Chapter 4: The Pole That Spans Through History

After leaving the hospital, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. finally recalled that he had left his taxi in the middle of the road.

Darn it, he cursed as he ran back worriedly to the place where he had parked his taxi. Although he was not scolded to death by the ticket officer, he was threatened with punctured car tires if he parked his beat-up taxi in the middle of the road again next time.

Su Qiubai repeatedly apologized and finally got into his taxi.

He noticed the romance value in the skill adding interface on the navigation system the moment he got in. He felt unsatisfied with the romance value because he had wasted five growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system on it but it had only ended up exhausting and even belittled by others.

Just as Su Qiubai started driving, the navigation system sounded again.

“Wu Song needs your help. Coordinate positioned at Yanggu County… Please decide whether to accept or not!”

Su Qiubai stomped on the brake, bringing the car to a stop. He hesitated for a moment before accepting the task.

“The task has been accepted. Navigation started… Turn left at the traffic lights ahead.”

Su Qiubai was inexplicably disturbed. He was in a completely confused state last night when he drove the taxi through the space-time channel, but he was sure he would have a good experience today.

However, the experience turned out to be unexpectedly simple. On an empty street, with a flash before his eyes, the surrounding changed.

The quaint long street, the single-storey houses on both sides, the pedestrians in burlap clothes, the noisy streets… Is this the Song Dynasty?

Su Qiubai assumed that he must be the first person to drive a car to the Song Dynasty.

He felt unexpectedly excited. From the car window, he saw Wu Song walking quickly towards him and the pedestrians on both sides of the street craning their necks to look at his car.

“Brother, you really are able to get here. Initially, I wondered when I will ever see you again. I didn’t expect us to meet again after being separated for a day. Brother, please come in.”

Wu Song, who was laughing heartily, embraced Su Qiubai by his arm as soon as he alighted the car. The old driver’s small body was almost crushed.

Coughing twice, Su Qiubai was also excited. He followed Wu Song into the house without worrying about his car that was parked illegally.

However, an unknown object hit on his head after just a few steps. It immediately stunned him which caused him to almost fall to the ground.

Once he looked up, he saw a pretty face at the window.

She had a pair of eyebrows like the new moon, a cherry mouth, a face like a peach flower, and eyes like a puddle of clear water… Su Qiubai was instantly stupefied by her beauty.

“Brother, I hope you don’t blame her. She is my sister-in-law…”

Wu Song was a little embarrassed. Su Qiubai slowly returned to his senses after being nudged on the arm.

“Oh oh…It’s nothing. Your sister-in-law…Your sister-in-law! Pan Jinlian!”

Su Qiubai didn’t care much about her at first but when he realized who she was during mid-talk, he was so surprised that his chin almost fell off!

So she was Pan Jinlian! She was more influential than the four beauties of ancient China! Her beauty was true after all…

But why do I feel like I’ve seen this moment when my head was hit somewhere before.

[TLN: This situation might have been written in history novels.]

Su Qiubai followed Wu Song into the house while pondering.

“This is my brother, Wu Da. He is also known as Wu Dalang.” Upon entering the house, Wu Song pointed to a man by the door, who was in his 30s, and introduced him to Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai turned to look carefully at Wu Dalang and thought of a rumour. Previously, he had heard that Shi Nai’an was actually jealous of Wu Dalang’s beautiful wife, which was why he wrote so badly about Wu Dalang in his novel, Outlaws of the Marsh.

Now looking at Wu Dalang, it was indeed true!

Although Wu Dalang did not have Wu Song’s look, he was definitely not a useless man.

Su Qiubai could hear the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs while he greeted Wu Dalang. Turning his head to the back, he noticed that it was Pan Jinlian coming downstairs.

He could not see her clearly through the window earlier, but she indeed looked even more beautiful after a careful look at her now. Her every frown and every smile had an extraordinary temperament. She definitely did not radiate any provoking feeling and did not seem like a person who likes to flirt around in a relationship as what was written in the novels.

“I accidentally hurt our saviour just now. I hope you do not blame me for that. I heard from my brother-in-law earlier that if it wasn’t with your help, he might not be able to get pass Jing Yanggang and get to Yanggu County. These two brothers will also not be able to meet each other this soon. Please accept my thanks, our saviour…”

Pan Jinlian was already half-kneeling on the ground while saying that.

Su Qiubai claimed to be an old driver in the past but at that moment, he was really bewildered. He remained speechless, especially when he came to face the woman who had such a profound influence in the Chinese history.

Finally, everyone sat down happily at the table. Only then did Su Qiubai had the time to ask Wu Song the reason for calling him over.

Wu Song was also confused. He passed an object to Su Qiubai as he spoke.

Su Qiubai looked at the object. It was actually a remote control with a red button on it. Wu Song explained that he had pressed the button in the morning and then Su Qiubai arrived.

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Su Qiubai guessed that it must be some sort of a calling device and roughly understood what was going on. He could receive the request through space and time if the button was pressed.

Now that the misunderstanding was finally cleared, he might as well have his meal with them since he was already here.

