Chapter 7: Nights in Cang Zhou

A pale-faced Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City laid on the hospital bed. Sitting next to Rong Rong, Xia Haiqing gazed happily at a young man standing opposite of her.
[TLN: Xia Rongrong and Rong Rong are the same person. The same goes for Li Muhao and Mu Hao.]

“Mu Hao, you are very thoughtful. You’re so busy and yet you took the time to visit Rong Rong.”

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Having said that, Xia Haiqing glanced at Xia Rongrong but she showed no expression. Xia Haiqing felt a little embarrassed all of a sudden so she quickly explained once again, “Rong Rong is too weak, so she’s unwilling to talk right now. I hope you don’t mind.”

This young man was Li Muhao, the heir to the Li Group. The Xia family intended to marry Xia Rongrong to him.

Smiling at Xia Haiqing, Li Muhao sat on the edge of the bed and began to peel off the skin of an orange.

“It’s my fault for not taking care of Rong Rong and causing her to fall sick. My dad had sent people to look for the wild ginseng. I’ve heard that someone in the northeast area had dug up a hundred-year-old ginseng. It should be brought here soon…”

Li Muhao spoke while smiling. Then, he handed the peeled orange to Xia Rongrong.

“Your family doesn’t have to worry about my health. The Xia Group can still afford to buy the wild ginseng on our own.”

Xia Rongrong did not take the orange. She instead calmly observed Li Muhao as she replied.

It was a bit awkward with Li Muhao’s hand still stretching mid-air, but Xia Haiqing quickly took the initiative to reduce the building tension.

“Since both of you are getting engaged soon, that means we’re all a family, right? Plus, do you know how precious a hundred-year-old wild ginseng is? Your grandfather only managed to find a ninety-year-old ginseng after inquiring so many of his old comrades. Your health…”

Xia Haiqing quickly stopped speaking when Xia Rongrong glared at her. After all, Xia Rongrong’s status in the Xia Group was much higher than hers.

Li Muhao felt more confident after Xia Haiqing’s words. “Yes, Rong Rong your body is in urgent need of an even older ginseng. You should consider your health first anyway…”

However, he was interrupted by Xia Rongrong.

“Thank you. As for my health, I will find a solution myself. I’m sorry, I’m feeling a bit tired right now. All of you, please leave.”

Xia Rongrong asserted before calmly staring at Li Muhao.

The room became quiet. In the end, Li Muhao smiled, turned and walked right out of the room.

Li Muhao’s expression immediately changed; his face twisted into a sneer after exiting the room.

“Ohh… a hundred-year-old wild ginseng. I don’t believe the Xia’s old man won’t give in. Let’s see if Rong Rong can escape from the palm of my hand after the engagement!”

While furtively muttering, he recalled Xia Rongrong’s angel-like face and her devil-like figure. A lascivious look flashed in Li Muhao’s eyes.

Naturally, the two people in the room didn’t know what Li Muhao was thinking. After he left, Xia Haiqing sighed. “Rong Rong, your illness can’t be taken lightly anymore…”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve already made up my mind. If it can’t be cured, then let it be. I will not accept Li Muhao, no matter what.”

Xia Rongrong spoke calmly. Then, she looked out the window.

The night was very dark.


“Wild ginseng?”

Sitting on the sofa, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. was bewildered after listening to the puppy.

“Yeah, I heard it over the phone that only the old wild ginseng can save my master, but it’s impossible to find now.”

As the little white dog spoke, it clasped its two front paws and bowed. On the other hand, Wang Cai stared at the little white dog while sticking out its tongue. The weather was scorching hot.

“But… I don’t have wild ginseng. Will tiger’s meat work?”

Wang Cai immediately responded after Su Qiubai’s words. “Yes, the tiger’s meat tastes very good. I ate a lot just now. I am so full.”

“No, it must be old wild ginseng. I heard it very clearly!”

The little white dog shook its head. Due to Wang Cai sitting close to it, it even stretched out its paws to pat Wang Cai’s head.

“I beg you, save my master. You can certainly do it.”

