Chapter 125: Fear is what a Soldier Should Not Have

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“I’m not declining, it’s just that… “ Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine intentionally paused for a bit and saw Ye Ying’s expression turn unnatural.

She’s staring at me cautiously, like she’s afraid I will say something unfavorable to her.

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After being rejected, Gao Yiyang pulled Ye Ying’s forearm. He glanced at Ye Jian and said in a chilly voice, ”Let’s go.”

If she didn’t want to see him, then so be it.

Following their encounter at noon, when Ye Jian bumped into the couple again in the afternoon, her ears could enjoy the peace and calm more.

The other students had their heads buried in their revision books in the classrooms of Provincial High, while Ye Jian, who had relaxed for the day, did not enter the classroom.

At 5:30pm, the sunset was like a rolling mountain of rose-tinted clouds that covered the whole sky. Walking under the glow of the golden rays of the sun, she exited the school gate with lithe footsteps.

Tonight, Ye Jian was going to the shooting gallery to train her skills in hitting moving targets. It was the provincial troops’ training range, so it was a one-hour travel from Provincial High.

At the school gate, an inconspicuous local black car adorned with a red flag was parked at the front gate. The car was plain, but the car plate was very conspicuous.

It was the car plate of the southern province’s military.

Inside the car, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon spotted Ye Jian who was looking around through the rearview mirror. His handsome face wore a smile, then he opened the door and got out of the car with grace as he beckoned, “Student Ye, look this way.”

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Ye Jian saw Xia Jinyuan in casual clothes, and the sluggishness took over the place of his usual militaristic coolness, yet he still looked so noble and intimidating, thus Ye Jian’s subconscious response was—to get away!

“Lass, get in the car.” With that, Principal Chen got out of the car and waved at her to come over with a smile on his face.

Ye Jian, who had intended to leave, started retreating back to the school gate, but she stopped herself mid-stride then unhurriedly walked towards them.

Xia Jinyuan couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. How troublesome, the lass is avoiding me like I’m a venomous viper.

The air conditioning inside the car was on full blast, and after listening to what Xia Jinyuan had to say, Ye Jian did not even feel the slightest hint of coldness however.

Her starlike pupils were twinkling at Xia Jinyuan, and despite feeling excited, she calmly said, ”How would you like me to assist you? Throughout the whole process, what do I need to accomplish?”

Did you see now? This was the lass who bravely had a showdown with a criminal and courageously fought alongside him under the rain—the dauntless, fearless little lass!

“Ye Jian, once you have promised… Do you know the amount of danger you might face anytime?” He gazed deeply at her, yet his lips were curling up a very slight smile. “Besides, once you are in danger, we will most likely be unable to provide immediate backup.”

Once we start talking about business, she stops avoiding me. Sigh… I must say, although this bold lass does have the spirit of an adventurer, she is not reckless. That does indeed make me feel relieved.

Ye Jian did not reply immediately. Instead, she looked at him with a fake smile on her face. After seeing Xia Jinyuan’s gaze start becoming restrained, his emotions became inorganic,and only then did she slowly open her mouth to say, “Captain Xia, the reason you’re coming up to me, besides having trust in me, is also because you think I’m the best option. Am I correct?”

Principal Chen already started guffawing, “Captain Xia ah Captain Xia, little lass Ye is someone whom a Chief Master Sergeant and I trained. You ah, by asking her if she’s afraid or by reminding her of the danger, then you honestly have been asking the wrong questions.”

With that said, Xia Jinyuan turned around to face Ye Jian. ”Little lass, every single event is filled with danger. The most important thing is, how you would resolve these dangers.”

“To cooperate with the military and also to interact with Interpol—such a good chance at putting what you have learned into practice; I do not want you to miss it.”

“Even though I am also worried! Nevertheless, little lass, worries and fears are like pebbles. If you step on them under your feet, then you can firmly step over!”

As a soldier, no matter what you are facing, be it a mountain of swords or a sea of flames, you must keep on advancing forward!

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