Chapter 5: Thanks Pan Jinlian

After hearing what Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. said, Wu Dalang remained silent but Wang Ganniang already had a face of disbelief.

“Little brother, are you sure you can ride two hundred miles in half an hour? Please, be realistic.”

Wang Ganniang looked at Su Qiubai as she twitched her lips.

“Old woman, when has my brother ever bragged? If he says he can do it, even if it were two thousand miles in half an hour, he is speaking nothing but the truth. How dare you not believe him?!”

Wu Song was immediately unhappy. He glared at Wang Ganniang with his eyes wide open. That scared the old woman so much that her expression was full of fear.

“You’re right, Wu Song. If your brother says he only needs half an hour to ride two hundred miles, even if he has to ride up to the sky, he can do it. I was just speaking without giving much thoughts.”

Wang Ganniang apologized repeatedly but Su Qiubai could see the disbelieving look in her eyes.

“Well, Wang Ganniang, you can come along with Wu Song’s brother and his wife since you don’t seem to believe it. You will know by then.”

Su Qiubai laughed secretly. I will let this old woman experience what is called car racing later! Since there were no speed limits or traffic lights, he would not get any speed ticket for speeding! At that thought, he looked forward to it excitedly.

Although Wang Ganniang refused numerous times, she obediently sat in the passenger seat after being glared at by Wu Song. Su Qiubai fastened her seat belt, and the old woman suddenly got so scared that she started crying.

“Why are you crying, Wang Ganniang? You are not thinking that I forced you to follow, are you?” Wu Song looked at the old woman through the window and snorted.

“Sheriff Wu, you’re joking. Being tied here… I am happy! Happy…” She cried again before finishing her sentence.

Without time to bother about her, Wu Song looked at Pan Jinlian and Wu Dalang.

“My brother and sister-in-law, please sit well. Please let me know if you feel uncomfortable. The speed may get quite fast later.”

Pan Jinlian and Wu Dalang finally nodded after being urged. They looked particularly nervous.

After bidding goodbye, Su Qiubai told Wu Song to press the button on the calling device if there was any need and he would return immediately.

The two men finally came to a bear hug before Su Qiubai got into the car.

“Everyone, please sit tight. I am going to let you experience the mysterious power from a few hundred years in the future. Let’s go…”

Su Qiubai shouted as he fastened his seat belt. Then, he shifted the gear and stepped on the gas pedal. The car flew ahead right away.

Manipulating the steering was just a cinch for an experienced driver like him.

Honking, speeding up, and shifting gears, Su Qiubai felt that for all the years he had driven his taxi, he had never been as dazzled as today.

The road of Song dynasty was straight and there were only a few people on the road. Occasionally, there would be a horse but it would be scared away with just a honk.

The speed of the taxi gradually increased. Eighty miles, one hundred miles, one hundred and twenty miles…

Su Qiubai was getting excited. He drifted the car playfully, causing it to almost fall into a nearby drain. That frightened Wu Dalang and Pan Jinlian so much that they hugged each other almost immediately.

As for Wang Ganniang, she was so scared that she had already fainted as soon as the car left Yanggu County…

After smoothly sending Wu Dalang and the others to Qinghe County, Su Qiubai returned home with the help of the navigation system. Thinking about what had happened today, he felt contented inexplicably.

His navigation system suddenly prompted 10 more growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system after he drove for a while.

Su Qiubai soon understood the reason for the additional points he received after being confused for a while. It was because he had sent Pan Jinlian to Qinghe County!

Thanks Pan Jinlian. Growth points are a good thing!

Su Qiubai opened the skill adding interface impatiently and carefully browsed through the skills one by one. He was cautious now after making a mistake of adding growth points to the romance value that morning.

However, he was more confused on which skill to add after pondering for some time. So before making any choices, Su Qiubai decided to think carefully about it when he returned home at night.

It was almost noon so Su Qiubai planned to have his lunch first. Then, he would go to a meat shop that he was familiar with and store his tiger meat.

Just in time to be caught by the red light, he stopped the car and was about to play a song when he suddenly saw a Mercedes-Benz sports car driving swiftly from the opposite side. The driver had no intention to stop his car even though he was already approaching the zebra crossing.

Sure enough, it sped past the red light!

Su Qiubai felt his heart was pulled tight when he saw an old man crossing the road at that moment and was hit by the car the next second!

He knew that the situation was bad after seeing the old man flying a few meters high in the air, before landing heavily to the ground!

There was a few seconds of silence at the crossroads. The place soon became chaotic as many people started screaming.

Su Qiubai’s was shaking in the car. He could guess the old man’s fate without seeing him. No one could stay alive in that kind of situation.

