Chapter 12: Yan Chixia

Darn it, where are they?

Looking through the window, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. spotted no one in the car. He felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured down on him.

He realized that the task was not as simple as it looked.. What a deceitful lucky task!

Could it be that Nie Xiaoqian killed Ning Caichen?

Su Qiubai suddenly had a weird feeling, realizing that there was a high possibility she could have done so. After all, Nie Xiaoqian was a female ghost who was controlled by the devil.

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He became anxious. If Ning Caichen died, would the navigation system say that he had failed his task and freeze the space-time channel?

Su Qiubai dared not stay there a moment longer. Without bothering about the danger he was in and the fear he felt on the inside, he started yelling out loud for the couple in frustration.

To his relief, he heard a rattling sound coming from afar.

He quickly ran towards the sound with the phone’s flashlight on and lifted high up in the air without a moment of hesitation,

“Ning Caichen! Nie Xiaoqian! Where are you?”

Su Qiubai was confident that as long as he kept running forward, the distance between him and the two of them would shrink.

When he finally caught up, he heard Ning Caichen’s voice. “Xiao Qian, don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you!”
[TLN: Nie Xiaoqian and Xiao Qian are the same person.]

Su Qiubai immediately felt nervous. Are they in danger?

“Ning Caichen, what happened? Who’s hurting you?”

Su Qiubai guessed that they were in front of him so he shouted out loud while anxiously moving forward. Could it be that the evil woman had found them?

However, his gaze suddenly went black. He was knocked over by something and fell to the ground.

“Xiao Qian, I hit him!”

Su Qiubai heard Ning Caichen’s voice as he laid on the ground, muddled.

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This idiot doesn’t even realize that he hit the wrong person!

“You’ve got the wrong person! It’s me!”

Su Qiubai quickly yelled, trying to explain whilst struggling to get up. But he was once again hit on the head.

“Yes, I’m hitting you! How dare you commit a crime in broad daylight!”

Before he could grasp what was going on, Su Qiubai was struck dumb by Ning Caichen’s words.

He immediately understood the situation. They must have mistaken him for a bad person!

Without much time to explain, Su Qiubai quickly climbed up, and with the flashlight from his phone spotted Ning Caichen glaring tensely at him. His arms were spread in order to protect Nie Xiaoqian who was standing behind him.

The old driver calmed himself down, then looked gloomily at the two of them, “Let me say it again. I’m a good person. I came to reunite the both of you and send you home… Forget it, I’ll just be honest. I know that you, Nie Xiaoqian, are a female ghost and that you’re being harassed by your evil grandmother. In fact, you were buried under the white poplar tree with a crow’s nest on its branches…”

Su Qiubai spoke about all that he could remember about their story a single breath, whether it was from the movies he had watched or from the books he had read. He must ensure that the two of them trusted him no matter what, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to complete his task.

After Su Qiubai finished speaking, Ning Caichen was indeed puzzled while Nie Xiaoqian’s expression changed greatly.

“You… you are a fairy, aren’t you?”

Nie Xiaoqian nervously asked with her mouth slightly agape but that also meant that she had acknowledged Su Qiubai’s explanation.


Su Qiubai was even more dumbstruck after Nie Xiaoqian’s words.

Have you ever seen a fairy devoting all of its energy to travel such a distance and send its passenger here, yet still get attacked twice in succession?

The legend about Ning Caichen being a kind man and a hopeless romantic was really accurate. After discovering that Nie Xiaoqian was really a female ghost, his first thought was not to fear, but to save Nie Xiaoqian from her sea of sadness!

Su Qiubai was at a loss for words when he saw them getting closer to each other after just a short while.

“Quick, follow me! And… don’t call me a fairy, call me a taxi sifu!” Su Qiubai bluntly interrupted them and urged them to follow him quickly.

They ran towards the car with the help of the flashlight. The fire at the Lan Ruo Temple could still be seen. It was unsure whether the old woman was still there or not.

But forget her. He had to send these two home safely to finish the task.

However, just at that moment, Nie Xiaoqian cried out. “I can’t leave here. My grandmother will not agree. Young nobleman, quickly follow the sifu and leave this place. Let us be husband and wife in our next life.”

My gosh. They had only met each other for just a short amount of time and yet they were already madly in love. This was definitely a human-ghost romance designed by fate.

Su Qiubai had no choice. If Nie Xiaoqian stayed then Ning Caichen would also stay. If they didn’t get into the taxi, his task would obviously be left incomplete!

He finally understood, the task was actually forcing him to kill the evil grandmother!

But he didn’t know any spell! The old ghost was notoriously powerful.

As he agonized over not having a plan, he suddenly thought of someone!

How could I forget Yan Chixia? According to the original novel, he should be around here, but it doesn’t matter… I can fetch him!

“Wait here you two. I‘ll go fetch someone and be back soon!”

Su Qiubai dared not delay a moment longer as he jumped into the car and called out to Nie Xiaoqian and Ning Caichen. Then, he switched on the navigation system.

