” Shan glanced up at the ceiling, recalling the partners.

“I’m a bit surprised. Kisai and Kyoi would destroy everyone if they partnered up every time. Seems like you and Zhuyu are more compatible in terms of powers,” I nitpicked.

“Zhuyu’s powers weren’t the same back then. With his “Dragon’s Mandate”, it’s better to partner up with Zhang. Then again, you haven’t really seen us fight double battles, so I understand,” Shan expounded, shrugging his shoulders.

“I haven’t really seen any opportunities for that,” I noticed.

“It’s more common than you think. There are a lot of tournaments and coliseum type battles that are strictly double battle only. It might be a good idea to think about who you want to team up with,” Shan suggested.

I pondered that choice. A difficult question. Who would I enjoy working with? Zhuyu and Shan weren’t at the top of my list as their powers relied on natural world knowledge. Tess was always a safe choice. Shui was quite alright. I didn’t know En too well. Kyoi was crazy, but quite strong, so I wouldn’t mind being with her for short durations. Kisai was pretty laid back, another potential pick.

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“That’s an interesting question. Do you have any battles on archive?” I asked, wondering if such a thing existed.

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“Tess might have some. She’s pretty meticulous in keeping track of that kind of stuff,” Shan replied.

“Okay, I’ll be sure to ask her next time then,” I decided.

“How do you have time to even train?” Jacque suddenly interjected.

“It’s only for one or two hours a day. It’s not too bad,” I answered.

“I just go home and sleep. Wish I could be dedicated as you,” Jacque mused, tapping his laptop.

“I want to do that too all the time too! That seems amazing,” I said.

“It’s really not. I end up waking up and not even doing what I wanted to. Hah, f**k my life like always. Come on, focus. You can do this,” Jacque motivated himself.

“Hey, you know what else you can always do? Read manga,” Shan cut in.

“No, bro, I can’t. If I had done this earlier, I wouldn’t feel like this, but I didn’t. Even if I did, I’d probably be worried about something else,” Jacque resisted Shan’s offer, shaking his head.

Shan wrote a header on a piece of lined paper and did nothing after. He clicked on a program, revealing some kind of game. Nothing of interest there. Still an hour before my next class. I didn’t feel like studying and no new assigned homework yet.

What should I do? That’s right, I still had the books Ichizen lent me before. I felt bad about not finishing Yukie’s book yet, but the books Ichizen left behind were more entertaining. I pulled it out and began from my bookmarked page. Jacque glanced at me, taking out his earphones.

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