Besides, Pan Jinlian was cooking!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pan Jinlian’s cooking! Wu Song is currently proposing a toast and Wu Dalang is picking a dish for you!

Have you ever thought of it? Have you ever experienced it?

In Su Qiubai’s heart, the scene was so beautiful that he took pictures with his phone. Wu Song had already seen the phone before but not Wu Dalang and Pan Jinlian.

They were very surprised when they saw their photos. However, they got used to it after a few pictures and in the end, Pan Jinlian became quite interested in the phone.

“If you like it, I will bring one for you next time.”

Su Qiubai had too many private information in this phone. Otherwise, he would give it to Pan Jinlian right away since she liked it so much.

“This is not right! Brother, don’t do this. Women by nature just like to cause trouble.”

Wu Dalang immediately refused and even glared at his wife. Pan Jinlian’s face instantly reddened as she waved her hands.

“We are all brothers, why are you behaving so courteous? You’re just going to have a new mobile phone! I can afford it! In a few days, I will bring it to sister-in-law. This is just a small matter!”

Eventually, Wu Dalang could only agree to Su Qiubai after seeing that he was so determined. Pan Jinlian was so happy that she kept putting food into Su Qiubai’s bowl.

“Elder brother, since Brother Su insisted on giving, then let’s not refuse.”

Wu Song, who only cared about drinking the whole time, spoke to Wu Dalang, then turned to Su Qiubai.

“Brother, you came from afar but I have nothing to give you here. The Jing Yanggang’s white tiger from last night is still in the backyard. Let me peel off its skin and make clothes for you later!”

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While saying that, Wu Song stood up and was about to walk away. He had definitely scared Su Qiubai.

Hey, if you really are going to give me the skin, I guess I will be sent to the police station in just a few days.

However, Su Qiubai did not know how to refuse when he saw Wu Song walking away. He hesitated for a long time before coming up with an idea.

“Brother, how about this, I don’t want the skin. Please give me some meat. I haven’t tried tiger’s meat before!”

Wu Song was disappointed upon hearing that.

“What are you going to do with the meat? Brother, you are not looking down on me, are you? Or do you detest that one tiger skin is too little? If so, I will go back to Jing Yanggang and kill a few more tigers tonight!”

Wu Song was already waving his fists before he finished speaking.

Su Qiubai hurriedly went up to stop Wu Song. After much dissuasive effort, Wu Song finally calmed down.

The two brothers finally agreed to only give the meat and not the skin after a really long explanation again.

“It’s really weird. Everyone else snatches the skin so eagerly, but our saviour actually wants the meat.”

Seeing that the two brothers were somewhat unhappy, Pan Jinlian took the initiative to laugh it off and said. That made Su Qiubai blush.

Su Qiubai originally thought of just taking a small piece of tiger’s meat to taste. However, he realized how big of a mistake he had made after Wu Song prepared the meat for him.

It was at least three hundred kilograms by just simply looking at it!

Wu Song insisted that Su Qiubai should take all of the meat. The trunk of his taxi was already so full that some of it had to be placed on the back seats. Su Qiubai tried all possible ways to persuade him that the meat was more than enough and finally, he listened.

Su Qiubai was getting ready to return home after finishing his meal when someone knocked on the door.

It was actually Wu Song’s neighbor, Wang Ganniang!

She was also a historical figure! Although she was not as well-known, Su Qiubai still went up to take pictures with her.

That scared the old woman. It took Pan Jinlian a while to explain before she finally calmed down. Then, Wang Ganniang looked at Wu Dalang and said.

“Wu Da, I’ve helped you to ask around. Brother Li Er’s carriage went to Cang Zhou yesterday. It is impossible to find any other carriages.”

Wu Dalang remained silent, but Pan Jinlian suddenly had an anxious look on her face after listening to Wang Ganniang.

“What should we do now? Does this mean that I have no chance to meet Xiao Die anymore?” She almost burst into tears while saying.

Wu Dalang felt helpless. He sighed and went to coax his wife.

“What happened?” Su Qiubai asked without holding back. Since they had given him so much meat, he might as well help them with their current situation.

Wu Dalang sighed again when he heard Su Qiubai before saying. “My wife has a close friend since young who is very wealthy. Her name is Xiao Die. Few days ago, she requested a trustee to send a letter saying that she was seriously ill and wanted to see my wife for the last time. I have inquired many others but I have not found an available carriage.”

Halfway through Wu Dalang’s words, Su Qiubai blinked.

Darn it, the situation is just so simple and yet she is crying so much! You should have said it earlier!

“How far is Xiao Die’s house from here?” Su Qiubai asked again.

“Three hundred miles from here. Do you have a plan, our saviour?” Wu Dalang saw that Su Qiubai’s gesture was a bit strange, so he asked. Next to Wu Dalang, Pan Jinlian was wide-eyed with hope.

Su Qiubai smiled as he pounded his chest.

“This is just a small matter. Give me half an hour and I will send sister-in-law to Xiao Die’s house!”

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