Chapter 502: Returning home

“General Beitang, there is a secret report.” Just when the two women were having a heart to heart talk, they heard the voice of the bodyguard captain.

Ximen Wuhen tactfully asked to be excused. Originally, she sought Beitang Yu out as she wanted to ask about Long Yi. When she was on the verge of speaking her mind, she swallowed her words again. She was almost unable to control the feeling that was filling her heart. She was afraid that Beitang Yu would find out about her feeling for Long Yi if she were to ask any more questions. Ximen Wuhen was in a dilemma as she didn’t know what she should do. Although she loved Long Yi, it was wrong of her to love her brother. The feeling in her heart was extremely complicated.

Beitang Yu opened the secret report and her eyelids jumped. Her beautiful pupils became ice-cold.

“Beat the drum, issue my military orders.” Beitang Yu indifferently said with a dense killing intent leaking out from her body.

“This subordinate obeys.” That captain of bodyguards excitedly replied. It seemed like General Beitang was about to make her move.

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The entire military camp began to turn lively. Numerous officers and men rubbed their fists and their palms together. They were prepared to give it their all in order to destroy the Proud Moon Empire. This decisive battle would be their most glorious battle. It was also a battle at the most important moment. Even if they died, they would die a worthy death.

And at this moment, at one northern corner of this military camp, it seemed as though everything was quiet. However, whispers could be heard from time to time. A figure with dark green hair was wearing a snow-white priest robe and a young girl with fiery red hair who had a hot figure were speaking to each other. Ten steps behind them, Li Qing was quietly guarding them as he had always been doing. He was standing there holding his sword and just his ice-cold handsome face was enough to make any living creatures within the radius of three li retreat on their own. If Si Bi took one step forward, he would also take a step forward. If Si Bi took a step back, he would also retreat by one step. He always maintained the distance of exactly ten steps between them.

“Si Bi, do you truly want to leave?” Lin Na asked again. As a matter of fact, she wanted to head over to Soaring Dragon City together with Si Bi in order to look for Long Yi. However, the conflict between the imperial Long Clan and the Ximen Clan had worsened. Their conflict was extremely fierce and Long Ling’er was running away from Soaring Dragon City. She was escaping from reality and she didn’t say a single word about it. As for Ximen Wuhen, she had already made up her mind to accompany Long Ling’er in the military camp. As such, she was naturally unable to avoid the problem by walking away from it.

“Yes, I cannot change anything even if I stayed here. Moreover, I miss my husband very much. I want to see him.” Si Bi softly said. In these past several days, her relationship with these few girls improved. However, she still decided to leave even though all of them decided to stay in the military camp.

Lin Na nodded her head and didn’t reply Si Bi. Long Yi’s evil face appeared in her mind and she couldn’t decide if she hated or loved him. A bitter feeling rose in her heart.


In the big tent located in the military camp, Tyrant Bear and Beitang Yu were standing at two different ends and their expression was abnormal.

“General Beitang, do you truly want to do this? They have many innocent people.” Tyrant Bear couldn’t help himself and he reminded Beitang Yu.

“Warfare is always cruel. If they want to blame, they can blame their superiors.” Beitang Yu indifferently said.

Tyrant Bear opened his mouth and he seemed as though he wanted to say something. However, he just sighed in the end. When he was killing his enemies, he could become a cold-blooded killer and turn heartless. However, this time, his objective was to trap a portion of people in the midst of the army. Orders had been issued from his superiors. The situation in the Violent Dragon Empire had already turned very urgent. After surrounding Icy Wind City for a long time, the plan changed all of a sudden. In order to decrease the number of troops working against the Ximen Clan, there was a long list of officers who had to die.


The air of the early morning was fresh and pure. The cool mist which filled the area made people feel very comfortable. The sparkling and crystal-clear dewdrops on the leaves of the grass were sparkling and when a cool breeze blew across the land, the dewdrops rolled off the grass and fell onto the ground. The dew soaked the fertile land.

At the eastern gate of White Cloud City, there was a gorgeous carriage traveling on the public road. Long Yi and his group were standing beside it.

“Big sister, are you truly not returning to Soaring Dragon City with us?” Long Yi asked again as he looked at the coquettish Red Lady.

