Chapter 94: What is the grim reaper doing? Isn’t this dereliction of duty? (4)

Kim Dah-Som was walking home, feeling rather pleased with herself as the sun hid below the horizon.

She felt good after seeing how cute Yi Ji-Hyuk looked when wearing the white parka she bought for him.

*SFX for humming*

Heck, she even hummed joyfully after recalling how adorable he was when his slightly arched up brows quivered ever so slightly.

If she continued to present him with clothes, sooner or later the entirety of his wardrobe would be replaced by things that she bought. And by the time that happened, no matter what he chooses to wear, it’d be what she picked out for him.

It felt like that everything was going smoothly according to her plan, and that made her very happy.

As soon as she learned that Yi Ji-Hyuk’s family was moving to the restricted zone, she persuaded (?) her brother, Kim Dah-Hyun, to join the NDF, allowing her to follow her man into the zone as well.

Thanks to that, she found even more time to spend with Yi Ji-Hyuk. Things were definitely chugging along a lot smoother now.

That was, only if….

There was a fly in the ointment in the form of a short woman that for some reason, loitered around her dear Oppa, and that bothered her.

Was her name Jeong Hae-Min?

Jeong Hae-Min….

What an odd thing this was.

She wasn’t all that pretty, and she was also much older, too. Yet, why was a woman like that going around with none other than her Ji-Hyuk Oppa?

How odd.

Kim Dah-Som continued to tilt her head this way and that.

Logically speaking, it was an undeniable fact that she was superior in every comparable way to that shorty, so, Yi Ji-Hyuk would start listening to her soon enough.

But, still….

Kim Dah-Som’s footsteps came to a sudden stop.

‘Mm. I don’t want to see that near him again. What should I do? What can I do?’ (Kim Dah-Som)

As she stood there deliberating on her options, she suddenly sensed a presence behind her.


A chill crawled up on her back. Now that she took a look around her, she had been walking alone in a dark backstreet with no one on it.

Goosebumps broke out on her skin, and she hastened her steps.

*SFX for repeated and hurried footsteps*

Her echoing footsteps were overlapping with someone else’s coming from behind. She couldn’t help but sense that the steps were getting nearer and nearer.

Should she look back?

It might be nothing, after all.

However, Kim Dah-Som’s choice was the exact opposite of that.

No, she began walking even faster.

*SFX for half-running steps*

As she almost broke into a jog, the footsteps following from behind suddenly became faster, as well.

Pant, pant….

And she even heard a man’s rough breathing, on top of the urgent footsteps.

Kim Dah-Som’s eyebrows began trembling.

She finally broke into a full-power sprint, but then, a coarse and unfamiliar voice suddenly whispered in her ear from right behind her head.

“Where are you going?”

“Kya……” (Kim Dah-Som)

Just as she tried to scream, her mouth clamped shut and it didn’t want to open anymore. It was as if her lips were glued shut.


A thick arm wrapped around Kim Dah-Som’s lower tummy from behind her.

“Shh… I don’t like loud noises, you see.”


Tears began traveling down her cheeks.

“Good…. You are… The best. You see, I normally am not much of a talker. But, well, I can’t help but chat with you for a little bit. This hair…. this… Yeah, it’s the best.”

She felt the unfamiliar man’s fingers brushing past her hair, and her body shuddered involuntarily. It was as if a disgusting insect was climbing within her hair and goosebumps continued to break out all over her skin.

‘S, save me, someone…’ (Kim Dah-Som)

Kim Dah-Som instinctively realised that the man who had grabbed her was the serial killer mentioned in the news lately.

“I’ve been watching you for quite a while now. Did you know how hard it was for me, trying to hold myself back? But, well, I’m the type that leaves the tastiest dish for last, so I’ve somehow endured until now. I’ve been enduring for a long, long time, you know? But, heh, I can’t control myself no more.”


“This is so exciting. Bloody exciting, I tell you. Not only you, but what will the expressions of everyone be like once they find out I killed you in this area? Just thinking about that, oh man! See how my body is shaking? This excitement is too much.”

She couldn’t hear anything else other than this one word.


That word alone exploded in her brain like the loudest thunderclap in history.

“Well now, why don’t you resist a bit more for me? Show me that you are alive. Resist, and fight for your survival. When the body of a wiggling living thing slowly cools down, that is the moment when you really feel alive, you see? So, resist. Fight me.”

Kim Dah-Som’s eyes despairingly looked up when she felt the man’s hot breaths tickling the back of her throat, as well as his strong arms holding onto her.

The sensation of the sharp blade pressing against her back felt so real and immediate, she thought her consciousness might get robbed away in the blink of an eye.

‘Someone, save me.’

Help me.



Normally, she’d think of Kim Dah-Hyun in a situation like this one, but what an odd thing it was to see the image of Yi Ji-Hyuk pop up in front of her eyes, instead.

Even if she liked him a lot, that was a bit….

