Chapter 501: Identical mysterious script

He stretched out his hand as fast as lightning and grabbed that black covered book under Mu Hanyan’s pillow. Opening it up and taking a careful look, he was endlessly shocked in his heart. However, no matter how shocked Long Yi was in his heart, he remained calm and collected on the surface.

“Why on earth are you taking other people’s books? You are unable to read it. Am I right?” Mu Hanyan saw that Long Yi wanted to leave and a feeling of sadness appeared in her heart. However, she was surprised as he grabbed the book under her pillow.

“Yes, what kind of writing is this? It looks like someone scribbled on the book.” Long Yi casually said.

“This is the local script from my hometown. Of course, you would be unable to read it.” Mu Hanyan said with a smile.

It was the same language she used in her hometown? The heart of Long Yi jumped violently. This strange script was written in the exact same language as the books he found in the shrine of Lost City. Could it be that Mu Hanyan also came from Lost City? Or was her hometown related to Lost City from thousands of years ago?

“I wonder where your hometown is. It actually gave birth to such a beautiful person. If I have an opportunity, I must go and take a look at the place.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“It is just a small area located in a remote region. It is not worth going out of your way in order to see it. As for the place with most beauties, it is naturally White Cloud City where we are right now.” Mu Hanyan sensed something. Although she couldn’t see through Long Yi, she was also very familiar with him. Although he seemed calm on the surface, his abnormalities didn’t escape her eyes.

Casually flipping through the book in his hand, Long Yi suddenly asked Mu Hanyan a question. He had a smile on his face and he seemed to be interested in the book in his hand, “The script of your hometown appears more complicated than the common script we use in the Blue Waves Continent. However, it seemed very interesting. Can you teach me how to read this book?”

“What’s the use of learning it? You cannot use it anywhere.” Mu Hanyan was even more suspicious. With Long Yi’s personality, he wouldn’t spend the time to learn this sort of useless thing. Especially at this sort of critical juncture.

“That might be the case but I’m really interested in these kinds of things. You should also know that all of the spy organizations belonging to various powers have been infiltrated. They use all kinds of strange scripts in order to transfer intelligence. I want to learn this just in case something happens. Moreover, there is no harm in learning more…” Long Yi replied with a smile.

“Is that so? Aren’t you coming up with some sort of wicked idea or something?” Mu Hanyan chuckled and said.

“Are you teaching me or not? I wonder if Ha Lei knows about this script. If he does, I can ask him to teach me.” Long Yi smiled and casually asked Mu Hanyan. His hands began to move about Mu Hanyan’s sensitive areas and he started teasing her body.

Mu Hanyan’s breathing suddenly quickened. She held down Long Yi’s hand which was messing around her huge chest and she requested, “Yu, not today. I am feeling unwell. If you want to learn how to read this script, I’ll teach you.”

“Alright, you said it yourself. Tomorrow, I’ll be returning to Soaring Dragon City. I don’t think you have anything left to do here. Let’s go back together.” Long Yi suggested and he had a grin on his face.

“Since you have already decided it for me, what else can I say?” Mu Hanyan coquettishly rolled her eyes and her gaze wandered about. Her eyes finally rested on the tent at Long Yi’s crotch. Those sexy eyes made Long Yi’s fire of lust burn even violently. Her gaze almost made him lose control of himself. He had to sigh inwardly… She was truly a heavenly-gifted great beauty.

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Long Yi jumped out of the bed and rushed out after fixing his clothing. If he were to stay in the room any longer, he would have turned into a criminal who should be executed on the spot. However, all the blame couldn’t be placed onto him. If he could only touch but he couldn’t eat, it was simply torturous.

After Long Yi left Mu Hanyan’s room, her smile disappeared. She looked at the book and she became lost in her thoughts.

Long Yi slowly flew in the sky with a pleased expression on his face. Although he didn’t know what kind of relationship Mu Hanyan had with Lost City, as long as she taught him how to read the script, everything would be great. He would be able to understand the mountains of books which were lying in his space ring. He had obtained those books from the Shrine in Lost City. Just looking at Lost City’s magic civilization in the past, the value of that pile of books was incalculable.

Entering the luxurious suite inside Phoenix Inn, he discovered that the hall was pitch-black. However, with Long Yi’s night vision, he could see that there was a figure sitting on the sofa.

“Big sister, it is already so late at night. Why aren’t you sleeping? It’s scary for you to be sitting here along so late at night.” Long Yi closed the door and asked with a smile on his face. He slowly walked towards Red Lady who was sitting on the sofa.

“You, this romantic fellow, happily left the place. How can your big sister sleep after knowing that you are not here?” Red Lady sensed Long Yi sitting beside her and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

“Eh…… This sounds a bit ambiguous. It’s easy for you to cause some misunderstandings……” Long Yi had a smirk on his face and he joked.

“Stinking kid, you are teasing this old aunt again! Are you looking for another beating?” Red Lady scolded and pinched Long Yi’s thighs.

Long Yi screamed in pain and he had a bitter expression on his face as he explained himself, “I say, big sister, can’t you be a bit gentler? Everything is swelling because of your pinch.”

“Swelling? Let me see.” Red lady felt that she might have used too much strength on accident and she quickly reached out in order to look at Long Yi’s injury.

“Ah, isn’t this swelling a little too large?” Red Lady softly cried out in alarm. All of a sudden, the burning hot object in her hand became thicker and longer. She instantly realized that she was holding onto little Long Yi.

“Yes, it’s swollen and it’s so big. Big sister should take responsibility and make the swelling go down.” Long Yi held onto Red Lady’s little hand which she was about to retract. The evil fire within him which was burning ever since Mu Hanyan’s teasing completely erupted.

