Chapter 8: Drug Delivery

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. returned to his house. After parking the car, he led the two dogs upstairs and brought along the five hundred years old ginseng. The remaining half a bag of ginseng and the other unnamed herbs were left behind in the trunk.

The old driver felt tired after the long night. He fell asleep soon after entering the house; the two dogs lying beside the sofa also fell asleep.

Su Qiubai slept soundly through the night until he was awakened by the little white dog.

“Let’s get the ginseng to the hospital quickly.”

As soon as Su Qiubai opened his eyes, the little white dog immediately started staring at him pitifully.

What can you say to a dog? He jumped out of the bed and took a look at the sun outside. He sighed happily at the thought of another good day. Then, he started getting dressed and packing things up.

Before leaving the house, Su Qiubai picked out five or six of the best wild ginseng that he had gotten and then wrapped them in kraft paper. He planned to head to the hospital and give them to Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City.

He would think of another solution if it didn’t work.

Besides, he had no intention of receiving passengers today. He was thinking of going to the Mercedes-Benz workshop after leaving the hospital to find out how much the debt he needed to pay was. He would think of what to do about it later.

He went out with the little white dog, leaving Wang Cai at home.

Su Qiubai arrived at the hospital in just a short while. He then went straight up to the patient’s room but suddenly hesitated when he got near the door.

He was very familiar with the little white dog after spending some time with it, but Xia Rongrong did not know who he was. He did not know what to say when he went in.

He could not just enter the room and say, “Hello. My name is Su Qiubai. I’m here to deliver this ginseng to you.”

As he continued to ponder from where he was standing, the little white dog jumped out of his arms and ran into the room.

At that moment, there were many people in Xia Rongrong’s room. Not only her aunt but also the Xia Group’s grandfather along with a few bodyguards were present there. All of them stood on the left side of the bed.

On the other hand, Li Muhao and his father were on the right side of the bed; a very stylish woman stood behind them.

“Grandpa Xia, Mu Hao and I are also very worried about Rong Rong’s health. After all it’s only one wild ginseng. You don’t have to take it seriously, just accept it.”

The person who spoke was Li Muhao’s father, Li Dingtian, the founder of the Li Group. He smiled at Xia Rongrong. His slightly chubby face was amiable.
[TLN: Li Dingtian and Ding Tian are the same person.]

“Ding Tian, you know our girl is too shy. I don’t have to say much about how precious this hundred-year-old wild ginseng is. This favour is too huge. I’m afraid that the Xia Group can’t afford it.”

Grandfather Xia glanced at the silent Xia Rongrong. He sighed as he said to Li Dingtian.

Li Muhao felt anxious after hearing that, so he handed the box directly to Grandpa Xia. “Grandpa Xia, you know a hundred year old ginseng is a must in order to cure Rong Rong’s illness..Don’t worry too much about the other things. It’s important to treat her illness first!”

The room fell into silence after Li Muhao’s words.

Grandpa Xia once again gazed at his granddaughter. When he saw that Rong Rong remained tight-lipped and her face calm, he knew that she would never accept the ginseng.

The old man also felt a little helpless. He inquired so many people and even asked the old comrades whom he had not contacted for many years, but ginseng that old was impossible to find!

He had spent a huge amount of money in order to buy a ninety-year-old ginseng. He even owed others a lot of favours in doing so. Unfortunately, the doctor told him that the effectiveness of the ginseng would be less even if the age of the ginseng was just ten years apart.

“Grandpa Xia, since you still feel embarrassed, I will clearly explain the situation right now. Rong Rong and Mu Hao had grown up together since they were young. These past few years, we both believe that the two children are suitable for each other. If the Xia and Li Group can work together because of the two of them then it would benefit us all… So you should just accept the wild ginseng. Treat it as Rong Rong’s advanced wedding gift.”

Having said that, Li Dingtian continued to smile. Li Muhao who stood next to him, was also smiling.

Although Xia Rongrong and Grandpa Xia had yet to agree, the father and son already felt that they had won.

After all, Xia Rongrong’s illness was in a critical state right now. Even if she didn’t give in easily, Grandpa Xia would never allow her to be so adamant.

The room was silent. Grandfather Xia remained quiet. Looking into Xia Rongrong’s eyes, he noticed that they were not as resolute as before. He became hesitant.

From the look on her grandfather’s face, Xia Rongrong knew that he might change his mind, so she wanted to reject the ginseng quickly.

At that moment however, the sound of a dog barking unexpectedly came from the door.

The group of people turned their heads to the door and spotted a white puppy running around very fast before leaping directly into Xia Rongrong’s arms.

“Baby, how did you get here?”

Xia Rongrong was surprised and happy to see her pet dog. She gently scratched the puppy’s head while smiling happily.

Li Muhao immediately felt unhappy looking at Xia Rongrong.

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Ever since he and the other people came into the room, they did not see her smile at all. Now, she was smiling so happily just by hugging a puppy.

“Grandpa Xia, please take this wild ginseng.”

Ignoring Xia Rongrong, Li Muhao urged Grandpa Xia once again.