Even at a moment like this….?

‘Ji-Hyuk oppa.’

His face seemed so real and alive. That face, full of dissatisfaction and unhappiness; his face, with arched brows and an expression that screamed ‘What a bother’ even in a situation like this.

One would be hard pressed to find someone with an image that oh-so perfectly matched himself like that.

Of course, Kim Dah-Som herself also had a bit of a problem for clearly remembering that image right now.

….However, why was that face getting closer and closer to her?


“What the hell?! You stupid motherf*cker?!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

It even spoke?! (Kim Dah-Som’s inner monologue)


Even before Kim Dah-Som had the chance to gather her wits, there was a very loud impact noise, and almost immediately after that, Yi Ji-Hyuk was pulling her in for an embrace.

She couldn’t understand what was going on, and simply fell into his arms while trembling like a wet dog.


“She’s scared stiff, isn’t she?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Yi Ji-Hyuk stared at her dazed face while tilting his head for a bit, before discovering a trace of Ether around her mouth and furrowed his brows.

Was this some sort of an ‘adhesive’ ability?

What a stupendous combination totally suited for murdering this was – adhesive and teleportation.

Yi Ji-Hyuk controlled, and moved his own Ether to his fingers and got rid of the foreign Ether on Kim Dah-Som’s lips.

“Try opening your mouth now.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


“You can speak now. All sorted, then.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)



“Ah, ahh!!” (Kim Dah-Som)

Kim Dah-Som cried out loudly and dug deeper into his arms as thick tears poured out from her eyes.

“Hah……” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Yi Ji-Hyuk placed his hand on top of her head.

From other people’s perspective, it might have looked like he was simply trying to pat the head of a frightened girl, which was a natural thing to do under the circumstances. But in reality, it wasn’t something like that.

‘Drain.’ (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

A normal person would’ve received a devastating mental damage after going through an event like this one and would not be able to carry on living properly for the next few years.

That was why Yi Ji-Hyuk was sucking out all the negative emotions from her mind right now.

“Ah….” (Kim Dah-Som)

“Stop saying ‘Ah, ah’, will ya? Get a hold of yourself!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“Okay.” (Kim Dah-Som)

She must have calmed down sufficiently, because she began blushing deeply instead.

She was so grateful for the fact that she hadn’t been imagining things.

Although his expression was sour, when she thought about him caring for her and actually coming here to save her, her heart began palpitating even faster.

“Okay, okay. It’s gonna get dangerous here, so why don’t you go over there? Or, even better, just go home already.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

To think, he’d speak to her in such a deliberately sullen manner, too! He was so adorable, deliberately making that face when he simply didn’t want her to see unsavoury things that was going to happen very soon.

“I said, go away!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

He had this childish side to him, the one that made him act mean to the person he liked.

“Seriously! Just move!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Yi Ji-Hyuk had to resort to shoving Kim Dah-Som away by her face. Even though her face was being squeezed by his hand, a gentle smile was forming on her lips.

“Will you just go over there already?!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“Okay.” (Kim Dah-Som)

Only after that, she did as told and trotted away to the corner of the street.

Seeing this, Yi Ji-Hyuk spat out a long groan.

Only allowed on

‘Ha-ah, this girl…. She’s really something, alright.’ (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Well, that was a something to worry about later, anyways.

Yi Ji-Hyuk’s head cocked at an arrogant angle as he turned around.

Who the f*ck does this stinking b*stard think he is, trying to swing his d*ck around here?

If I was just a beat late, then something major might have happened!

Don’t you know who she is?

She brings me snacks when I’m hungry!

She brings me clothes when it’s cold!

She even brought some gloves for me just because she’s worried about me getting cold!

Even my mom doesn’t do that!

….Huh. Mom?

Now that I think about it…. Mom, why you no gimme stuff like that?! Moooom?!

Oh, wait. That’s not important right now, is it? (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

Yi Ji-Hyuk quickly shook his head and glared at the serial killer.

“Hah. You really do look like a freaking murderer, you little f*cker.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

His facial features indeed kinda looked rather sinster and vulgar, with an expression that screamed ‘I might cause something really big right now’ which made Yi Ji-Hyuk to feel a wee bit weirded out.

“Hey, come over here.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


The serial killer cracked his neck and loosened his body, then began glaring at Yi Ji-Hyuk.

“What you looking at?! Pah! Ptooi!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Seeing this response, the serial killer began wryly chuckling to himself.

Just who could this crazy buffoon be?

“You’re not thinking of walking out of here alive, right?” (the killer)

“Oh, sure, sure. Hurry up with your next line already.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“….What do you mean by that?” (the killer)

“Now normally, your next line should be something like, ‘You made a terrible mistake by showing up here’, or, ‘I can’t let you live, now that you’ve seen my face’. Or, hey, if you’re really an insane motherf*cker, then something like ‘Blame your eyes, not me’. Am I wrong?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


‘Could this guy be an…. actual genius, instead?’ (the killer)

That face said otherwise, though!!