Red Lady was short of breath and her maiden heart appeared as if it wanted to jump out of her chest. With her little hand touching that thick and long thing, she felt as though her entire body was on fire. She also felt as though her body became softer and all her strength left her. She didn’t have the ability to struggle free of Long Yi’s grasp.

“Big sister.” Long Yi was unable to endure the feeling any longer. He turned over and pushed Red Lady down against the sofa. Her fully ripe jade body could drive people insane.

Long Yi repeatedly kissed Red Lady’s beautiful face and he finally seized her red lips. His tongue entered her fragrant mouth and their lips and tongue tangled with each other passionately.

This sofa was too narrow for the two people to roll about. However, their bodies were twisting and turning about of the small sofa. Just as the passion reached the peak and Long Yi was about to explore Red Lady’s mysterious forest, the sofa flipped over with a loud ‘bang’. In the dead of night, the sound was extremely loud and it probably woke everyone up.

“My husband, did you return?” Feng Ling opened her bedroom door and asked. Her eyes were half-open she yawned after asking her question.

Red Lady was embarrassed and she wished that she could crawl into a crack in the ground in order to hide from Feng Ling. Long Yi didn’t know how, but Red Lady managed to push him away and she rushed into the room where Liuli was sleeping.

In a single night, he was forced to stop twice. How could Long Yi possibly endure this kind of treatment? Since Red Lady had escaped, he brought this sheep, Feng Ling, into her room. Before long, soul stirring moans resounded through the night.

It was destined for many people to have a sleepless night……


At the end of the tenth month of the 87** year on the Blue Waves Continent, the capital city of the Proud Moon Empire, Ice Wind City, was besieged by the allied armies of the two empires. With their food and water source cut off, everyone knew that the Proud Moon Empire was nearing its fated end. However, the Imperial Murong Clan was still fighting back. It was just like a trapped beast.

Beitang Yu wisely chose to surround the city and not carry out any attacks. This war had already taken the lives of too many soldiers from the allied army. If they were to siege the city, they would definitely be able to erase the Proud Moon Empire from the face of the Blue Waves Continent. However, the armies of the two empires would suffer serious damage. She wanted to return with millions of soldiers. She didn’t want to return with whatever was left of her grand army. She felt that even if they won like that, they would have lost in her heart.

Ice Wind City was located in the northern part of the Blue Waves Continent. In the past, snowflakes would have filled the land along with a bone-chilling northern wind. However, this year, the sun hung high in the sky and the weather was hot and suffocating.

This was a 100 meters high small hill. It was a rare sight to see such a hill as after passing through the Yatesianna defense line, the entire northern land was a wide expanse of flat land.

Beitang Yu stood at the summit of this hill and she looked towards the horizon in the east. Her helmet was placed beside her legs and the wind was blowing against her. Her pitch-black, beautiful fair was fluttering behind her.

A group of guards stood at the foot of the hill. They guarded Beitang Yu who was looking into the distance.

“General Beitang is definitely missing General Ximen.” One guard said.

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“Ai, in this world, only General Ximen is worthy of General Beitang’s care. Why on earth are those fellows inside Ice Wind City not surrendering? If they were to surrender earlier, the two Generals would be able to reunite…” Another guard resentfully complained.

“Don’t talk anymore. Someone is coming…” The captain of this squad warned and everyone suddenly entered an alert state.

However, all of them relaxed the moment a graceful figure entered their sights. She was wearing a white robe and she was none other than the younger sister of General Ximen, Ximen Wuhen. Now, in the military camp, she was regarded as an angel. Practically every single soldier respected her as she was the one who saved the lives of countless soldiers on the battlefield.

“Miss Ximen, are you looking for General Beitang?” One of the guards stepped forward and asked.

“Yes, may I pass through?” Ximen Wuhen faintly smiled. Her ethereal temperament didn’t dull in the slightest after experiencing the bloody battles. Instead, it became even stronger. Her entire body emitted a comfortable and warm aura.

Flying to the top of this hill, Ximen Wuhen and Beitang Yu stood side by side. One of them had an indifferent expression and a frosty aura surrounded her. The other had a warm expression and the aura she gave out felt as though a gentle breeze. They both had peerless appearances but they gave out completely different vibes.

“Big sister Beitang, are you thinking about my second brother?” Ximen Wuhen asked softly. In private, she had always been addressing Beitang Yu as her big sister.

“Mmm.” Beitang Yu softly agreed and suddenly said, “This time, your second brother should be on the way back to Soaring Dragon City. Now that we have already stabilized the situation, you can also return to Soaring Dragon City.”

Ximen Wuhen was dumbfounded and she looked into the distance in a daze. She shook her head and sighed, “Ling’er doesn’t want to return and neither do I. Moreover……” Ximen Wuhen didn’t know how she was going to face Long Yi. There was a bitter feeling in her heart. She felt extremely conflicted in her heart.

Speaking of Long Ling’er, Beitang Yu’s pupils shrank. She knew that Long Ling’er was Long Yi’s woman. However, she was also the daughter of the current emperor, Long Zhan.

“I know that Ling’er is unwilling to return because she doesn’t want to face the current situation. She would greatly suffer no matter the outcome of the battle. Even now, she has already become so thin. She hasn’t been eating well due to her worries.” Ximen Wuhen softly sighed. When she thought about Long Ling’er’s haggard appearance, her heart ached.

Beitang Yu was indifferent about it. Her situation was similar to Long Ling’er’s. Her clan stood on the opposite side of her husband. However, she had already given up all hope for her clan. Now, she had only Long Yi in her heart. Everything she achieved today was all because of him.

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