The little white dog turned to gaze at Su Qiubai and pleaded once again.

Su Qiubai was struck a little speechless; he twitched his lips and asked. “Why do you believe in me so much?”

“Because you’re the only one who can understand what I say! Others can’t do it, but you can.”

After that, the little white dog jumped down from its place on the sofa and began to lay at Su Qiubai’s feet.

Su Qiubai shook his head before suddenly recalling his navigation system.

I wonder, will Wu Song have wild ginseng?

With that thought, he carried the little white dog in his arm and said. “Let’s go. Come with me to a friend’s house. If he can’t help then there’s nothing I can do.”

Having said that, just as he was about to leave his house with the little white dog; Wang Cai happily followed.

Seeing that Wang Cai also wanted to go, Su Qiubai considered a moment then brought it along as well. Since he hadn’t brought Wang Cai out for a long time, today was an opportunity to do so.

Yeah… He actually wanted to walk the dog in the Song Dynasty…

He went downstairs and got into his taxi. He originally planned to use the navigation system to go directly to Yanggu County, but it actually prompted him that he could call Wu Song.

He didn’t expect the calling device to have such an amazing capability. Su Qiubai quickly requested for a call.

“Hey, is this brother Wu Song? I’m Su Qiubai.”

“Brother, where are you talking from? Why can’t I see you?”

“We are talking on the phone… I will explain it later. First, let me ask you. Is there any wild ginseng at your place? The older, the better.”

Su Qiubai asked right away.

“Wild ginseng? Yes, but most of them are only one or two hundred years old. I’m afraid that it would be difficult to look for older ones. But I do know that Chai Da Guan Ren has a lot. If brother is in a hurry, I will rush to Cang Zhou tomorrow.”
[TLN: ‘Chai Da Guan Ren’ is Chai Jin. ‘Da Guan Ren’ is a respectable title for someone who is very generous.]

Su Qiubai shared a look with the little white dog after listening to Wu Song. “Is one or two hundred years old ginseng enough?”

The white puppy shook its head. “I don’t know, maybe not. I heard her aunt repeatedly saying over the phone that they couldn’t find it.”

Su Qiubai returned to Wu Song and said, “Brother, one or two hundred years is not enough. How about this, wait for me at the door; I will go over to fetch you. Then, we will go to Cang Zhou tonight. It will be faster this way.”

“Your business is also my concern. Chai Da Guan Ren is very kind and helpful. He likes to make friends with extraordinary people. A few wild ginseng will not be a problem for him.”

Wu Song agreed instantly.

After the call ended, Su Qiubai properly seated the dogs, then drove his taxi out.

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On the way, he went into a mobile phone shop and bought five mobile phones. He had promised to give one to Pan Jinlian earlier. This time he was going to Cang Zhou to obtain wild ginseng from Chai Jin. It would be embarrassing to go empty-handed so he could use these phones as gifts.

Swiping his card, he was quite distressed over spending more than two thousand dollars. However, as long as he could save a beauty like Xia Rongrong, he still felt it was worth doing so.

Besides, that money was not enough to pay for the damaged car anyway!

After opening the navigation system and locating the destination, Su Qiubai drove his taxi through the space-time channel… With one more look, he was already on the streets of Yanggu County. Wu Song really had been waiting by the roadside.

When he got out of the car and took the two dogs into the house, he found Pan Jinlian and Wu Dalang already at home. He didn’t know why, but when Pan Jinlian saw the little white dog she fell in love with it. Hugging it in her arms, she didn’t let it go until she finally saw the mobile phones Su Qiubai brought. However, immediately after she learned how to take selfies, she went back to embracing the puppy once again.

It may be said that even dogs like beautiful women, not to mention the fact that she was one of the most devastatingly beautiful woman known in history; the little white dog enjoyed cuddling in Pan Jinlian’s arms. Wang Cai also wanted to go over, but she just ignored it, so it had no choice but to return and lay next to Su Qiubai’s feet.

