Chapter 100: The Battle of the Tops

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Swinging his sword and tossing Guan Yao aside; Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist shook off the blood stains on the black iron sword and spoke calmly, “Is there anyone else?”

Among all the disciples of the Guan Clan, as long as they didn’t exceed the fifth level of the Origin Realm, Li Fuchen was certain he would be victorious.

As for sixth level Origin Realm opponents, that would require him to utilize his physical defenses to fight. But he didn’t want to expend his energy like this.

The Guan clansmen were furious but had no other ways to deal with Li Fuchen at the same time.

Among them were only 2 fifth level Origin Realm disciples. The other one thought himself to be of the same ability as Guan Yao and wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen, well done. It seems we have all underestimated you. But in front of your seniors, you should show some respect.” The Yang Clan’s Yang Lie walked out.

During the days before the Yunwu City’s genius contest, all four clans’ inner sect disciples went back.

The inner sect disciples from the Yang Clan, were Yang Lie and Yang Zhan.

Yang Lie was 26 this year, at the fifth level of the Origin Realm. In terms of talent, he was better than the 27 year old Guan Yao.

Right now, he is staring at Li Fuchen with eyes of jealousy and darkness.

During the Yunwu City’s genius contest, his foe was just a kid. Two years later now, Li Fuchen actually grew into such a monster.

During the genius contest, Yang Lie’s ability was more than enough to crush Li Fuchen with a single finger.

“Senior? Are you guys worthy enough?” Li Fuchen remained emotionless.

“Such a rude and impudent fellow.” Yang Lie’s eyes narrowed

The reason why Li Fuchen was able to win against Guan Yao, was mainly due his Meteor Sword Style. Apparently, Yang Lie once sparred with an inner sect disciple who used the Meteor Sword Style too and understood it well.

The Meteor Sword Style only has one sword move. This move was focused on the extremes, not only was it fast, it is abnormally powerful as well.

In order to neutralise the Meteor Sword Style, one needed to break the sword move itself. To attack during the gap between the end of the previous move and the beginning of the next move.


Swish! Swish!

Once they exchanged moves, Yang Lie knew he underestimated Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword Style had a short reactivation time. In just a short amount of time, he had already executed his second and third move.

It was exhausting to just defend, and he had no chances to counter.

“Your Meteor Sword Style is at the completion stage?!” Yang Lie exclaimed.

“There is no need for you to know.”

Li Fuchen had naturally cultivated the Meteor Sword Style to the sub-perfection stage.

In normal cases, yellow class martial arts were for Qi Realm and Origin Realm martial artists.

Mystic class martial arts were for Earth Realm and Heaven Realm martial artists.

Which is why, mystic class martial arts were normally a struggle for Origin Realm martial artists to continuously execute, and thus required a longer time to re-execute.

But once the mystic class martial arts was at the completion stage, it would drastically reduce the time needed for re-execution.


A stream of light flashed by and homed onto the chest of Yang Lie. Had it not been for his reaction, this blade was enough to make him lose his combat strength.

“Yang Lie, return!” Yang Ao suddenly called out.

“I had a taste of your ability.” Yang Lie almost didn’t have a chance to retreat. After hearing the orders, he jumped back in a hurry, but he was displeased.

“Anyone else?”

Li Fuchen’s gaze swept across the Guan and Yang clansmen.

The eyes of two clansmen couldn’t help but twitched.

“Such arrogance.”

The Shen Tu clansmen didn’t like what they saw.

Of course, their status was the highest among the four clans, but were they willing to get involved in this mess?

“Haha!” Li Tianshi laughed loudly, “Fuchen, you come back too. From what I see, there isn’t anyone else who is at the fifth level of the Origin Realm and below that can defeat you. And for those that are above the fifth level of the Origin Realm, they aren’t shameless enough to challenge you.”

He was seriously fearful that a sixth level of Origin Realm disciple would challenge him. By then it would be too difficult to end this situation.

Li Fuchen knew of the saying, ‘Quit while you’re ahead’ and quietly went back to the Li camp.

