Chapter 138- Forming the Eastguard Republic Part 3

Prince Harry woke up on the cold ground, his head feeling like it had been split open. It took him a moment to recall what had happened and how he had gotten here. When he remembered a fist flying at him, he jumped to his feet and found the one that had struck him. “You, you, you, you, d**n commoner! How dare you hit me!” (Harry)

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He strode forward while cracking his knuckles.

“Harry!” (Luke)

Harry paused upon hearing his name.

He turned to find Luke sitting beside a beastman. “Prince Luke, you dare sit with that beast!” (Harry)

Direrivia snickered at the youth’s foolishness.

“Harry, shut up before I deck you! We’ve got no time for your games. We’re discussing the fate of us and the demons.” (Luke)

Harry realized he was alone while Luke had several guards. Conceding, he took a seat beside Luke.


“As I was saying before, in order to push the demons out of the other lands, we would expose Eastguard. Because no heralds of the gods have announced that the protection of the gods to prevent war has been initiated, I fear an invasion from the empire when we open our backs to them.” (KMega6KMegacharacter)

Hearing KMega’s statement, the two princes froze. Harry understood that this was important and kept quiet.

“The mines of the north, the roads and magical energies of the center, the trade and fish of the south, and the woodlands of the west. Right now, we need them all, but we have neither the resources nor the time.” (KMega)

KMega moved on, “ If my timing is right, we have roughly two weeks of godly protection from our own blessing. Whatever we decide to do, we must decide by nightfall and prepare to set out by morning. We must secure at least one of the territories before the blessing ends.”


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Harry thought seriously. While he normally acted like a cocky fool, he was still a prince of noble birth. He wanted nothing more than to take Eastguard’s army and raze the demons who had stolen his home and people. However, he recognized that with the looming empire, even success would amount to a hollow victory.

“Taking into consideration that the Centerguard army was full of magicians, we can assume that the center has powerful anti-magicians sent there to force the Centerguard army to flee from their towers. As for the north, I can attest that the enemy had magicians that specialized in countering armored soldiers.” (Harry)

After Harry’s statement, Luke inputted, “As for the South, we specialize in sea warfare, so they hit our docks and sunk our fleet with monsters, but on land we managed to stall them long enough to flee. As for the West’s archers, if they remained alive, like elves, they can not endure against a legion of armored troops.” (Luke)

KMega nodded. “As for here, they planned to use numbers to break our calvary’s charges, but because we had lost many of our horses to the empire, we opted for a siege instead. As I mentioned earlier, we were prepared to fight the empire in a month’s time.” (KMega)

KMega then looked Direrivia in the eye. “Let me know what you decide. It’s about time that I kicked my troops into shape. Give me a plan of attack by nightfall, and we will move at dawn.” (KMega)


After that, KMega escaped the three political figures. He was glad he had never become a politician. It would be easier to fight an army than lead it. After checking up on the Southguard troops in the infirmary, he went around the troop’s usual hangouts and nudged them to gather outside. After getting about a hundred, he came out himself with a tired face. “Did you all think that because we won one battle against the demons, it’s over? While you celebrated, Centerguard was annihilated; Northguard lost half its army and only saved a few thousand of her citizens; Southguard lost all but two thousand soldiers and saved a little more than ten thousand of her people; as for Westguard…” (KMega)

He left that unsaid to let the NPCs form their own conclusions. “For those who must stride on without their loved ones, we shall train ‘til the sun’s glow is no more. For those with them, return to your families with kisses and bid them love and fortune. For at dawn, we begin our counterattack.” (KMega)

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