Chapter 123: Excelling Out the District

However, this memorable lesson had indeed let her know that when dealing with those of the opposite gender, whether through her words or her actions, keeping a certain distance was absolutely necessary!

Two weeks had passed, and Fu Jun Town embraced the final exams that marked the end of the semester.

Ye Jian and eighteen others who were participating in the screening exams were required to head over to Provincial High two days after the end of the exam week. They would depart at 7AM on the 29th of June, and the journey would take almost eighteen hours before they could arrive at Provincial city.

This time, including Fu Jun Middle’s students, a total of two hundred odd students would be participating in this screening exam.

Among these two hundred odd students, only twelve of them could make it to the capital to participate in the national screening exam.

After the national screening exam, only twelve of those could truly represent the country and participate in the Olympiads, and they would be the undisputable elites among the elite!

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Provincial High was the province’s most significant, grandest and strictest school concerning academic qualities, it was divided into middle school and high school.

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Ye Jian, who had already rested well the night before, walked into this school that she was not destined to be in her previous life, and the hot sun did not affect her mood the slightest bit.

Principal Chen, who followed along on the journey stood on the fifth floor of the male dormitory, saw Ye Jian taking a walk in the flower garden, and he smiled at Principal Cao. “This lass, her mentality is stronger than the average student’s. Other pupils are utilizing this day to continue studying; she, however, is already wandering around in your school.”

“Exams are a type of psychological warfare. Whatever she’s doing is good.” Principal Cao laughed, and his expression and speech contained high expectations for Ye Jian. “Only twelve pupils will be selected, the capital has always taken hold of more than half of those seats. Even if there’s only one representative going abroad from our province, our province’s education is being acknowledged.”

That’s why the moment Ye Jian was selected, she was not only representing the nation but also their province at the same time.

Principal Chen recognized the hidden message behind Principal Cao’s words, but he did not care about fame or gain, so he blandly replied, “We just hope that this would not affect her life. Interviews, appearing in the news, and whatnot, we don’t want any of that.”

“That’s what I was hoping for, and it was also part of what she had demanded when she promised to participate. Old Cao, you’ll have to excuse us for that. ”

“Neither fame nor gain, sigh, she’s worthy to be called your pupil, Chen, my old friend.” Lightly tapping the shoulder of his old colleague, Principal Cao also wore an expression of slight admiration. “We still need to see if she can prove herself to become one of those twelve elites.”

Principal Chen had high hopes for Ye Jian and fully supported her about the competition, but… after pondering for a bit, he sighed, “Little lass Ye does not seem to have high interest in this competition, so how do we persuade her to do her best in the exam, to strive to become one of the twelve in the whole nation…? I’m afraid we still need to do some thinking for that.”

Principal Cao heard that and laughed wholeheartedly, “I think I know just the person to persuade her. Moreover, she’ll definitely go for it with maximum effort! Come, let me bring you somewhere else. You know the person I’m talking about, too.”

By the time Principal Chen saw who it was, his gaze revealed a dignified look. Once Principal Cao had left, Principal Chen stared at the refined behavior of the young major, and he muttered, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Under the hot sun, Principal Chen suddenly felt bouts of chills.

Ye Jian, on the other hand, walked out of the library at a leisurely pace. In her hand was the original edition of a famous book that she borrowed. Reading and walking at the same time, she started her slow stroll from 9 AM in the morning until it was already past 11 AM, and she was still strolling around the swan lake of Provincial High.

The swan lake was preserved under the flames of war. The surface of the lake was glistening, and the lake was extremely clear, so one could see the fishes swimming under the surface. The embankment was lush with vegetation that swayed gently with the breeze.

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