“Li Tianshi, don’t be too happy yet. That was just the appetizer, next is the main dish.” Guan Yilong spoke with an ashen face

“Guan xiong is right. Li Tianshi, you better be mentally prepared.” Yang Ao stared at Li Tianshi.

“Give me your best shot, my Li Clan never shies away from a challenge.” Li Tianshi spoke with pride.

There are only 3 disciples who were above the fifth level of the Origin Realm in the Li Clan. Li Tianshi and Li Jinxiu who are at the eighth level of the Origin Realm and Li Xuantu who is at the sixth level of the Origin Realm.

As for the Guan Clan, they had six clansmen who were at least at the fifth level of the Origin Realm, whereas the Yang Clan had five.

In the next few fights, the Guan Clan and Yang Clan each had their own victories, while the Li Clan lost out slightly.

Li Jinxiu won against a Guan clansmen and a Yang clansmen, and didn’t let down the Li Clan’s reputation.

“Li Tianshi, get out here! We shall see who is the better man.”

Finally, only Guan Yilong, Li Tianshi, and Yang Ao had yet to fight.

Guan Yilong pointed at Li Tianshi and demanded.

“I shall accept your challenge.” Li Tianshi swiftly leapt to the fight ring.

Boom boom boom…

A fight between two eighth level Origin Realm martial artists was too fearsome. The qi blade extended out by at least 7 feet from the black iron sword. The total length of the blade became about 10 feet long.

It meant that these two could easily kill a weaker foe while standing 10 feet away.

“Mystic Water Sword Style!”

“Light Ray Sword Style!”

Guan Yilong’s black iron sword began to manifest qi and gathered a huge ball shaped water and launched it at Li Tianshi.

Li Tianshi did the same thing but manifested a large glowing disk and sent it at Guan Yilong.


The surface of the ground shook as pits the radius of a few meters got blown up between the two of them. Mud and dirt flew everywhere like countless hidden weapons.

Ultimately they ended up in a draw.

The Li Clan may be on the decline, but that was just this decade.

During Li Tianshi’s generation, the Li Clan had been on the rise and the younger generations weren’t that inferior to the Guan’s and Yang’s clans younger generations.

After the fight against Guan Yilong, Li Tianshi had another fight with Yang Ao.

The talents of these 3 were too similar and unless one of them had a significant breakthrough, neither one of them would be able to win against the other.

“Such exciting matches. Even I have the itch for battle now.”

In the pavilion, the young leader of the Shen Tu Clan, Shen Tu Jianming stood up and laughed heartily.

“Jianming xiong, you surely know how to jest.”

Guan Yilong and Yang Ao covered their fists and replied to Shen Tu Jianming.

Shen Tu Jianming, 32 years old, ninth level of the Origin Realm. He who possessed a 3 star bone frame had a high possibility to breakthrough to the Earth Realm before the age of 35 and could be promoted to a Cang Lan Sect direct disciple.

It was a known fact that among the four major clans, there wasn’t any direct disciples yet.

Whichever clan had the first direct disciple would be able to overpower the rest.

If the Shen Tu Clan produced a direct disciple, it would allow them to have an even more stable footing in Yunwu City.

Li Tianshi twitched at his mouth and didn’t say a word.

These few years, the Li clansmen suffered many humiliation from the Shen Tu clansmen. They used the authority as the clansmen of the city lord to suppress them and show favour to the Guan and Yang Clans in the dark.

Li Tianshi didn’t bother to seek favours from them.

Looking at Li Fuchen, Shen Tu Jianming spoke, “You aren’t bad. Interested to be my follower?”

He wanted Li Fuchen as a subordinate. No matter the bone frame, during the Origin Realm, Li Fuchen would definitely serve as a strong chess piece.

“Sorry, I’m not.” Li Fuchen rejected right away.

Laughing lightly, Shen Tu Jianming replied, “I hope you do not regret this. Let’s leave.”

Finishing his words, he led the Shen Tu clansmen and left

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