After teaching Pan Jinlian how to use a mobile phone, Su Qiubai took Wu Song to Cang Zhou. He left the little white dog and Wang Cai at Wu Dalang’s house seeing as he would return there anyway and since Pan Jinlian really liked them.

Su Qiubai and Wu Song arrived at Cang Zhou after traveling in the taxi for many days and nights.

Xiao Xuan3 Xiao XuanXiao Yun’s older brother, knows about SQB but not here to trouble himfeng; also known as Chai Jin was foretold in history to be famous for his generosity. Throughout the journey, Su Qiubai felt unsure if Chai Jin would be willing to give him a ginseng. It would be very awkward if he didn’t want to.

However, the reality was completely different from what he thought. Due to the presence of Wu Song, Chai Jin paid considerable attention to Su Qiubai. After Su Qiubai took out his mobile phone, Chai Jin’s wife, like Pan Jinlian, immediately fell in love with taking selfies. The servants couldn’t help but gather by her side to be in the picture. All of them proclaimed that it was a magic weapon of the Gods.

Su Qiubai instantly gave two of the mobile phones he bought to both Chai Jin and his wife since they liked them so much.

Although it was impossible to make a call, there were a lot of games installed in the phones. Even simple games like ‘Matching Mahjong’ and ‘Plants VS Zombies’ were enough for the two of them.

Originally Su Qiubai went there for the wild ginseng but he got an unexpected surprise. A man, named Song Jiang or Song Gongming; also nicknamed as Ji Shi Yu was actually in Chai Jin’s house as well.
[TLN: Ji Shi Yu is a nickname for a saviour called Song Jiang. His other name was Song Gongming.]

Su Qiubai felt ecstatic and kept saying that it was a great honor to meet Song Jiang. He insisted on giving him a mobile phone. The longer they chatted, the happier they felt. They even had a lot in common.

In the end the four of them had sworn to be brothers at the backyard of Chai Jin’s home. Song Jiang as the eldest brother; Chai Jin as the second brother; Su Qiubai as the third brother and Wu Song as the youngest brother.

Becoming sworn brothers was a really good thing. Just by addressing the two elder brothers a few times, Su Qiubai’s car trunk was immediately filled with wild ginseng. The oldest ones were over five hundred years old. There were twenty of them in total. As for those three or four hundred years old ginseng, there were almost half a bag of them.

In the end, Chai Jin also loaded up a lot of medicinal herbs that Su Qiubai didn’t recognize. Su Qiubai initially wanted to keep the gold that Chai Jin gave him as well. After all, a Mercedes-Benz sports car would mean nothing in the face of the gold he obtained.

However, he realized that he just sworn to be brothers with them, so he couldn’t let them look down on him. He took the ginseng to save a person’s life so it wasn’t right to take the gold for himself!

Regarding the debt for the damaged car, he would think of a solution when he returned home. He would ask his brothers for help if he really could not solve the problem.

Chai Jin and Song Jiang sighed as Su Qiubai insisted on not taking the gold. They could only say that Brother Su regarded money as dirt, and he would not take it for free.

Su Qiubai too felt very noble. However, his face would reddened if he knew that half of the bag containing the ginseng; which he thought looked like radish, could be traded for a lot of Mercedes-Benz sports cars.

Su Qiubai surely didn’t know this. He and Wu Song returned to Yanggu County after bidding goodbye to Song Jiang and Chai Jin. After picking up the white dog and Wang Cai, he switched on the navigation system and was about to head home.

Before leaving, he gave the last mobile phone to Wu Song. But Wu Song simply did not want it, saying that he did not like it.

Seeing that he insisted on rejecting the phone, Su Qiubai also did not force him. The deed Wu Song performed was engraved in Su Qiubai’s heart!

The little white dog asked him if he got the old wild ginseng as they headed home.

He muttered almost to the white puppy, but he was groaning on the inside.

I hope they’re useful. I’ve already given away all of the mobile phones that cost me thousands!

If Xia Haiqing and Li Muhao knew what Su Qiubai was thinking now, they would surely faint… A few cheap mobile phones exchanged for these valuable ginseng. What else are you still afraid of losing?

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