Perhaps the old man was still thinking of going home to see his daughter at the last second, but at that moment they were separated into two different worlds.

Is there really no way to rescue him?

Su Qiubai vaguely had a question in his head, and then… he had an idea.

Darn it, who says there is no way! You have me! I can save you!

Without delaying any further, Su Qiubai quickly opened the skill adding interface. He saw an option called ‘time reverse’ when he was hesitant on where to add the ten growth points earlier!

Reversing a minute required five growth points. He now had ten points which were enough to return to two minutes ago!

Realizing that was the last hope, Su Qiubai quickly clicked on OK!

“Turning back time: two minutes. Consuming growth points and activating the power, please be prepared…”

With those words from the navigation system, Su Qiubai only felt a flash before him. He found himself still in the car but he was at where he was two minutes ago.

It worked!

Su Qiubai stepped on the accelerator after realizing that he had turned back the time. He still had some distance to the crossroads. He could stop the tragedy only if he managed to reach there first.

The old driver had not been that nervous in his whole life before. His heart pounded heavily as he watched the green light from afar.

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It would turn red soon and the old man would cross the road before getting run over by the sports car.

The scene from the previous car accident played repeatedly in Su Qiubai’s mind, urging him to drive faster.

He was almost at the intersection when a car suddenly stopped in front of him. Su Qiubai honked twice, but there was no movement.

The green light was coming to an end. If he missed it now, he would miss it forever!

There was no time to curse. He pushed open his car door and jumped out immediately before running wildly. The car sped past him, but he did not care about it anymore.
[TLN: It’s the car that stopped earlier, not the sports car.]

Su Qiubai’s mind had only one thought left at that moment, and that was to save the old man by all means!

When he finally arrived at the intersection, the traffic light turned red and the old man was already walking on the zebra crossing.

“Grandpa, stop!”

He could hear the sound of the sports car whistling now. Su Qiubai shouted with all his strength while dashing out.

The old man stopped walking as the sports car drove past the zebra crossing.

Su Qiubai’s mind went blank. He was only a few meters away from the old man. He did not have the time to overthink. With his final strength, he lunged towards the old man, pushing him away together with him.

Yet, the car basically swiped by Su Qiubai’s body.


Su Qiubai fell to the ground with the old man and rolled several laps.

The sound of the brakes could be heard at the intersection all of a sudden, but in Su Qiubai’s mind, the whole world went silent. Having heard the old man’s coughing beside him, he knew… he caught up!

“Are you okay? Are you trying to fake it by lying down on the ground? Let me tell you, there is a video recorder in my car.”

Su Qiubai was blurred. He was about to take a breather. There were more and more people surrounding them before such words were heard.

He immediately recognized that the words were from the driver of the sports car. He felt outraged!

When Su Qiubai got up from the ground, he found out that he had scraped his forehead and blood was flowing down.

The crowd stepped backward a few steps when they saw him get up.

“Don’t try to scare me. It is also none of my business that your head is bleeding. You came colliding with me. I didn’t even say that you broke my car!”

The driver was a young man in his twenties. He was dressed cleanly. Perhaps he had bad living habits because he seemed sick. The corner of his mouth rose and there wasn’t a trace of repentance in his eyes when he said that.

Without a word, Su Qiubai stepped forward and kicked his stomach!

I spent ten growth points and worked myself to death to clean up your mess, and yet you dare to freaking speak to me in this way!

If I don’t teach you a lesson today, you will really think that I am just a taxi driver!

“You… you dare to kick me!”

The young man did not expect Su Qiubai to kick him. He immediately fell to the ground with just a kick. He looked up at Su Qiubai unbelievably.

“Kick you? Hehe… If I don’t kill you today, I will be feeling sorry to Pan Jinlian!”

With that, Su Qiubai rushed up and wildly kicked the young man anywhere he could think of. The crowd finally managed to pull Su Qiubai away after much persuasion. The young man on the ground had blood all over his face. He was so afraid that he cried.

“Young man… forget it. I am fine, thank you…”

When Su Qiubai was about to give the young man two more punches when an old voice suddenly sounded from behind. Turning back, Su Qiubai noticed it was from the old man whom he just saved.

“Grandpa, don’t worry. What happened today was not as simple as you think. It was simply a matter of life and death!”

Su Qiubai was delighted to see that the old man was alright. He felt that he should give some more lessons to the young rascal.

If it wasn’t for the ten growth points that he had, as well as the navigation system having a time reverse option, the consequences would have been dire few seconds later!

A woman’s voice came from the crowd all of a sudden after he spoke.

“Who dares to hit my brother?!”

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