Chapter 6: Justice is an Attitude

The crowd immediately spread out. A woman dressed in a red trench coat, and wearing a pair of very fashionable high heels of a dozen centimeters, slightly raised her eyebrows. It was obvious that she was a difficult person to deal with.

The young man on the ground with blood all over his face spotted the woman and immediately ran towards her crying. He pointed to Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. and began to complain.

“Sister, you finally came. This rascal not only broke my car, but also attacked me.”

The anger that was slowly settling down within Su Qiubai quickly rose up again after hearing that.

“I broke your car? You were the one who drove past the red light. If I didn’t push the old man away, someone would have died today! Now you’re accusing me instead?”

If it wasn’t for the old man who took hold of Su Qiubai’s arm, he almost couldn’t help himself from giving the little rascal two more kicks.

“Your injury was caused by my brother?”

The woman looked at Su Qiubai and asked.

Glancing at her, Su Qiubai did not intend to stir up the current predicament. “I was scratched while on the ground.”

As a result, the woman immediately changed her expression and replied with a sneer, “It’s just a small scratch on your face, and you even caused it yourself. That is to say, my brother did not hit you at all. Look at you… you just want to cheat others, right? Say it, how much money do you want?”

With that, the woman took out a few hundred dollar bills from her wallet and handed them over.

“You racketeers are the most annoying of people. You only think about money. Watch out, or you’ll be killed in a car accident next time. We’re just unlucky today. Fortunately, you met someone who has money and is reasonable. It’s obvious from the look of your attire that you wouldn’t be able to afford even a lick of paint on this sports car!”

The woman was still sneering, and the young man next to her also gave a disdainful look.

Su Qiubai didn’t say anything and the crowd went silent. It was obvious that everyone was waiting for him to make a decision.

“Young man, forget it. It wasn’t anything serious. There is no need to get into trouble.”

The old man pulled at Su Qiubai and whispered. His eyes were filled with helplessness.

Su Qiubai slowly stretched out his hand after a long silence.

Many people in the crowd sighed a little after seeing his movement. It was a bright day and everyone had witnessed the accident. Obviously, the sports car was the one that drove past the red light. If it wasn’t for the young man who pushed the old man out of the way, there would definitely have been a fatal accident!

But there was no choice. Everyone wished to speak up for him, but their mouths would not open. Who would willingly get themselves into trouble? Plus, the young man was planning to bow his head and take the money anyway, right?

Some people shook their heads and were about to leave. Others even had disappointment in their eyes.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations; Su Qiubai took the hundred dollar notes and tore them into pieces.

“So you think that you’re the only one who has money? I don’t believe that society is really that unreasonable! Drove past the red light and almost hit someone, yet dared to accuse others?! If it wasn’t me who helped you out, I don’t even know where you’d be crying right now. If you don’t apologize today, we shall not end this matter here!”

After screaming, Su Qiubai threw the torn notes at the woman and the young man.

“What you said is right! I can testify that the sports car sped past the red light. If it wasn’t for the young man’s quick actions, there would have been death!”

Someone from the silenced crowd spoke out of a sudden. It was from a fat middle-aged man. His face flushed red as he shouted. His voice was shaking slightly due to his over excitement.

“I can also testify that it is the fault of the Mercedes-Benz sports car!”

“Yes, I can also testify!”

“Me too!”

“Count me in!”


The crowd started speaking up after the first man voiced out his opinion. The students carrying their school bags, the white-collar workers in their suits, the woman holding her child, the migrant workers carrying their helmets… In the end, everyone’s voice became one!

“Apologize! If you don’t apologize, we will not end this matter today!”

“You must apologize! I have already called the police. I can’t let the good guys be accused or else this society is really freaking hopeless!”

“Darn it, the old man is also a righteous person. You have to apologize!”

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No one had thought that just because of Su Qiubai’s actions and the words from the crowd, the situation ended up heating up in just a few tens of seconds.

In fact, there were more people coming from all directions who immediately joined the tide of solidarity after listening to what had happened.

The face of the woman and the young man turned pale. They didn’t expect the situation would become like that, especially seeing Su Qiubai’s cold eyes and hearing the deafening sounds of the raging crowd around them.

“I will give you all this money. Here, take all of it. If that is not enough, I can give you some more.”

The woman hesitated, then took all of her money from her wallet and stuffed them into Su Qiubai’s hands. At a glance, everyone could tell it worth around thousands of dollars.

Su Qiubai did not look at the money at all. He was also determined to give these siblings a stern lesson today, else they would really think that society would let them do whatever they want as long as they have money!

“Sister… what should we do?”

