Chapter 3: Xia Rongrong

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. ran up to the third floor in a breath and keyed in the password according to the white puppy before rushing into the house.

“Turn left. In the kitchen!”

The puppy in his arms shouted anxiously.

Gasping for air, Su Qiubai saw the beautiful lady lying on the ground. The red nightdress, pairing with her long and fair legs together with the angel-like side view of her face made his eyeballs almost fell out.

How can she look so beautiful!

“Don’t peek. Send her to the hospital quickly!”

The puppy jumped from Su Qiubai’s arms and hit him with its paw.

Only then did Su Qiubai return to his senses. He secretly scolded himself for being too unpromising and ran quickly towards her.

The lady’s face was very pale and her eyes were shut, but luckily, her breathing was normal.

Su Qiubai immediately lifted the lady by her waist. Without a rest, he turned and ran towards the door again.

Upon arriving at the door, he saw the group of guards who chased him earlier, who just happened to arrive from downstairs.

The fat security guard was almost out of breath with his hands on his waist when he saw Su Qiubai.

“You… stand… stand still!”

“Hurry, call the ambulance!”

When Su Qiubai saw the security guard opened his mouth trying to scold again, he immediately shouted so loudly that it scared the fat security guard and almost made him roll down the stairs.

No one dared to block Su Qiubai when they saw a fainted lady in his arms. All of them just spoke into their walkie-talkie and urged others to call an ambulance quickly.

The lady’s body was very weak, much lighter than what Su Qiubai thought. He could see her long eyelashes as soon as he looked down. Looking further down, a bit of her bosom could be seen. The most important part was that he could smell a faint fragrance from her.

At the beginning, Su Qiubai was still immersed in the beauty of the lady and felt his whole body energized. He even hoped to hold on to her for a bit longer.

However, he was already perspiring a lot when he reached the ground floor. He was so tired that he almost wanted to stick his tongue out like a dog!

In fact, Su Qiubai could not be blamed for being weak as being a taxi driver meant that he did not exercise much. Therefore, it was already considered good that he did not fall to the ground now even though he had to run back and forth several times today.

Fortunately, the community had already arranged for a car to be waiting at the entrance. Even so, Su Qiubai felt like he was in the Long March, and almost could not see the end point during the last few ten meters.

After resting the lady on the stretcher, Su Qiubai slumped to the ground.

However, a strong conviction in his heart told him that it was not the time for him to fall yet. The beautiful lady’s family was unable to be contacted so he had the responsibility and obligation to go to the hospital.

Only allowed on

Su Qiubai had no time to bother about his taxi which he left in the middle of the road. He followed the stretcher to the hospital immediately.

After arriving at the hospital, Su Qiubai barely let out a breath as he started getting busy again. He ran around filling in forms, paying bills, and making arrangements for her medical checkups.

It was fortunate enough that he had some savings. However, just several errands like this almost emptied all of his savings.

After all the checkups were done and the IV drip was set up, Su Qiubai was about to sit on a chair outside to catch a breath when the lady’s family came.

The first person he saw was a middle-aged lady dressed in a gorgeous dress with makeup on her face. She wore high heels, and was accompanied by a few bodyguards. She was anxious to enter the patient’s room.

Su Qiubai guessed that she must be the beauty’s family member. But the doctor advised that the patient needed rest so he could only block her reluctantly.

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“What are you doing? I am Rong Rong’s aunt. Who are you? What do you do?”

The lady spoke quickly in a condescending tone and glared at Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai smiled awkwardly. Now, he finally knew that the lady’s name was Rong Rong.

Although the woman’s attitude was not very decent, but considering that she may be feeling anxious, he planned to explain again. “Auntie, mainly because the doctor just said…”

However, he was interrupted halfway again.

“Who are you calling auntie? Looking at your attire, you must be a taxi driver, right? You sent Rong Rong to the hospital? You want some money, right? Say it, how much do you want?”

The woman actually started taking out her wallet after saying that.

That made Su Qiubai furious instantly. As the saying goes, there are three fires in the clay figurine. Who are you to look down on others!

Just as he planned to debate with the woman, the beauty in the room woke up.

“Oh, my Rong Rong, you really made your aunt worried to death…”

Separated by a glass window, the woman shouted directly to Rong Rong as she pushed the door open and went in. She was no longer looking at Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai was suddenly left at the side in shock. He wanted to go into the room to see the lady but he also felt that it was inappropriate to do so at that moment, in case they really thought that he was going to ask for the money he spent on the medical expenses.

When he stood hesitating at the door, another person came.

Such a lucky lady! In a swift, there were more than a dozen people standing at the door. Fruit baskets were scattered around with greeting cards written to wish Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City a speedy recovery.

Su Qiubai, who was originally standing by the door, was pushed to the stairs in the end.

Seeing this situation, he felt a bit disappointed in his heart. Once the people who lived in the well-off area became ill, they would be blessed. Judging by the clothes they wore, they must be wealthy.

