Chapter 126: Crushing Everyone Else

This exam required Ye Jian’s full effort; moreover, she must qualify and become one of the twelve students who would represent the nation to compete in the Olympiad.

Although six years had gone by since then, as someone who had prior experience, Xia Jinyuan still had wisdom to impart.

In the hour it took them to go from the school to the range, Ye Jian was earnestly conversing with him.

Occasionally, whenever their gazes met, even Principal Chen would be incapable of chipping into their conversation.

The next day, the two hundred odd students were only allowed to enter the exam hall after they had gone through an inspection that was stricter than what they experienced in their entrance exams.

This time, the students who were taking their exams were separated by their year levels, and as Ye Jian relaxedly walked towards the exam hall, she saw the couple of Gao Yiyang and Ye Ying standing at the entrance. His head was lowered, while her head was raised… conversing about who knew what.

“Please move aside.” Ye Jian walked over and stood in front of the entrance that was being blocked by the two, and she blandly said, “Or the two of you can move outside a bit and talk. Thanks.”

Ye Ying glanced at her, and her eyes showed a hint of disdain. Without leaving, she said to Gao Yiyang, “You should hurry in. There aren’t any problems on my end. Thank you for taking the trouble to help me study every night. No matter what, I will give it my all!”

Heh, unlike some people out there who already think they are so amazing that they did not even go to revise in the classroom every night.

“En, after you finish the exam, wait for me downstairs beside the garden plot.” Gao Yiyang turned sideways, allowing Ye Jian to pass between the two of them and into the classroom.

Even though his gaze was mild, it was filled with intention once it fell upon her, and he saw a near perfect side profile pass by his eyes.

Ye Jian’s gaze was indifferent, looking straight ahead without even sparing a glance to measure up her surroundings, nor did her gaze land on anyone else. She just walked straight into the classroom.

Being indifferent while disregarding others… She is really capable of pulling them off.

His gaze gently grazed upon Ye Jian’s face, and Gao Yiyang lightly hung his eyelids. Pursing his lips, he turned around and left the eighth grade’s exam hall.

“We shall see, Ye Jian! I will embarrass you to the point that you will never dare show up inside the school compound!” After he had left, Ye Ying sped up her pace and caught up to Ye Jian. A smile appeared on her face the moment they brushed shoulders against each other, and maintaining her smile, Ye Ying said with a dark voice, “I will make you utterly regret your decisions!”

Ye Jian smirked, and she only glanced at her indifferently. She disdained to even reply, and she just sat on the seat that had her name on it.

While looking at Ye Ying’s gloomy expression, she realized that ignoring someone would always make people more furious than responding to that person.

After the mathematics test papers had been issued, the sound of students gasping for air could already be heard. The test was rather difficult and challenging!

Ye Jian, on the other hand, glanced at the teacher who walked in with a chalk box and a laser pointer, and the light in her jet black pupils lightly restrained themselves.

This examination… does not appear to be so simple. It does not seem like it will continue on to be a regular exam.

Her instinct was quite accurate as always. After ten minutes, Ye Jian who had already finished sections A and B suddenly heard the proctor say something, “Please listen to the question.”

Without even giving any time for the students who had their heads buried in their papers to react, the teacher announced the first set of questions.

Before everyone had the time to withdraw their thoughts away from their papers, Ye Jian had put her pen down, stood up, and answered the questions precisely.

“That is the correct answer.” Under the teacher’s approving gaze, Ye Jian sat down and continued answering the questions on sections C and D.

Only after she had answered and sat down did the other students realize what just happened then.

This was indeed a very special exam. Besides taking the written test, they also had to divert some of their attention to look out for the teacher’s impromptu oral questions.

Only allowed on

The frequency of the oral questions remained at a rate of once every two minutes, the oral questions already completely threw off the concentration of a number of students. Forget about answering orally, just answering the written test was making them anxious to the point that they couldn’t hold their pens steadily.

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Ye Jian did not give Ye Ying a chance to stand up, or one could say, she did not give anyone a chance at all. While replying to the teacher’s questions, her pen never even stopped moving.

Imperceptibly, Ye Jian’s presence was putting an immense pressure upon everyone else.

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