Red lady looked at Long Yi with a smile and shook her head. This stinking kid nearly took her chastity last night. However, they were interrupted halfway through by Feng Ling. Although she was relieved, a trace of regret appeared in the bottom of her heart. After parting ways with Long Yi this time, she had no idea when they would be able to meet again. She was a woman who longed for freedom and wanted to live her dreams. She felt as though it was not time for her to settle down yet. This time she was passing through White Cloud City for a mission. She was headed in the complete opposite direction from Long Yi.

Long Yi didn’t force her to follow him back to Soaring Dragon City. He took two steps forward and pulled Red Lady into his bosom as he whispered into her ear, “There is always a chance to get together just like last night. Big sister, don’t forget, it you need a shoulder to rely on, this younger brother will always be there for you.”

When Red Lady heard Long Yi’s sweet words in her ear, she buried her head deeper into Long Yi’s chest. Her nose felt a little sour and she almost cried. In this world, only one person knew her heart. She tightly hugged Long Yi’s waist and she kissed him just like the last time they parted. She turned around to leave and she left a faint fragrance lingering on his nose.

“Let’s go, we are leaving.” As he looked in the direction of where Red Lady disappeared, Long Yi knew that it was time for him to leave as well.

Long Yi, Liuli, Feng Ling, Liuxu, Niur and Mu Hanyan got into the carriage. Mu Hanyan was a new addition to the group and the number of girls following Long Yi increased by one. Now, he truly was hugging a beauty on his left and embracing one on his right. Long Yi seemed exceptionally happy. As for Mad Lion, he was not used to staying inside the carriage. As such, he volunteered to be the coachman. Having the Mercenary King as a coachman… Only Long Yi might be able to do something like this. However, Mad Lion was also satisfied with being a coachman for Long Yi. Actually, he was happy to be Long Yi’s coachman as Long Yi had agreed to duel with him every day. Previously in White Cloud City, he had a contest with Long Yi. He found out that he wasn’t Long Yi’s opponent at all. However, he was able to benefit from Long Yi’s instructions. He was naturally willing to be Long Yi’s coachman in order to obtain pointers from Long Yi.

Although Long Yi was giving pointers to Mad Lion when they fought, Long Yi had also learned a lot from Mad Lion. Being able to hold the title of Mercenary King for three times in a row was not just for show.

Long Yi turned into Mu Hanyan’s student for most of the remaining time they spent on the road. He pestered her to teach him that mysterious script shamelessly.

A month later, which was the beginning of the twelfth month, the temperature had already dropped a lot compared to before. At least it was not unbearably hot any longer. However, the temperature was not cool either. Many people were still wearing extremely thin summer clothing.

The abnormal weather made some people feel ill at ease. Recently, there was a rumor spreading all over this continent which said that the Blue Waves Continent was about to suffer a great calamity. However, there were many people who didn’t take it seriously. Great calamity? Doesn’t this already count as the great calamity?  How many people were killed in the war?

Now, Long Yi’s carriage was already nearing Soaring Dragon City. Looking at that grand city wall in the distance, Long Yi’s heart became agitated. A wave of nostalgia hit him. He wondered if his parents were doing well. At the same time, he thought about his wife, Nangong Xiangyun. He wondered about Nangong Xiangyun’s wellbeing. In the past, he left for the Nalan Empire almost immediately after marrying Nangong Xiangyun. He went to the Nalan Empire with Nalan Ruyue in order to carry out the ceremony. It had already been two years since then.

“Homesick?” Seeing the expression on Long Yi’s face, Mu Hanyan couldn’t help but ask. She had a smile on her face as usual.

“Yes, I am really excited. Could it be that you never get homesick?” Long Yi smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He returned the question to Mu Hanyan.

When Mu Hanyan heard Long Yi, she was startled. She avoided Long Yi’s gaze and she didn’t want to reply to him.

At this time, the carriage had already arrived inside Soaring Dragon City.

Long Yi’s group was still in disguise and as such, no one was able to recognize them.

Even after two years, it seemed like nothing had changed in Soaring Dragon City. Broad streets, pushing and squeezing crowds, imposing buildings… Everything was flourishing like before.

The carriage slowly drove past one street after another as it slowly approached a heavily guarded area. There were patrolling guards everywhere and basically no one dared to cause a disturbance here.

“Brother Mo Yan, stop the carriage.” Long Yi lifted up the curtain and looked outside. He quickly asked Mad Lion to stop the carriage.

Mad Lion stopped the carriage and Long Yi threw him a piece of order tablet. He said, “Take this and go to the Ximen Clan. Someone will naturally arrange everything.”

