Chapter 124: I Do Not Care!

Birds flew from one side of the lake and skimped over the water surface, disturbing the still water and gracefully landing on the other side of the lake.

Ye Jian, who was sitting on the stone bench, looked at the picturesque scenery. She pleasantly raised her head and covered her face with the book, shielding her face from the sunlight that filtered through the branches and leaves. Enjoying the cool breeze by the swan lake, in her mind there was nothing else besides the tranquility.

“Ye Jian?”

The silence was broken, but Ye Jian did not reply. She shut her eyes and refused to be disturbed.

Provincial High was Gao Yiyang’s school. As a returnee, he was only accompanying Ye Ying out on a stroll.

The two of them were whispering with each other while walking along the embankment. Then they saw someone who was sitting cozily under the green shade, and her slim silhouette made her resemble a painting in this picturesque view.

Ye Ying bit her lower lip. Not saying anything, she just stared at how Gao Yiyang would reply.

“We’re going to the cafeteria now, wanna join?” Maybe he was used to the unconcerned Ye Jian, so a hint of helplessness flashed across his eyes. Once again, he blandly opened his mouth, “The cafeteria is a bit far. Let’s go together.”

If she didn’t reply, then she would just be rude. However, she didn’t mind being slightly rude in front of him.

She removed the thick book that was blocking the sun, and as she opened her eyes, her dark pupils contained a trace of alienation. “Okay, I know how to get there.” She lightly tapped the hardcover of the book, as she continued, “You should leave first; I still want to read some more.”

“Reading.” Adjusting her gaze onto the thick book, Ye Ying acted like if she had heard a funny joke, then she giggled while saying, “I’d really like to know if can you even understand it?”

Gao Yiyang glanced at the book A Farewell to Arms. Translated into Mandarin, it would be 《永别了,武器》, a book written by the famous American novelist Hemingway during his early career. It is praised to be a classic among current literature.

This book was written by Hemingway according to his experiences in war. With war and love as the main theme, he sang a sentimental yet touching elegy.

“Provincial High’s library contains lots of fine pieces of book collections. The book you’re holding is the original version of A Farewell to Arms. Reading it more would definitely heighten someone’s English language standard.” Gao Yiyang who could speak genuine American English had never doubted Ye Jian’s ability to understand it. Furthermore, he had already witnessed it firsthand during the English exam not long ago.

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Ye Ying originally wanted to embarrass Ye Jian. Instead, she received his apropos suggestion, and with a slight prick in her heart, Ye Ying put on a smile as she said, ”Then isn’t it perfect? If you have anything you can’t understand, you can just consult with fellow student Gao Yiyang, yes?”

“Ye Jian, anyhow, we all come from the same school. Is going to the cafeteira together to grab lunch while chatting about tomorrow’s test that hard for you?”

“It’s not. I merely do not want to go with you two, that’s all.” That was simply the nature of their relationship, and yet they expected her to say anything good to them? Ye Jian smilingly looked at Ye Ying who was being sarcastic, and she leisurely said, “Besides, we all know we have nothing to talk about. What’s the point of doing all this then?”

“I apologize, for I am a person who is a bit more honest and down to earth. What I dislike and hate …I will directly speak my mind, unlike fellow student Ye Ying, who enjoys shattering peace.” She almost wanted to stamp the word “hypocritical” onto Ye Ying’s forehead.

Moreover, the two people she hated were together, and they still wanted to have lunch with her. Sigh, she would be throwing up as she ate.

“Ye Jian!” shouted Ye Ying in her embarrassment. Realizing that she was being mocked as a hypocrite, her pupils frantically glanced at the boy beside her.

When she saw that Gao Yiyang’s face was as unsightly as hers, that bit of panic was suppressed, and her lips curled into a smile. “That leaves us with no option to be friendly anymore. Ye Jian, remember this: it was you who rejected our friendship. You better explain it properly the next time this issue comes up!”

Every time she thought about what Principal Chen had said, she felt oppressed!

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