Chapter 134- The Demon War with Eastguard’s Enemies

The Markwell Empire is a medium to large-size country with two other similar size countries to the North and East, while the sea is to the South. This leaves the small countries unions to the West as the most suitable targets for invasion since they have rich lands. Time and time again, this union would prevent the empire from conquest, but in the recent age of advancement and wandering souls*1, the empire finally broke through the seemingly invincible wall and was preparing for a final strike.

This is all too find a demon invasion occurring within its own borders.

Naturally, as a larger country, a thousand demons did little to their military might.

Eastguard was truly unfortunate to have a demon general who’s an incompetent military general that sent his entire reserves just to lose half without gaining anything.


General Marcus Davis Glorihouse the III, the man that gave great wealth to the empire during the last war with his victories, was rather annoyed. With the overturn of the tournament of the gods, his position was downgraded to a lesser general. The plan was flawless, but the execution of it was riddled with unexpected factors. A knight who will not fall, a dragon4dragonspecies attack, and an unforeseen counterattack from the north flank. However, that isn’t what annoyed him, it’s the empires reluctance to act on the opportunity. With the demon invasion a world scale event, he predicted that several smaller nations would fall. Among them would be Eastguard and its allies. Sending a ‘relief’ force to rescue any survivors would have been beneficial in acquiring new people and land. However, they ended up focusing on how to use the demons left behind instead. He concluded that it wasn’t actually a bad plan as he walked from the Department of Military Affairs where they just finished with their meeting. An aid that just so happened to be a player was walking next to him. This player brought a greatsword back with him during an incursion in Eastguard some time ago and was promoted. This happened to be Terrar.


After getting his promotion and salary, his character was overhauled with high tier Markwell Empire equipment. His boots to his accessories were all military grade epics. He sold what he could and put the rest into storage. It was boring most of the time, but the rewards were rather good so he didn’t complain. He was just happy to have his name on the top fifty player leaderboards again.

As they arrived at the testing grounds for the ‘demon experimentation’, a fully armored black knight stood and watched the captured ‘prisoners’ being experimented on.

With the demon portals and other magic’s sealed, the magicians and scientists of the empire were having a field day. The person guarding these men wasn’t like normal knights, his mind has been broken with countless torture and made to only obey his master’s order.

However, unlike the Demon General Enel and his hair probes, this procedure was imperfect.

As his commanding officer talked to a scientist, Terrar was left alone to watch, sickening him slightly. He would have given anything to get out of there. Unfortunately for him though, something did happen as the black knight looked at the new faces before focusing on Terrar.


Before anyone could realize what happened, Terrar was thrown against the wall and died on impact. The black knight then took an item off his body; a crude drake fang necklace.

A single tear fell from inside the helmet of the dark knight before he put the item on like a badge of courage and retook his position.

As for General Marcus, he will have to charge a fee to the knight’s owner and pay a bonus to his servant to keep it quiet since soul travelers can come back to life.

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It wasn’t the first time a dark knight acted up, so he had experience in knowing how to deal with it.


*1 NPC’s call players wandering souls or outworlders in case I forgot to say

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