“Liuli, Lingr, go to my house with brother Mo Yan. I will return after a little while.” Long Yi said to the women in the carriage.

“Yu, I want to return to my Beauty Shop first. I will go to your house some other day.” Mu Hanyan said with a smile.

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Long Yi nodded his head and gestured for the carriage to leave. After he saw the luxurious carriage disappear into the busy street, he caressed the mustache above his lips and rushed towards a store which sold silk and satin. The shop was diagonally across the bustling street and he entered the shop without anyone noticing him.

This shop which sold silk and satin was extremely well-known in Soaring Dragon City. This was because even the imperial tailors purchased cloth from this place. This was the store preferred by the nobles and officials when they wanted to make clothes.

The store was very big. It occupied several hundred square meters of land and it was three storeys tall. The higher the floor, the higher the grade of clothes.

Long Yi directly went to the third floor. There were many Madams and Misses here selecting their favorite silks and satins. Near the window, there was a beautiful young lady who wore a bright yellow dress. The dress was extremely gorgeous. She was in the process of carefully choosing some silk and satin. Behind her, there were two beautiful maids as well as two robust man-servants carrying lots of stuff.

“Young Madam Ximen, are you going to buy all these silk and satin in order to make clothes today?” An assistance girl asked with a smile. She was clearly very familiar with Young Madam Ximen.

“Yes. I think that my husband is coming home soon. I want to make him wear the clothes I made personally after he returns home.” The young lady smiled. Her thin and beautiful face was full of yearning and longing. Generally, this kind of appearance would appear on the face of a young girl in love. Young women who were married rarely showed this kind of expression on their face.

“Just by looking at the amount of silk and satin Young Madam Ximen bought in the last two years, they are sufficient for you to make several hundred sets of clothes.” The young girl said with a smile.

The young lady smiled and she pointed at the three most expensive rolls of silk and satin. She said, “I want this, this, and this. Send them to the Ximen residence.”

Long Yi stood behind Nangong Xiangyun and he listened to their conversation. The corners of his eyes unconsciously became moist. He truly didn’t fulfill any responsibility as a husband towards this wife whom he had married legally and formally.

“Wait. This lord wants those stuff.” Just when that young girl wanted to send the things Nangong Xiangyun had bought to the Ximen residence, Long Yi stopped her. He started to make a ruckus as he walked over. Then, he stopped that young girl and he wanted to snatch everything Young Madam Ximen bought.

The entire third floor instantly became silent. They were all wondering who had eaten the heart of a bear today. Who would dare to provoke the young lady of the Ximen Clan? Was he tired of living?

“This guest, these are the things Young Madam Ximen chose first.” The young girl especially added weight to the word ‘Ximen’. When all was said and done, at this moment, one might well say that the Ximen Clan could cover the heavens with one hand.

“No one can snatch the things this lord fancies. If you don’t sell them to me, then I will burn down your store.” Long Yi impudently said.

“You should take a look if you have the abilities to do so first.” The young girl coldly said. Without a strong backer, how could this silks and satin store bloom in this Soaring Dragon City? Seeing as how Long Yi was being unreasonable, her tone became unyielding.

As for Nangong Xiangyun, she was blankly staring at Long Yi and her expression changed unpredictably. She was angry at the start. However, a complex expression soon appeared on her face.

“Hey beauty, why on earth are you looking at this lord like that? Can it be that you like this lord? How about we go and look for a place to sit down and drink while exchanging our affection?” Long Yi smirked as he looked at the confused Nangong Xiangyun. He started flirting with her.

Everybody made a commotion and all of them looked at Long Yi as if they were looking at a dead man. Since he dared to flirt with the young lady of the Ximen Clan, he wouldn’t know how he died.

The two man-servants and maids behind Nangong Xiangyun were already unable to control themselves. They immediately released their magic power and douqi fluctuated around the area. They seemed to have pretty good skill.

“Stop!” Nangong Xiangyun shouted.

“What? Since you were able to figure it out, come with this lord.” Long Yi smirked and stretched out his hand as he raised Nangong Xiangyun’s chin. Immediately, the entire third floor became so silent they could hear a pin drop.

Nangong Xiangyun didn’t struggle. Merely, her gaze became softer and softer. Her eyes turned misty and crystal-clear tears filled her eye sockets.

