Chapter 77 – Opening Ceremony 2

“Hmm…” said Luon as he pondered over what he had just done.

Luon and Arisa walked away from the scene in a moderately normal fashion and stopped just a few steps before his room. Letting go of her hand Luon couldn’t help to cringe at what he had just done as it felt like it was an extremely cheesy thing to do. Challenge and beat Lemegeton? Luon didn’t care at all about such a school, he was looking forward to battling against Dragon’s Lair’s team instead.

However, Deminier’s aggressive actions simply ticked Luon’s bottom line, it was rude and arrogant as expected from a demonic being.

But the actions Luon had just done may have possibly added more fuel to the fire. Although the conflict could be solved in many different ways, Luon simply took the more competitive aspect of it. More importantly ever since he left the scene with Arisa, he felt the atmosphere around them became a little, quiet…

‘Where did all her vigor go?! It’s awkward to see her like this,’ thought Luon as he had turned to face her.

Maybe due to the way he strongly decided to end the conversation without considering her feelings she felt a little unsettled and is now pondering over the results, Luon thought that maybe he may have possibly been too much of a busybody.

Currently, Arisa was looking down towards the ground which made it difficult to see what kind of expression she had on her face, he couldn’t tell if she was mad or not as the only indication of feelings he could pick up is her slightly red ears.

Luon coughed lightly to garner her attention as he said, “Well we might see him later again anyway so don’t mind it as much. I’m going to go train now, so if you need me for anything just send me a message.”

Arisa who heard his words looked away from Luon and nodded her head, seeing that she no longer needed him for anything he simply turned towards his room and placed his hands upon the door handle.

Just as he opened the door, he heard Arisa weakly say thanks causing him to turn around for a moment. However, she was no longer where she was before, just as always she vanished without a sight.

Giving off a slight sigh he entered his room and began to train in the Vortex Container, as expected from the hotel hosting the participants of the event, the beds could be swapped out Vortex Containers using a panel attached to the wall.

Without anyone telling Luon what to do, he began to train earnestly, if there was something on Luon’s mind or if anything troublesome happened to him, training allowed him to ease his thoughts, and clueless to the amount of time that had passed, the opening ceremony was only moments away.

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Time waits for no one, just as Luon spent his time in seclusion most of the members on his team had done the same. Only Thomas had the free time to do other things otherwise. He studied and researched their opponent’s abilities, attitude, and habits and compiled a hefty amount of information about them, most of it though, was unnecessary. Why would they expose their strengths and weaknesses before the match even started? Unless they were completely retarded or that confident no one would ever do so.

And yet some teams had actually exposed that strength. Namely, it was Dragon’s Lair’s team, Daemon Gates team, and Alpha Hideout, one of the schools under the Intergalactic Federation that Luon’s school is associated with.

Alpha Hideout was notoriously renown for their lawless actions as it was a battle academy owned by a famous pirate Captain Argbok. No one knew if Captain Argbok was either dead or alive since the founding of the superpower. However, no one dared to challenge them on their territory as they still have numerous hidden powers left in the shadows.

Fortunately, their attitude towards the Alliance Tournament was more akin to a random field trip with an exercise portion to it. They couldn’t care less about who won or lost. After all, rather than properly winning resources they would much rather steal it! To take what they need, and to fight for what they desired was one of their mottos.

On the day of their arrival, they had some scuffle with Daemon’s gate, the arrogant demon from before took his gang out to enjoy Dragon’s lair’s entertainment facilities only to have a clash of interest with Alpha Hideout at a bar. Apparently in the store existed an exotic and rare dish that could be eaten a fixed amount of times a year, and when both teams got there to eat it, they had an argument based on rights.

Although, Alpha Hideout was a bunch of thugs, pirates, and a band of thieves they still respected the idea of first come first serve, after all, if their target had yet to receive the goods then why should they try to steal it? So when they were first to arrive, they didn’t think much about the Daemon Gate members.

However, when the meal was about to arrive at their table, the members of Daemon Gate made a fuss and took the meal away from Alpha Hideout. For a group of lawless people who specialized in stealing, how could they let these demons steal their goods away from them?

Within the store, a brawl occurred shattering many chairs and tables as it continued to escalate even further as members from Dragon’s lair team came to intervene. This year’s Dragon’s lair team was a little more special than the last one as three of their members came from their subsidiary schools, Harmonic Forest, Titan’s Valley, and Magician’s Tower. Together with these schools, they make the superpower known as Avalon.

An intelligent looking male with blue hair walked to the scene and cast protection magic to the remaining pieces of furniture left, and a muscular man who followed him had his muscles bloat unsightly and smashed his fist into these troublemakers.