He was just a taxi driver. Anyone could also recognize the vest on his body.

Suddenly, Su Qiubai felt that it was really meaningless to stay any longer. He hesitated then decided to leave. He guessed that they would return the medical expenses to him later.

Exiting the hospital, Su Qiubai took a deep breath as he watched the cars and pedestrians moved to and fro on the street. Then, he renewed his spirit and felt hopeful for the future!

Today, you don’t care about me, tomorrow I will promise you are no match with me!


In the crowded room, Xia Rongrong lay on the bed and looked at the smiling faces of her visitors. All of a sudden, she felt a little lost and uninterested.

If she was not the helm of the Xia Group today, would these people visit her? Who else really had any concern about her health?

After all, they were all just here for beneficial sake…

Xia Rongrong sighed in her heart. She looked at her aunt sitting next to her.

“Auntie, I am a little tired, let these people leave.”

Xia Rongrong whispered, then she closed her eyes.

The room turned quiet immediately. These people really knew how to behave. It only took a few minutes of effort, except for the fruit baskets on the ground, almost everyone left.

Closing the door, Xia Rongrong and her aunt, Xia Haiqing, were the only two left in the room.

“Hey, only Li Zhonghai did not send people over! Like I have said, that guy is disloyal and deceitful to us Xia family. Now that you are sick, you can see the truth!”

Xia Haiqing sat next to Xia Rongrong again and said coldly all of a sudden.

Xia Rongrong helplessly rubbed her temples with her hands. She felt even sadder in her heart. She was hospitalized, yet this person, who should be her closest aunt, was only thinking of all those useless matters.

“Rong Rong, you have to get engaged with Li Muhao quickly! When you are engaged, the people in the group who made our lives difficult can all be removed with the support of the Li family. By then, our Xia Group will be even stronger.”

Finishing the first sentence, Xia Haiqing immediately continued. She watched Xia Rongrong with hope as she looked forward for the engagement.

“Auntie, I don’t want to talk about this now. Can we talk about the group’s affairs and others after I’m discharged from the hospital? Besides, I will say it again, we should rely on our own strength to revive the Xia Group and not depending on Li Muhao. I will never marry a person whom I don’t like!”

Finally, Xia Rongrong could not stand it anymore so she looked up at Xia Haiqing and said in a very firm tone.


“Don’t speak anymore. Everything has to wait for me to be discharged, then only I will deal with it!”

Xia Haiqing still had something to say, but she was interrupted by Xia Rongrong.

Now, the room went silent.

“Oh right, was it you who sent me to the hospital? I was sure I fainted at home.” Xia Rongrong looked up and asked when she suddenly remembered.

After stunning for a moment, Xia Haiqing suddenly recalled the taxi driver whom she met at the door before. She replied casually. “I called you but no one answered, so I asked the community security guard to knock on the door to have a look. It was them who sent you here.”

“Oh… Please help me to thank them after this.”

After saying it softly, Xia Rongrong did not inquire further.

At that moment, a doctor pushed past the door and came in.

“Where is Xia Rongrong’s family? Didn’t I say that no one is allowed to disturb the patient? Who brought in these fruit baskets?”

When the doctor came in and saw the fruit baskets scattered all over the floor, he was upset immediately.

“Sorry, doctor. I am Xia Rongrong’s family member. If you have anything, please inform me.”

Xia Haiqing quickly stood up and walked towards the doctor.

Looking strangely at Xia Haiqing, the doctor did not speak any further and led Xia Haiqing to his office.

“What? How can this be, her health used to be good last time!”

As Xia Haiqing went into the doctor’s office and heard about the medical results, she shot up from her chair.

“Even if her health was good before, it doesn’t mean it is good now. Her condition became like this is due to overworking! Fainting all of a sudden is not as simple as you think. The situation is very tricky. Her body is too weak.” The doctor said while sighing softly. He was holding a medical report in his hand.

“Doctor, no matter what, you must save Rong Rong. She is the hope of our Xia Group! How about this, any amount of money is fine, as long as you can save Rong Rong!” Xia Haiqing was really anxious this time. It would really be bad news if Xia Rongrong died.

“Can money solve all the problems? It is not about the money now. The lack of rest had caused serious losses to her body. Let me put it this way… it is best for her to consume some old wild ginseng for recovery. The older, the better. ”

The doctor pondered then looked at Xia Haiqing and said.

“Wild ginseng? How much is it? I will buy it!” After hearing that there was hope, Xia Haiqing said urgently.

The doctor shook his head and sighed. “Buy? The old wild ginseng is not something you can buy with money. There is no market for it…”

Xia Haiqing’s face became pale.

Naturally, Su Qiubai did not know everything that happened in the hospital. He only knew that his navigation system had suddenly gone haywire.

Wu Song had actually sent an invitation inviting Su Qiubai to his house. His brother, Wu Dalang, and his sister-in-law, Pan Jinlian, had already prepared a banquet.

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