Chapter 597 – Concerned About Him?

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Ji Mo Ya replied with a charming smile, “Nothing much, a woman should just focus on eating and pleasing her husband; don’t be involved too much in men’s matters.”

‘Pui! This male chauvinist!’

Huan Qing Yan adjusted her gaze to bluntly express what she felt in her mind.

“Have you found out the identities of those masked men who appeared in the Gnome’s territory? And you still did not tell me anything. As one of the victims, I am still in the dark till now, this gives me an unpleasant feeling… they have the ability to notice the ancient bloodline within me, they are definitely not simple people!”

Ji Mo Ya turned and looked at her, “You really want to know?”

“Yes. Of course!”

“The Nan Gong Clan.”

Huan Qing Yan released a startled cry, so those men were from the Nan Gong Clan. When she recalled Ji Mo Ya’s powerful attack that killed over half of these men, Huan Qing Yan felt goosebumps, “What about Nan Gong Bei Cheng?”

“This Young Master had left him off. Why? Concerned about him?”

Huan Qing Yan shook her head, “I just did not expect that the Nan Gong Clan will commit such evil acts as one of the Eight Great Clans. They schemed and tried to steal the power of the totem that belongs to the gnomes, yet in the end, they experienced such a terrible consequence.”

“It is not surprising. Many people have sought their own deaths for the sake of pursuing extraordinary power.”

That was indeed what happened as well.

Huan Qing Yan continued, “Then why did they claimed that I possessed an ancient bloodline? I did not feel anything out of ordinary…”

“The Nan Gong Clan possessed a Blood Observation Technique. This technique is not as simple as finding out the bloodline of the person; people who obtained higher levels mastery can also find out people with the same bloodline as you and even find out who your biological parents are…”

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Huan Qing Yan was startled, ‘So mysterious?’

Ji Mo Ya casually added, “A pity, due to the weakening of the Nan Gong Clan, the higher levels of this secret technique has been loss for a long time. If not…

Huan Qing Yan understood what he was implying…

He would have gotten someone to take a look at her bloodline.

“I am not planning to search for now, I am afraid…” what if it was someone of great power, the person might kill her with a slap for the sake of revenging the reincarnated girl.

Huan Qing Yan dug herself into his arms, it was warm and was also cold, both safe and comfortable, she did not want to leave forever.

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Ji Mo Ya hugged her, this lass was still too kindhearted, he needs to teach her when to be vicious; if not, an incident like the reincarnated girl would happened again…

When they spoke about the reincarnated girl, Ji Mo Ya remembered the time Huan Qing Yan would suddenly faint without reason, he had always felt that something was not right.

Then suddenly, Ji Mo Ya said, “Let’s go, I want to bring you to a place!”

“Eh? Where are we going?”

Huan Qing Yan was pulled away by Ji Mo Ya as they walked away…


In front of Ji Mo Ya’s estate.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo was carrying a box of pastries and was currently pleading with the Feather Guards on duty.

“Please help me pass word that I am Mu Rong Xin Nuo, my cousin will definitely meet me…”

“I only want to meet him and give him these pastries. Cousin has journeyed from afar and is likely hungry, this are pastries from the Ji Mo Clan, they are delicious and possessed high levels of spirit energy value as well…”


The Feather Guards were in a dilemma, any person would turn softhearted when such a great beauty was pleading so dearly.

However what they think do not matter, they must not break the rules.

“Apologies, the Young Master has instructed that he will not meet anyone temporarily.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo displayed a look, a look which was absolutely gentle yet pitiful.

At the moment, a young lady wearing a golden and silver dress with Luan imprinted walked over, the stance and aura she exudes was as high as the clouds, also like a radiant flower in full bloom. Yet, her expression was cold and seem to be devoid of emotions.

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