Chapter 168: Mission Of A Soldier

Cheng Yu stayed at home for the whole afternoon. It was only then that Cheng Yu stealthily came to a desolate place as he took out his flying sword and flew towards Yunhai. From Yunhai to the capital would take around three hours via flight, but Cheng Yu only flew for 40 minutes when he used his flying sword. The speed was simply too admirable. It’s a pity that Cheng Yu could not use it in front of commoners. Otherwise, he would have opened a flying sword company and become rich.

This was a lot safer and quicker compared to an airplane. At night, he would be able to journey around the world. Originally, Cheng Yu wanted to take a look at his women, but it was already late. So, he flew straight back to his villa instead. Cheng Yu looked at the stack of medical herbs in his pill room. He remembered that he still needed to request Shi Ji to become a bodyguard and he must also refine some Qi Gathering Pills for her. Even though he had a lot of the Qi Gathering Pills on him now, all of these were made expressly as preparation for his trip to the Cultivation World. Since he was back, Cheng Yu decided that he might as well refine all of them here.

No one would have ever expected that the person who was still in the capital an hour ago would suddenly appear in Yunhai refining pills with all his efforts. The next day, when Cheng Yu stood in front of the Dragon Soul Unit members again, all 40 of them were obviously nervous.

“I said before that I am going to test how much all of you have mastered of the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique. All of you can start now,” Cheng Yu looked at everyone and smiled. Every single one of them was hesitating. It was obvious that none of them managed to memorize the first three forms of the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique.

“None of you have managed to completely memorize the first three forms?” Cheng Yu looked at the squad and smiled. He did not get angry for not being able to memorize the boxing technique. He knew they were just ordinary people. Furthermore, this boxing technique was really complicated. It was not something the military boxing technique, northern fist or southern fist, can be compared to. Otherwise, Cheng Yu would also not teach it to them.

“…” None of them were in a good mood like Cheng Yu. All of them felt a little apprehensive in their hearts. Cheng Yu had told them yesterday that if they were unable to remember, they would have to be his sparring partner.

“That’s to say I will have to be the sparring partner for all of you?”

Everyone’s hearts shuddered. One of them said embarrassingly, ”Instructor, your boxing technique is too complicated. We really can’t memorize all of it in a short time.”

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“Then what do all of you wish me to do?”

“Hehe! Instructor, it would be fabulous if you were able to demonstrate it to us once more,” Xu Ruosong smiled.

“Really? Can all of you memorize it completely after I have demonstrated it once more?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“This…Instructor, how about you just demonstrate it once more?” When they saw that Cheng Yu did not have any anger, one of them requested boldly.

“How about…I demonstrate it another 10 times? After that, I will teach all you step by step how to execute it?” Cheng Yu’s smile was very amiable making them feel that he was very cordial.

“Can you really do that, Instructor?” The squad members were ecstatic. They tried to probe more because Cheng Yu was too easy-going today!

“Of course…not.”

Everyone was disappointed. It turned out that this was just a beautiful wish of theirs.

“Since none of you have managed to memorize it, then all of you will have to practice it with me. Come at me. Only by going through incessant hammering would one become a genuinely strong person,” However, none of them dared to be the first to advance. None of them wished to be the distinguished one. The scene of them being ruthlessly beaten up the day before was still vivid in all of their minds.

“All of you can choose to escape, but that’s if you can escape from me. Alright, there’s not much time left. I will accompany all of you to practice for 10 minutes. All of you only need to endure it for 10 minutes,” Cheng Yu saw everyone trembling in fear. He felt that his position was not bad at all. In the future if his mood was not good, he could always use them to vent.

“Start!” Cheng Yu shouted. They scattered everywhere. They did not have the ability to fight with Cheng Yu. The only thing they could do was run away. Cheng Yu controlled his speed and pursued them relentlessly. From time to time, he would seize one of them and beat them up ruthlessly. There would also be miserable shrieks heard.

The entire squad was running all over the place. If someone saw it, they would think that they were playing tag. The moment they were targeted by Cheng Yu, they would put their best effort to escape. But when they turned back and took a look, Cheng Yu would already be behind them and they would be beaten up by Cheng Yu before he let them go.

At this moment, Xu Qing pulled Yang Ziming along and arrived at the training ground. Xu Qing had always been very curious about how Cheng Yu became so powerful and how he was going to improve this unit’s strength. Therefore, she had coaxed and pestered Yang Ziming to follow her this time. Yang Ziming was not as curious as Xu Qing, but when it came to Cheng Yu, she was quite curious about him.

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After all, Cheng Yu was too young and this unit’s members were all above 25 years while being below 40 years. Which of these squad members did not learn martial arts and wrestling since they were young to achieve their current strength?