“Located Yan Chixia. Begin navigation…”

[TLN: Yan Chixia was a swordsman/knight whose ability was to fight evil monsters.]

Switching on the headlamps and with a foot on the accelerator, the taxi disappeared right away.

Upon seeing this scene, the couple was even more convinced that Su Qiubai was a fairy. Believing that she could finally be freed from all of her sufferings, Nie Xiaoqian, and Ning Caichen became lovey-dovey…

The old driver didn’t know about that. He only felt a flash of light passing by him before a Taoist priest in a linen robe carrying a big bag appeared next to his car.

“Who are you?” The Taoist priest was also taken aback. How could a monster appear so randomly in the mountains?

“You’re Yan Chixia, right? I need you to get rid of a devil.”

Su Qiubai said to the Taoist priest in a hurry whilst lowering the window.

“How did you know my name? What devil?” Yan Chixia planned to ask more questions to understand the situation, but Su Qiubai had already jumped out and started pushing Yan Chixia into the car together with him.

“There’s no time to explain. Get in the car quickly.”

That sentence was left echoing through the forest as the taxi once again disappeared.

Near the temple, Nie Xiaoqian and Ning Caichen were already in danger. Not long after Su Qiubai left, the evil grandmother exited the Lan Ruo Temple.

“Xiao Qian, why didn’t you send in the people I asked you to? Do I have to do everything by myself?”

Upon hearing her voice, Nie Xiaoqian immediately turned pale with fear and urged Ning Caichen to run away immediately.

However, Ning Caichen refused,he instead urged Nie Xiaoqian to leave together with him. So then they turned and prepared to flee.

Unfortunately, the evil grandmother was not so easy to deal with. In a blink of an eye, she had already caught up with them. When Nie Xiaoqian turned to look back again, she was only a few tens of meters away.

The two of them suddenly despaired. Turning back to face the old devil moving towards them, Ning Caichen held Nie Xiaoqian and closed his eyes, awaiting his death.


A loud noise echoed from the forest. The old devil who had been gaining towards them earlier, flew backwards and fell to the ground after slamming against an old elm tree.

Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian opened their eyes and saw a taxi in front of them.

Su Qiubai sitting in the taxi was also stunned. His heart pounded fast as he realised that he had ran over something. However, with the help of the car’s headlights, he saw the old devil lying on the ground. He immediately breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God, I hit the right person!”

Su Qiubai muttered softly. He quickly looked at Yan Chixia, who had already pulled out his sword. “Knight Yan, I will hand over the rest to you!”

Along the way to the Lan Ruo Temple, Su Qiubai had already explained the whole situation to Yan Chixia.

Su Qiubai jumped out from the car to open the door for Yan Chixia. Then, Yan Chixia immediately rushed out with a sword. The old driver sat on the ground, feeling fortunate that they had managed to reach on time.

There was no need to elaborate the events that happened next. After the fight, Yan Chixia successfully killed the old demon and Nie Xiaoqian’s freedom was restored.

Originally Su Qiubai did everything for the sake of completing the task, but when he saw Nie Xiaoqian crying happily as she hugged Ning Caichen, he suddenly felt it was worth it anyway.

Who cares if there’s no rewards for these tasks? It feels good to help others in need.

After thanking Yan Chixia, Su Qiubai sent him back right away. He then returned to Lan Ruo Temple.

Just as he arrived at the temple’s entrance, Nie Xiaoqian and Ning Caichen rushed towards him, kneeled, and bowed to him three times, swearing that they would never forget Su Qiubai’s great deed.

This made the old driver a little embarrassed. After helping the couple up, he urged them into the taxi. After all, the most important thing to do now was to leave the place as early as possible.

The couple didn’t resist this time. They just sat at the back seat obediently.

After taking Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian to their destination, Su Qiubai let out a sigh of relief. Then, he opened up the space-time channel and drove back home.

The task, which initially seemed to be trying to kill him, was amazingly completed!

He admired his own ingenuity, but the most important thing right now was to check the rewards!

He despaired when he accepted the task earlier, so he hadn’t care about the rewards. Checking it now, it seemed to be a hundred growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system and some evolutionary points.

Su Qiubai finally understood it only after studying it carefully.

The growth points allowed him to gain a variety of incredible skills, while the evolutionary points upgraded the navigation system!

For example, the five evolution points he had obtained allowed him to bind the navigation system directly to his own body, which meant that he could open the navigation interface without sitting in the taxi.

That was a big deal!

He felt very happy. Just as he was about to browse through the available skills, the system suddenly notified that he had received an extra bonus!

A thank you gift from Nie Xiaoqian!

Su Qiubai was in a daze after hearing those words. He opened it anxiously and was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out.

Such a big surprise!

Ten lucky charms and ten unlucky charms!

Su Qiubai felt trying them straight away. He parked the car at the side of the road and waited for a while. However, not a single person walked by.

Just as he was starting to feel depressed, he caught sight of a fat man in a black Santana not far away from him.

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