Chapter 169: Spiritual Regulating Technique?

“Then I will also not care about it any more. I am just an instructor and my responsibility is to promote their strength regardless of what method I use. So long as I can complete the mission given to me by the due date, it will be fine. This is what you said,” Cheng Yu looked at Liu Yan and smiled.

“You…fine. Since Instructor Cheng is so confident, I will not talk about it anymore. I hope Instructor Cheng will be able to accomplish his mission by the due date,” Liu Yan endured the dissatisfaction in her heart when she saw Cheng Yu seemed to have a plan in his mind. After she spoke what she wanted, she left the training ground. The remaining instructors saw Liu Yan leaving and they looked at each other before leaving.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Cheng Yu saw Xu Qing and Yang Ziming were still standing there, so he asked curiously.

“Why do we have to leave? Can’t we watch you?” When she realized the meaning behind Cheng Yu’s words was to chase her away, Xu Qing became unhappy.

“Don’t you know that this is a military secret? You can be beheaded for trying to find out,” Cheng Yu did not wish for them to stay here and look at the training because Cheng Yu still wished to give the squad the Soul Pill.

If he did not improve their memorization, it was impossible for them to master the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique within a short time. They had already spent a large amount of time just to remember the technique. Where would they have the time to practice? But if Xu Qing and Yang Ziming continued staying here, Cheng Yu would also not be able to take the Soul Pill out.

“Are you trying to scare me? You are just training them, so what’s there to conceal and what kind of military secret will there be? No matter what, I am going to stay here today!” Xu Qing stuck out her chest and said. The more Cheng Yu did not wish for them to remain here, the more she became curious and wanted to stay behind and see what Cheng Yu was trying to do.

“Up to you. So long as you don’t find it boring,” Since Cheng Yu had no way to force them to leave, he could only use yesterday’s method: slowly teach them. Cheng Yu demonstrated the six forms to everyone once. It included a review of the first three forms and added three more forms.

This time, Cheng Yu’s speed was not too quick or too slow. The boxing technique he demonstrated was easily understood. The punches he used brought forth wind. It was vigorous and powerful making it look very grand.

Even Xu Qing and Yang Ziming also felt their eyes brightening up. They felt that Cheng Yu was very manly. His moves were very confident and domineering. In the military, the instructor would usually teach the soldiers how to wrestle. The moves were all very simple and the objectives were very vigorous. It did not contain anything significant.

The technique Cheng Yu demonstrated was totally different because he had displayed an ancient boxing technique. It was identical to those wuxia dramas, where his moves were very graceful and gorgeous. In addition, Cheng Yu also corresponded well with his movements. Xu Qing and Yang Ziming were thinking in their heart that if Cheng Yu changed into an ancient white costume and displayed this boxing technique again, he would definitely look more charming. The current Cheng Yu was like a chivalrous person.

As for the 40 team members, they were also overwhelmed because the way Cheng Yu displayed this boxing technique had really pumped up their blood. In every man’s heart, they always dreamt of being the smiling proud wanderer. Who does not wish to possess a body of martial skills. If they were able to display such a marvelous boxing technique, they would be able to attract numerous pretty ladies.

Therefore, there was a desire in their hearts that they must master this technique. Regardless of its might, this technique was definitely great to pick up girls.

“Alright, these were the first six forms of the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique. I already demonstrated it once. As for the first three forms, how much you can remember will be up to your ability. I will no longer help you review it. Now, let’s start learning the fourth form,” Since the Soul Pill was there, there was no longer a need for Cheng Yu to teach them the first three forms in detail. Once they consumed the Soul Pill, he would just have to demonstrate it once more, and they would certainly be able to memorize it. Cheng Yu started to lead the squad one move at a time and taught them the next three forms.

“Sister Ming, Cheng Yu is so young, but he actually knows such a powerful and gorgeous boxing technique. Where do you think he learned it from?” Seeing how serious Cheng Yu was when he taught everyone the boxing technique, Xu Qing suddenly felt that Cheng Yu was really handsome.

“Who knows? Perhaps it was handed down by his family. Otherwise, judging from his age, it’s impossible for him to have perfected it so well. He probably learned it since he was young. After a dozen years, it’s not impossible to have this kind of skill,” Yang Ziming was also extremely curious. But no matter how much she thought, she could only come to this conclusion.

“When we were still in our own respective military districts, we also saw the other professors’ ancient boxing techniques. Like the Northern Fist or Southern Fist. We have seen all of that, but they seem very ordinary and don’t look powerful at all. Look at the two footprints Cheng Yu left behind. Could that be the internal energy those wuxia dramas always talk about?” Xu Qing pointed at the footprints on the training ground and asked expectantly.

“Internal energy? You have watched too many dramas! How can there be internal energy in our modern time?” Yang Ziming was also bewildered by the two footprints. But she felt that internal energy was something that was made up by those webnovel authors and these sorts of things had never truly existed in their world.

“We did not see it before, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In ancient times, there was already the wuxia novels and all the current boxing techniques have all been passed down since ancient times. Perhaps, during that time, those people were precisely what the dramas showed, possessing those mystical strength? Otherwise, how could they possibly write such a mystical story? Furthermore, isn’t Cheng Yu a good example right now? Don’t you feel that if he were to wear an ancient costume, he would look like an expert in a wuxia drama?” Xu Qing voiced out her opinions.

“This…” Yang Ziming also started to doubt herself. The ancient people did leave behind a lot of miracles to the modern people. There were lots of things that could not be accomplished in these days, yet the ancient people were able to do so. This was sufficient to prove a point that if they had not seen something before, it did not mean that it did not exist. Could it be that Cheng Yu really practiced internal energy? Seeing how serious Cheng Yu taught others, Yang Ziming also became baffled.