“See, the thing is, I’ve met countless as*wipes such as your stinky self. You have any idea how many murders I’ve seen so far? The number of murderers I know is…. Oh, well, it’s really a lot.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

And that was including himself, of course.

“So, that’s why y….” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


It was then, the serial killer suddenly vanished from the spot.

“Hmph.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Yi Ji-Hyuk rapidly spun around and kicked the empty air right behind him.


*SFX for short but painful scream*

Accompanied by a short, breathless cry, the serial killer revealed himself from there and flew away like a cannonball, before heavily crashing into a wall.

“Ha-ah, this stupid a*shole….” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Didn’t this guy know it was against the rules to attack in the middle of a speech? Heck, the common sense dictated that, even if the speech itself was long-winded, one was supposed to not attack before it ended!

If one attacked in the middle of a villainous speech, how was this author supposed to show off the personality of the MC?!

“A dumba*s who doesn’t even know the basics!!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

This guy was exactly the type that movie directors and scriptwriters would gnash their teeth at!

Yi Ji-Hyuk stared at the killer crumpled at the foot of the wall coughing, and clicked his tongue in annoyance.

So, what should I do with this fool?

Killing him right now is a problem in itself, isn’t it? (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

Indeed, he had to prove first that this guy was the infamous serial killer. However, the only eyewitnesses present here were himself and Kim Dah-Som.

He had to make sure the guy was still breathing when taken into custody, so the stinking b*stard could sing like a canary to the murders committed elsewhere, as well.

Cops admitted that they hadn’t figured out the scope of the crime yet, so it was very likely there would be many more victims still unaccounted for even now. Yi Ji-Hyuk and Co. had to find out how many had been killed by this murdering b*stard’s hands.


So, what should I use here?

Control his mind?

Or, cast a curse on his a*s, and turn his brain into jelly? (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

As far as casting curses and attack magics went, Yi Ji-Hyuk had climbed way past the peak of what humans were capable of, and firmly stepped into the category of a god. If he wanted to, he could make this murderer wade in a man’s worst imaginable nightmare for the next 48 days.


The warp gate, eh?

Well, that’s one way to do it.

However…. this fool might end up dying if I’m not careful, so no. (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

“Hey, man. In your opinion, what sort of a thing would not kill you, or make you go crazy, but would still make you suffer like there’s no tomorrow?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

‘Why are you asking me that, you crazy as*hole?!’ (the killer)

Sure, the murderer knew he was not qualified to speak about someone else’s mental issues, but still, even he could tell that Yi Ji-Hyuk in front of him was probably the most out-there individual he’d met yet.

‘This is bad.’ (the killer)

The serial killer quickly realised the severity of his situation and spoke up while his expression crumpled.

“I’ll make you regret this.” (the killer)


It was then, the figure of the killer began blurring suddenly.

“Not so fast.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

A black tentacle shot out from Yi Ji-Hyuk’s right hand and pierced the side of the serial killer faster than the blink of an eye.

*SFX for a loud scream in pain*

Although a painful scream resounded out, nothing else happened.

Yi Ji-Hyuk dazedly muttered to himself while staring at the spot where the serial killer used to be.

“Why didn’t the teleportation get cancelled?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Spells got cancelled when I did that back in Berafe, though?

If I land an impact on the bodies of…. Oh, wait. Isn’t that for dealing with Sorcerers?

He was an ability user, so the mechanics are a bit different now, is that it? (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

“Ha-ah…. Did my brain seize up or something? Failing to catch a measly little fool like this….” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Since he’d been battling various powerful mages for a thousand years or so, it wasn’t all that surprising to see several fixed habits form over time. But still, this could prove to be a bit of a problem down the line….

Yi Ji-Hyuk spat out a long sigh.

“Oh well. It’s spilled milk and all that, so can’t be helped, I guess.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Indeed, if he made a mistake, then all he had to do was to make up for it.

“Oh-Sik-ah!!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


At Yi Ji-Hyuk’s call, a lifeform that resembled a puppy appeared from the far distance and began desperately pounding the ground with its short four legs, just so it could get to the side of his owner as soon as possible.

“Well, here you are….” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Oh-Sik sniffed at the end of the tentacle for a second or two, before the mini Ogre raised his head to look at Yi Ji-Hyuk.

“You got him?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


“Very good. Remember our agreement? It’s still in effect. So, chase him down, boy!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)


As Oh-Sik hurriedly ran off to somewhere, a sly grin formed on Yi Ji-Hyuk’s lips.

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“An Ogre would never ever give up on a prey.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

If you wanna live, you better cross the oceans to run. Of course, I’ll still find you, though.

The grin on Yi Ji-Hyuk’s face deepened.


< 94. What is the grim reaper doing? Isn’t this dereliction of duty? -4 > Fin.


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