Just as he was about to hand over the ginseng, the puppy jumped up and knocked it away.

Li Muhao’s expression immediately changed, while Li Dingtian’s face turned ugly.

“Baby, don’t make a scene.” Xia Rongrong also felt a little embarrassed as she quickly hugged the little white dog tightly in her arms.

Nobody knew why the little white dog suddenly jumped here and there on the bed and kept yelping at Xia Rongrong. All of a sudden, it ran out of the room.

The people in the room were all still confused. They didn’t know what was going on. Only Xia Rongrong knew that there must be an acquaintance outside, otherwise the puppy would not come to the hospital alone!

Standing outside at the corridor, Su Qiubai was still in a dilemma. Suddenly, he saw that the little white dog had run out again. It quickly ran to his side and urged him to go into the room immediately.

When Su Qiubai was still hesitant to move, the white puppy bit on his trousers and dragged him into the room. He had no choice but to force himself in.

It just took a few seconds for the little white dog to run in and out.

Everyone in the room was still staring at the door. They saw the puppy dragging a young man, who was looking rather awkward, into the room. They could guess that he was merely a taxi driver from the look of his attire.

“It’s you!”

Unexpectedly, two people in the room actually said that together as soon as Su Qiubai came in.

One was Xia Haiqing and the other was actually the fashionable woman who had been silently standing next to Li Dingtian and Li Muhao.

Su Qiubai was also a bit stunned. He wasn’t prepared for that. He noticed so many people once he entered the room. Yet, it was such a coincidence that the woman, whose car he had just smashed yesterday, was actually there!

Yes, it was the woman in red from yesterday. She was Li Muhao’s sister, Li Xiangyun!

Due to the exclamation by Xia Haiqing and Li Xiangyun, Grandpa Xia and Li Dingtian turned their heads in unison to inquire about Su Qiubai.

Xia Haiqing shook her head and kept quiet. Li Xiangyun instantly proclaimed that Su Qiubai was a jerk.

“It’s him. He’s the one who smashed our car, yesterday!”

It seemed like calling him a jerk was not enough as Li Xiangyun continued immediately after.

Li Dingtian and Li Muhao were still initially somewhat curious. After hearing that, their eyes turned cold. The only difference was that Li Dingtian was better at hiding it than Li Muhao.

But in the end the most confused person must be Xia Rongrong!

She frowned as she looked towards Su Qiubai and her puppy; who seemed to be so excited that it looked like it was about to fly off. What is going on?

“Bastard, have you managed to borrow money to pay off the debt? You only have one day left. If you can’t pay then you just have to wait to be jailed.”

Li Xiangyun hated Su Qiubai to the marrow of her bones. Although she didn’t know the reason as to why he was there, she still did not forget to threaten him.

“We will talk about the car after this. I’m here to give Xia Rongrong the wild ginseng.”

Settling his mood quickly, the old driver immediately said with confidence. Then, he went straight to Xia Rongrong.

With that said, several people in the room suddenly frowned. Xia Rongrong was wide-eyed as she was completely unable to understand what was going on.

“Give wild ginseng? Hehe… Su Qiubai, are you crazy?”

Li Xiangyun was also startled for a moment before she started laughing.

However, Su Qiubai only looked at her calmly. He too did not have a good impression on Li Muhao and Li Dingtian due to them being related with Li Xiangyun.

Then, Su Qiubai focused on Xia Rongrong.

“Err… I am really sorry, I don’t know how many years old the ginseng was required to be. These ginseng are all over five hundred years old. You can have a look to see if they will work or not. If not, I will search for it again.”

Originally Li Muhao and Li Dingtian were actually worried that he was going to be an obstacle when they realized that he had a bag in his hand and heard that he was there to give her wild ginseng.

However, both of them smiled scornfully after hearing that.

Five hundred years old? Oh, you are really not afraid of being mocked. If you can really find a five hundred years old ginseng in this world, it would be a national treasure, and yet you dare to say you actually still have a few of them…

Thus, the father and son duo had already concluded that he was merely a driver who had never seen the world.

On the other hand, Grandpa Xia was just the opposite. His eyes filled with disappointment after hearing that.

In the entire room, the only person who showed sincerity was possibly Xia Rongrong. She smiled at Su Qiubai. Although she looked a little pale, she was still as beautiful as a lilac flower.

“Thank you for your kindness. Five hundred years old ginseng is more than enough, thank you very much.”

She said with a smile without noticing that Su Qiubai had already opened up the kraft paper. In fact, she was worried that Su Qiubai would be embarrassed.

“Hehe, Rong Rong, you need to have a good look at the ginseng the driver brought. I see that he packed them very carefully. What if they really are five hundred years old?”

Li Muhao mocked in an obviously sarcastic tone. Next to him, Li Xiangyun had a similar expression. She didn’t believe that a guy like him, who could not even afford to pay the off the damages on her Mercedes-Benz sports car, could have a five hundred year old wild ginseng, not to mention having a few of them.

However, both of them soon noticed that the atmosphere in the room was a bit weird, especially Li Dingtian and Grandpa Xia who were breathing heavily as they stared at the opened kraft paper on the bed!

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