The powerful armor Daemon Gate had was powerless before the fist and the recoil from the wind passing by tossed the members of Alpha Hideout backward.

The fighting completely stopped with that attack and a female strutted before the two teams like a model walking on a runway. She was the leader of this year’s Dragon’s Lair’s team, the 436th imperial princess, Valerie Dragsteel.

Due to the regulations since Athos had participated last year, he was unable to challenge this year’s competition which made Luon a little saddened not to be able to face this powerful figure.

Luon still looked forward to facing against Dragon’s Lair’s team though, how are they able to maintain the number one spot in the universe for several hundred consecutive years otherwise?

With half of the generated resources that the Nexus solar system had put on the line, he can’t possibly lose. Their solar system was already lacking resources so to make up for their numbers a portion of their technology was given away every year.

To make things worse, Dragon’s Lair publically publishes the information they receive making the value of the Nexus solar system seem less every year.

One of the thing’s Dragon’s Lair wanted was the technological science behind the Vortex Container, but they were unable to obtain it as the original creator vanished in thin air.

Dragon’s Lair continued to win regardless of how any other superpower felt and they shared portions of that reward to their closest allies.

Alpha Hideout and Daemon Gate who became subdued from Dragon’s Lair team was lectured by Valerie for an hour before being let off by paying for the damages. As for the exotic food that could only be found in the bar, it was destroyed in the midst of the battle.

Thomas who recorded all of this information came to one conclusion, this year’s Dragon’s Lair team was just as troublesome as last years when he reported the news to his teammates, none of them made any remark to his words after all the thing that they had to do didn’t change. Their goal from the start was simple, win. Only by winning could the next step be taken, there was no need to think of anything else.

The opening ceremony came without any more trouble after that as more teams arrived at the hotel. Luon never left the room ever since the first day and finally exited seclusion when he was told that the opening ceremony came.

All the teams departed from the hotel at their own pace and slowly arrived at the coliseum where they sat within Vortex Containers in rooms where their team was situated at.

Logging into to the server 16 different teams slowly entered the venue as a crowd from all over the network cheered on for these combatants.

The first set of teams to enter were from the Intergalactic Federation, following after Nexus University was Kien Sect, Plana Academia, and Alpha Hideout.

Kien Sect as its name could say for itself was a battle academy based off of human cultivators who believed that martial strength is what will change the universe, with powers to be able to topple mountains the majority of their fighters came from families with rich young masters. Every once in a while they would have a ferocious figure who would magically appear in this dog eat dog world.

And this year was one of those years, amongst the participants they have was a person with a surname that was uncommon to most of the masses.

On the other hand, besides Alpha Hideout were just a bunch of rogues was Plana Academia, a school based off of traditional fantasy-based systems that specialized in the development of magic and skills with one of the largest diversity of races that live there. This year’s main team was composed of 2 Orcs, 1 Elf, and 2 Dwarves.

After the Intergalactic Federation made their entrance they amount of hype in the atmosphere jumped several times higher as the members of the Aqua Kingdom entered the scene.

Filled with many good-looking men and women the crowd went crazy as they entered. In two organized battalions were the teams from Atlantica Royal School and Oceans Guardian Foundations and Coral Reef. After reaching a certain point, they parted away creating a singular path in the middle. From the entrance of the arena was the majestic appearance of the 2 sea dragons and 2 sea beasts that represented the Sea Emperor Palace, and on top of two of those Sea Dragons was a throne with a girl on top of it.

Waving her hand the princess from the Sea Emperor Palace received the admiration from the crowd as cheers, whistles and shouts of love came raining down upon the stage.

However, all of these voices vanished when the next set of teams came.

There were two sides of a coin, and similar to that analogy was the Ark Judgement Empire. The crowd had two types of expressions when they entered the fray if there was light, there was darkness. If there was admiration, it sat next to disgust. From beautiful angels, there were hideous demons, and although some demons looked visually better than others, their personality could be said otherwise.

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From the Ark Judgement Empire was the Heavenly Sanctuary, Holy Authority Academy, Daemon’s Gate and Lemegeton.

When Deminier entered the stage his eyes locked on towards a direction and Luon who had received his gaze sent it back towards him. Like Luon had expected, they met again, only this time… this is war.

However, the imposing aura shattered within the next moment. The silent crowd who were quiet from either admiration, fear, and disgust, shouted with joy with the arrival of the final participants.

The unnamed number one superpower in the universe, Avalon. After the teams from Harmonic Forest, Titan’s Valley and Magician’s Tower were introduced, people couldn’t but gasp when the strongest battle academy entered the battlegrounds. Dragon’s Lair, will they win the championship once again? This thought was on everyone’s mind.

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