Chapter 196: I Want You to Spend More Time With Me

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Si Jing Yu: “No problem.  I will ask your Design Department to send the designs to me.  I will work on them in Egypt.”

Si Zheng Ting sighs, “TZ, you are not young anymore.  You go around playing out there, is brother-in-law not worried?”

Si Jing Yu is momentarily quiet.  After a moment, she says, “What is there to worry about?  I am a grown adult….”

“Yes, you are an adult.  I am very worried about you whenever you are on a trip.  Why don’t you stay here for a couple more days, this time,” Shi Jin Yan suddenly cuts her off as he looks at her with deep eyes.

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Si Jing Yu purses her lips, “Wei, don’t tell me you are reluctant to part from me.  We have already been married for years….”

“Yes,” Shi Jin Yan says.  “I want to spend more time with you.”

Si Jing Yu is rendered speechless as she looks at Shi Jin Yan in surprise, as though not expecting him to say all that.

Both of them look at each other.

His eyes are like still water, forever calm and deep, shining brightly like stars.

This is the same star-like eyes that ruined her life.

Si Jing Yu wants to laugh, but she cannot bring herself to, due to the acidity that is rising in her heart.

She forces herself to look away and to change the topic, “It has been a long journey, I am so tired.  I should go clean myself.”

After that, she gets up and walks upstairs.

Helplessness flashes in Shi Jin Yan’s complex eyes.  The light in his eyes dims down.

Both of them are highly-skilled actors.  Even Zhuang Nai Nai who knows that their relationship is in trouble cannot spot anything off, so, although Si Zheng Ting can sense something is wrong, he does not put much thought into it.

Shi Jin Yan gets up, “I will check on her and try to talk to her.”

Si Zheng Ting nods.

After the two walks upstairs, Si Zheng Ting picks up a document from the coffee table.

He looks at Zhuang Nai Nai who seems immersed in her thoughts, “What are you thinking about?”

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Zhuang Nai Nai bites her lips, “Don’t you think something is off between sister-in-law and her husband?”

“TZ has always liked adventures.  It was not easy for her to let it go for love and family,” Si Zheng Ting simply says.

Is that why Si Zheng Ting is not suspicious at their seemingly strained conversation?

Zhuang Nai Nai turns rigid when she finally realizes something, “This year’s design will be done by jiejie?”

No wonder Gu De Shou did not bother putting out money to recruit any designer from the Design Department.  It is because the real expert is here!

Anything designed by TZ will become the trend!

Just as Si Zheng Ting is about to reply her, his phone lights up.  It is a call from ji Chen to discuss about work.  He walks upstairs to his study to receive the call.

Zhuang Nai Nai gets up.  Her ankle still hurts a little.  She plans on going upstairs to change her shoes and dress.  The moment she steps into the second floor and passes Si Jing Yu’s room, she hears Si Jing Yu saying, “What are you doing here, Shi Jin Yan?”



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