Chapter 133- Foreign Aid Support

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Luke watched as KMega6KMegacharacter decked Prince Harry with one punch.

Truth be told, it isn’t wise for anyone to make enemies right now.

KMega then cast a healing spell on the prince before looking at Luke.

“While we wait for the Senate, I wish to know your opinion.” (KMega)

Luke stepped over Harry as they walked over to the table and a meager plate of food appeared in front of him.

“I apologize for the slim offerings, but we just survived the second wave of demons. Fresh food is in short supply.” (KMega)

Luke eyes grew wide with surprise.

“Two waves? By the gods! How strong has Eastguard come to have such a military?” (Luke)

KMega looked away.

“It’s not like that. Ever since the tournament, I’ve been preparing for when the Markwell Empire should return. This place is the sole stronghold of Eastguard. Should the empire come and bait them here, we’ll let fate decide.” (KMega)

Luke had to admit that it was a bold plan. Instead of meeting them in open combat, which led to their loss the first time around, KMega planned to force them to attack on his terms.

Since he could easily send strike forces behind the empire’s flank, he was ready. Even though this would leave the rest of Eastguard exposed, the empire has already taken everything valuable, so it would force Centerguard on the immediate defensive.

Considering what his allied tried to pull to win the tournament, it was reasonable to understand his distrust.


After hearing KMega’s bold plans should the Markwell Empire invade again, Luke was slightly hesitant to speak.

“That will serve us well. I have two thousand soldiers camped mere hours to the west of here. Your people are already caring for them, so if we could get even a thousand more.” (Luke)

KMega raised his hand to make him stop there.

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“All we can spare is a hundred and sixty men, everyone from our elite reserves. We also can’t do much past our borders because of logistics. Each of these men is worth ten times a normal soldiers, in every regard. Their meals are hearty to keep up their strength, their gear is strong, and their strict training must be maintained.” (KMega)

After a brief moment, Astrid7Astridcharacter gave him a verbal nudge.

“There’s another matter. The soldiers of Eastguard are strong, but they lack a definite leader. I handle a lot of the fortress’s logistics since it needs to be done, but we’re at our limits. My husband isn’t a general or a king, but a simple knight who was thrust into the role without any training. As for me, I’m a dragon4dragonspecies lord, so I must eventually wash my hands of humans, as it were. We will support you on your campaign, but after the demon war, we deserve a rest.”


KMega looked down at the ground slightly resentful. The only reason why he’s even playing Sword Kingdom anymore is the fact that he’s preparing to invade the empire to look for Kieser. Since he had money, he didn’t need to stream much, and his work with the GSP was rather fulfilling. While he enjoyed spending time with the dragons, there hasn’t been enjoyment anymore. The early political conflicts of after the war drove him mad and it has always been ‘commander this’ and ‘commander that’. He was originally in the game to do everyday quests be a small-time normal player, and stream his videos and services.

Instead, he’s stuck completing large size quests for a country all the time.


During one such random outing, he walked into the adventurer’s guild to pick up a simple subjugation quest to pass the time and wound up talking to the branch leader about this and that until the sun went down. Even Astrid is getting rather annoyed since every single hour of the day some fans of hers start spying. She can’t escape to her private spot anymore since it’s no longer private. She even found a video of their in-air courting ritual that the viewers filed a complaint against using KMega’s name.

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