Realizing that Su Qiubai was unmoved and noticing the countless pairs of eyes staring at them from the crowd, the young man’s arrogance disappeared completely. He was crying nervously as he whispered to the woman.

“Think of ways to quickly leave first, then we can find a solution after we return home.”

The woman was really not that simple. She whispered to her brother; then the two of them immediately turned around and walked towards their car.

“Don’t let them go!”

“Yeah, we can’t let them go!”

The people around them shouted loudly after noticing that the two of them leaving.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to rob us? Whoever dares to touch me, let me warn you about the video recorder in our car. I will sue you till you’re bankrupt!”

The woman immediately shouted loudly to threaten the crowd after seeing them blocking the road. The people in front hesitated after hearing her words. The siblings eventually reached the door and were just about to get into the car.

The crowd was anxious but no one could do anything. They couldn’t actually pull them out of the car!

Suddenly, a voice sounded in everyone’s ear.

“Everyone, move away!”

Looking at the back, they realized that Su Qiubai had somehow found a brick and was rushing towards the car with it in his hands.

A crash could be heard all of a sudden just as the car was about to leave!

The windshield was shattered. No one in the crowd responded. The young man in the car shrieked while the woman was furious.

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“Let’s see if you can leave without apologizing!”

The old driver said. A crashing sound was soon heard once again. The side window of the car had just been shattered as well.

“Well… well, you all are amazing! Let’s just wait for the police to be here. Do you know how much this car is worth? You’ll just be jailed for being unable to pay for the damages!”

The woman was obviously annoyed. She opened the door and descended from the car. She glared at Su Qiubai and said in a shaky voice.

Su Qiubai grunted as he placed the brick on the hood of the Mercedes-Benz sports car. Then he sat down with his legs crossed.

“Jailed? So what? It will be better this way.”

As soon as the crowd heard that, they started shouting.

“So what if it’s shattered? Let us help you pay for it!”

“Yes, yes, everyone will pay together. Don’t worry.”

“I will donate 100 dollars.”

“I will donate 500 dollars!”


“I will donate 12 dollars!”

Su Qiubai spotted a little girl shouting as he looked around. Seeing the situation, any passerby would think that there was an auction going on!

The woman in red kept quiet. Her expression was ashen as she stood by the roadside. Her younger brother was so afraid that he just hid in the car.

Ten minutes later, the traffic officer came. The woman still showed no signs of apologizing. However, only after playing the surveillance video was she willing to bring her brother with her to apologize to Su Qiubai and the old man.

Upon hearing the apology from the siblings, the crowd immediately burst into an applause. Su Qiubai was very excited. He felt a strong sense of accomplishment and became relaxed; especially when he remembered the siblings’ arrogant faces from earlier.

The apology was done, but the car damage issue was not over just yet!

After the officer understood the reason for the fight, he wanted to help Su Qiubai. So, he deliberately discussed it with the siblings.

The woman dressed in red came over to Su Qiubai and snorted. “Weren’t you feeling really grand when you smashed our car just now? Big hero, now you don’t have money to pay for the damage, do you? It’s not expensive, only a few hundred thousand.”

“Oh, if I can’t pay the debt within three days, I will change my last name to yours!”

With that being said, Su Qiubai left his contact information and was about to leave. Many people proclaimed that they wanted to help him to raise money, but he rejected them.

“I am the one who damaged the car. So I will pay for it!”

He turned around in annoyance. Then, he suddenly recalled that he had left his taxi in the middle of the road so he trotted back to it quickly.

Darn it, hopefully, there is no traffic ticket!

It may be that his prayer worked because his taxi was still there. It could also be due to the accident at the crossroads earlier that had caused a traffic congestion, so his taxi wasn’t blocking the road.

Su Qiubai took a deep breath and started to worry after getting into his taxi.

Where can I get the money? Hundreds of thousands…Mama mia!

Isn’t it supposed to be a good deed to help others? How did I end up spending so much money?

Su Qiubai drove home heavy-hearted.

What he didn’t know was at that time, the netizens involved in the incident had launched a very influential and wide-range fundraiser for him!

Someone even uploaded a video of the whole incident; showing how Su Qiubai rescued the old man from the beginning until he smashed the car.

Everyone who viewed the video silently contributed to the fundraising campaign.

After all, justice…is an attitude!

At that moment, Su Qiubai was still in the dark. He was sitting at home and cooking a cup of instant noodles while Wang Cai stuck its tongue out next to him.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Upon opening the door, the old driver was confused when he heard Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City’s white puppy pitifully saying, “Save my master. Only you can save her!”
[TLN: The protagonist is sometimes referred as ‘the old driver’ by the original author.]

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