“Okay, I will go with you. I will go wherever you go! You are not allowed to abandon me.” The tone of Nangong Xiangyun was very emotional. Even a fool could hear the longing in her voice. Her long eyelashes blinked and a stream of tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Young Madam Ximen, this……” This young girl was mystified. One should know that the Violent Dragon Empire had very harsh requirement for women. If Nangong Xiangyun did this, it would clearly state that she was a red plum jutting out over a wall [1]. Everyone was shocked and some gossipy madams and misses had already let their imaginations run wild.

[1] a red plum jutting out over a wall: unfaithful to one’s husband

Long Yi’s entire body shook. He stepped forward and used both his hands to hold Nangong Xiangyun’s face. He used his fingers to wipe away the tears which were on her face.After that, he softly asked, “Xiangyun, how did you recognize me?”

Nangong Xiangyun’s tears didn’t stop at all. She pounded against Long Yi’s chest with her little fists and she threw herself into Long Yi’s bosom. Then, she choked with sobs, “Scoundrel, did you think that I would not recognize you just because you changed your appearance? I would never forget the flavor of your body even if I died.”

“I’m sorry, Xiangyun.” Long Yi hugged Nangong Xiangyun and muttered.

“Scoundrel, stinking husband! You are a bully. You are bullying me even after you just got back…” In the bosom of Long Yi, Nangong Xiangyun sobbed and she started cursing him. She used her hands to scratch Long Yi’s back. However, no matter how much she cursed, she was in her sweetheart’s embrace. This was something she had yearned for day and night. She was extremely happy that he was finally back.

At this moment, everybody saw the light. Of course, this mustached man had to be the Second Young Master Ximen in disguise. Husband and wife were truly husband and wife. She was able to recognize him just by his aura. How could she not sniff out her husband?

All of a sudden, heavy footsteps sounded and a team of fully armed patrol guards rushed up and surrounded Long Yi together with Nangong Xiangyun.

“You are quite bold. Why are you still not releasing Young Madam Ximen?” One guard shouted ferociously.

Long Yi rolled his eyes. It seems as though others really didn’t recognize him. He was too lazy to deal with this group of guards and he simply disappeared from the store with Nangong Xiangyun.

When they reappeared, they were already in the sky above the Ximen residence. At this moment, the news of the Second Young Master’s return had already spread all over the Ximen residence. Everyone was bustling around in preparation for his return. As for Dongfang Wan, she was impatiently fidgeting in the hall. Mad Lion and others were also there.

“Second Young Master has returned! Second Young Master has returned!” When Long Yi descended with Nangong Xiangyun, he had already reverted back to his true appearance. The maids excitedly shouted about his return nonstop. When they thought about it, many people thought that as long as the Second Young Master was at home, the residence would be very lively. When he was gone, the residence felt desolate.

When she heard that her son had returned, Dongfang Wan immediately rushed out. After seeing Long Yi, tears flowed down her eyes. Long Yi was a precious treasure in her heart. This separation of more than two years had nearly broken her heart.

Long Yi let go of Nangong Xiangyun and he looked at Dongfang Wan who was impatiently rushing towards him. He felt sour in his heart. His voice was unexpectedly choking with sobs, “Mother, I am back.”

Dongfang Wan looked Long Yi and she scanned his entire body. Seeing as he wasn’t missing any body parts, she felt extremely relieved. She wiped her tears and grabbed Long Yi’s ear as she scolded, “Dumb kid, you just thought of returning home? Did you forget that your mother is waiting at home?”

“Aiyo, mother, it’s really painful.” Long Yi made a big fuss. However, in his heart, a hint of warmth appeared.

How can Dongfang Wan be willing to pull her son’s ear? When she heard Long Yi scream in pain, she hastily released him. She began to rub and blow on his ear to relieve his pain. She copied what Ximen Yu did when he was young. She recalled that there was one time when her hand had bumped into the corner of a table. At that time, he held her hand and blew on it as he said in his immature voice, “Yu’er will blow on it. Mother will not feel any pain.”

“Don’t hit my father!” An immature voice which was full of dissatisfaction resounded in everyone’s ears.

Dongfang Wan sensed a strong aura and reflexively dodged to the side. She saw a little girl standing in front of Long Yi and she looked like a hen protecting her chick. Dongfang Wan instantly turned her gaze towards Long Yi and looked at him in confusion.

“Let’s talk after going into the house.” Long Yi picked up Niur and entered the hall with a smile.