“You must also think that it’s possible, right? Do you think that this boxing technique Cheng Yu executed is some kind of spiritual regulating technique just like the Beiming Regulating Technique or the Jiuyang Regulating Technique?” The more Xu Qing talked, the more enthusiastic she became.

“You are getting further and further away from the topic. Do you really take this as a show?” Yang Ziming rolled her eyes at Xu Qing.

“Hehe! I am just letting my thoughts run wild,” Xu Qing also felt that she had been too obsessed with it as she laughed it off.

“Alright. We have also seen Cheng Yu’s methods already, so it’s time for us to head back.”

“Sister Ming, don’t be in a rush. Even if we head back, there is nothing for us to do. Let’s continue watching. Perhaps, we might also be able to learn a few moves from him. In the future, we will no longer be afraid of bumping into a pervert,” Xu Qing had never once felt that watching someone demonstrate a boxing technique would be so enjoyable. Unexpectedly, she was unwilling to leave and particularly, she wished to look at Cheng Yu demonstrating a boxing technique.

“I think you are not watching them train, but you are looking at Cheng Yu, right?” Seeing how Xu Qing was unable to take her eyes off Cheng Yu, Yang Ziming laughed.

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“Sister Ming! What are you talking about?! What’s there to watch about that hateful scoundrel. It’s the boxing techniques that are worth seeing,” Xu Qing’s face turned slightly red when she felt the strange glance from Yang Ziming.

“Really? It’s about time we head back then. We have not fully gathered the news. Since when did we have nothing to do?” Yang Ziming knew that Xu Qing was someone who would never admit her feelings openly and no longer teased her. Yang Ziming stood up and pulled Xu Qing along with her.

“Fine. Sister Ming, let’s come again tomorrow to look at Cheng Yu practice boxing. He will definitely demonstrate it again tomorrow. Don’t you want to take a look at the other half of the boxing technique? Perhaps, it might be even more brilliant?” Xu Qing allowed Yang Ziming to pull her out of the training grounds. Once again, she invited Yang Ziming to follow her to take a look at Cheng Yu’s training.

“Alright. Since you, little lass, like Cheng Yu so much, then I will risk my life and accompany beautiful lady Xu here again tomorrow,” Yang Ziming also wished to take a look at Cheng Yu’s boxing. Hence, she did not reject Xu Qing.

When Cheng Yu saw the two women had finally left, he loosened up. It was really too tiring to teach them move by a move. Furthermore, the results were not particularly optimal. This was simply a waste of time.

“Stop. I am going to give you guys a pill. Same thing, you are not allowed to talk about it. In the future, you are forbidden to talk about each and every pill I give you. As for this boxing technique, you can teach others if you want. Did all of you hear what I said?!” Cheng Yu took out the Soul Pill while warning everyone.

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison.

“Instructor, what kind of pill are you giving us this time?” There was a sparkling and translucent pill in everyone’s hand. One of them took a sniff and felt that it was pretty fragrant. Therefore, he asked curiously.

“This pill will strengthen your memory. Everyday, I have to teach all of you move by move, so when will I finish teaching you? From tomorrow onwards, I will only demonstrate the boxing technique twice,” Cheng Yu was too lazy to slowly teach them. He still had a lot of important things to do. It was already unlucky enough for Cheng Yu to get involved in this terrible mess.

“Instructor, you must be exaggerating! Yesterday, you gave us a pill and said that it can increase our strength, but today, we did not feel a single sign of our strength increasing. Now, you say that this pill will be able to strengthen our memory. How can there be a pill that will be able to strengthen a person’s memory? Are you trying to deceive us?” One of the members heard Cheng Yu’s explanation and was doubtful. He felt that this pill was something Cheng Yu had bought for them.

“The medical properties inside the pill need to be absorbed by all of you. Wait until you have nearly absorbed all of it, and you will be able to witness its effect. The pill I gave you is not an immortal pill. You really think that just eating a pill would really turn you into a superhuman? As for whether this current pill is effective or not, you will know by tomorrow after you consume it. Alright, we will stop here for today. Disperse!”

Everyone always wished to reach the heaven in a single bound, but how can there be such a thing in this world? By being a cultivator, you were already going against the heavens. Even those mystical cultivators did not dare to say that they would reach the heavens in a single bound. Which of them did not slowly accumulate their progress?

“Instructor, are we ending our lesson so early today? We have not learned the first six forms completely,” They only learned for an hour and Cheng Yu told them that he was going to teach them the other three forms. Yet, before he even finished teaching them, he announced that the class ended. Wasn’t this instructor a bit too sketchy? Could he really be expecting wonders to happen from the pill he just gave everyone?

“All of you are too stupid and I am too tired. Wait until all of you become smarter tomorrow, I will teach you again,” Cheng Yu glimpsed at them and said.

“Instructor, it’s obviously because your standards are too high,” Everyone felt that the instructor was humiliating them. Even though they were a group of violent men, it did not mean that they don’t have a brain. Otherwise, they would not have their current abilities. In the military, they were unconditionally geniuses, but in front of this young and mysterious instructor, they were just wastes.

“Fine. Since all of you are so eager to learn it, we will use the remaining time to continue our morning training. I will continue to teach you guys how to escape,” What Cheng Yu was most worried about was their speed. Because if it was strength and martial arts, Cheng Yu can always help them, but they will have to train themselves to improve their speed. Without much choice, Cheng Yu had to bring them more pressure to improve their current potential.

“Ah…” Everyone was petrified. They only wanted to learn the cool boxing technique and not take a beating!

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