Everyone took a seat and Long Yi began to talk about everything. At this moment, all the girls had taken off the disguise. They were all in their true appearances and Dongfang Wan felt as though it was a feast for her eyes. These goddess-like beauties, how did her son trick them into following him? However, it was a pity that the girl from the Dragon race denied being Long Yi’s woman. Otherwise, the Ximen Clan would have a young girl from the Dragon Race as a daughter-in-law.

Nangong Xiangyun was somewhat jealous in her heart. She was upset because she could only watch helplessly as the women around her husband kept on increasing. Some of the women were even prettier than herself. Furthermore, after calculating the time spent together with Long Yi, she realized that basically all of the sisters in front of her had spent more time together with Long Yi compared to herself. In any case, she was the woman who was formally and legally married to Long Yi first. She was the first daughter-in-law of the Ximen Clan. She was the primary wife. As such, she had to be tolerant towards the others. If she wanted to blame, then she could only blame her husband for being too outstanding. It was his fault that there were so many women attracted to him.

Dongfang Wan had seen through Nangong Xiangyun’s thoughts. Since they had reunited after a long parting, she intentionally gave them some alone time. She looked for an excuse and led the others away. Everyone where was intelligent. How could they not understand Dongfang Wan’s intentions?

Long Yi returned to his courtyard with Nangong Xiangyun. He discovered that everything was just like it was two years ago. It was neat, tidy, and thoroughly cleaned. He felt a kind of ease and comfort that could be only felt in one’s home.

The moment he closed the door, Nangong Xiangyun’s passion erupted. Their tongues and lips pressed against each other as they shared a passionate kiss. Her little hands had learned one or two attacks from Long Yi. However, she seemed to be inexperienced when using her hands.

“Darling Xiangyun, don’t be impatient. We have plenty of time.” Long Yi caressed Nangong Xiangyun’s back. He clearly understood the feeling in her heart. This girl was feeling a sense of crisis after seeing the number of women around him. Speaking about it, he owed her a lot. He had arbitrarily walked away during his marriage ceremony with her and it definitely made her unhappy. He was also surrounded by many women and he had been away from home for two years. He had only spent a limited amount of time with Nangong Xiangyun.

Under the guidance of the veteran of flowers, the temperature of the two people began to rise. The clothing on their body became lesser and lesser until none was left.

“Ah…… My husband……” Nangong Xiangyun’s pink little ** entered Long Yi’s mouth and she let out a moan as her entire body trembled. This sort of stimulation made her reach **.

The skin of Nangong Xiangyun was not milky white, rather, it was a healthy wheat color and it had a certain glow to it. At this moment, she was riding Long Yi at full speed and her full ** were rising and falling. Long Yi’s soul was sent directly to the highest heaven. Moreover, her loosely hanging black hair flew around messily as she moved up and down. This was a fatal temptation for Long Yi.

After a long time, Nangong Xiangyun let out a long-drawn-out sweet moan and she reached the peak of pleasures. Her spring syrup flowed out of her honey cave and soaked the bed sheet. All the strength in her body seemed to have left her and she collapsed into Long Yi’s bosom.

“My husband, I want to continue.” Nangong Xiangyun returned back to her senses and discovered that the bad fellow was still standing tall inside her body. Naturally, after being neglected for such a long time, she was too **.

“There is no hurry, your husband will give you everything you want. It’s fine no matter how many times you want it.” Long Yi smiled and pushed Nangong Xiangyun down on the bed. He started the attack which signaled the start of the second battle.


“My husband, I still want…….”

“Not a problem.”





“My husband, give me more……”


Long Yi looked at Nangong Xiangyun who was sleeping with a red face and he tenderly pinched her cheek. This girl truly loved to flaunt her superiority. On one side, she said that she still wanted it. On the other, she entered dreamland.

Nangong Xiangyun shrunk into Long Yi’s bosom and tightly hugged him as if she was afraid that he would run away. If he moved even a little, she would tighten her grip on him.

The sky gradually dimmed and some fluctuations came from the barrier he laid outside the room. Long Yi raised his eyebrows and he wanted to see what was going on. However, he was unable to get away from Nangong Xiangyun’s embrace. He gently poked Nangong Xiangyun’s sleeping acupoint and finally freed himself from the land of warmth and tenderness.

“Second Young Master, Master is waiting for you in the study.” A guard respectfully said.

Long Yi nodded his head and he straightened his clothing. He walked towards Ximen Nu’s study.

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