But after she witnessed Cheng Yu’s strength, she became aware that there was actually such a powerful expert in this world. Yang Ziming was also very curious about how Cheng Yu was going to increase these soldiers’ strength, which had basically reached a limit. So, after going through Xu Qing’s enticement, she followed her and came to take a look at Cheng Yu’s teaching process.

When the two of them entered the training ground, they were dumbstruck. All the squad members were running and jumping around as if they were running for their life. From time to time, there would be someone who got caught by Cheng Yu and would be beaten up by Cheng Yu while shrieking miserably.

“Are they playing a game?” Xu Qing asked in astonishment.

“No idea,” Yang Ziming was also unable to figure out what was happening.

“Could this be the method Cheng Yu was going to train them in? Isn’t this a bit too unreliable? If this can help them upgrade their strength, then I will just have to play tag everyday and become an expert!” Xu Qing felt that the current situation was too excessive.

“You can go and ask him.”

“Oi, Cheng Yu! What are you doing? Are you playing a game?” Xu Qing shouted at Cheng Yu when she saw Cheng Yu was chasing a member as if he was enjoying it and yet the person in front seemed to be extremely nervous.

“Yo! Isn’t this Instructor Xu and Instructor Yang? Do both pretty ladies wish to join? It’s very fun. Men can become stronger and females can become prettier. Playing?” Cheng Yu smiled and replied when he saw Xu Qing and Yang Ziming had come in.

“Che! Do you take me as an idiot? I am not going to be fooled by you. I am going to report this to the chief instructor. You are actually playing a game with others during the training period,” Xu Qing did not believe in Cheng Yu’s words. If this could really make a female turn pretty, would there be ugly women in this world?

“You can go and report it. I would still play this even if I am in front of the chief instructor,” Cheng Yu shouted while chasing after the 40 members.

“BAM!” At this moment, the training ground entrance was opened once more. The person who came in was Chief Instructor Liu Yan and behind her were the other instructors. Just now, another instructor was also very curious about how Cheng Yu was going to make people stronger. He came over to take a look. But when he arrived at the doorstep, he heard miserable shrieks. He stretched his head in to take a look and saw that the training ground was a chaotic mess. Therefore, he quickly ran back and reported it to Liu Yan. He said that Cheng Yu was making a scene during the training lessons making all the members in the training ground to be either running or leaping around. Furthermore, he even beat those team members up to the point where they were unrecognizable.

The moment Liu Yan heard this, she immediately followed the instructor and headed over to the training ground.

“Instructor Cheng, what are you trying to do? Is this your intended training lesson?” Looking at the chaotic training ground, Liu Yan wrinkled her eyebrows and looked at Cheng Yu who was still chasing after someone and beating them up.

“It’s Instructor Liu! I am currently training them. Why? Are you interested as well? You can join as well,” Cheng Yu looked at these instructors somewhat flabbergasted, but he did not seem to mind their existence. Cheng Yu took a look at the time. It had hit the 10 minute mark. He stopped and shouted, ”Time’s up.”

The 40 tensed up soldiers immediately heaved a sigh of relief. One after another, they collapsed on the ground as they panted for breath.

“Today’s training will end here. I am going to teach all of you the other three forms as well. If any of you are still unable to memorize them by tomorrow, the sparring time will increase to 20 minutes,” Cheng Yu looked at everyone and smiled.

These words intimidated everyone. The 10 minutes they had just experienced seem like a year long to them. If Cheng Yu were to increase it to 20 minutes, they would not even have the time to pant for their breath!

“Instructor Cheng, are you really training them?” When Liu Yan heard Cheng Yu’s words, she asked distrustfully.

“Of course. Do you think that I am so idle?”

“Are you training their physical capabilities?”

“More or less,” Cheng Yu felt that this could also be a form of physical training.

“Instructor Cheng, we all know that you are very formidable, but we also have a specialized method to train a person’s physical capability. Therefore, I hope Instructor Cheng would teach them some practical skills or perhaps some combat techniques,” Cheng Yu was their martial instructor. Liu Yan wished that he would teach these people some powerful skills.

“What I am teaching them now is the most practical combat technique,” Cheng Yu said unenthusiastically.

“But I saw them fleeing recklessly just now?”

“Fleeing is one of the most important combat techniques. If your life is being threatened and you don’t even know how to flee, then there will only be death waiting for you.”

“As a soldier, they need to complete their orders and not flee when they run into a dangerous situation,” Liu Yan did not approve of Cheng Yu’s view.

“Really? If they are fully aware that they are not able to complete their mission, why must they throw their life away? In my opinion, no mission is more precious than their life. Only by staying alive would they be able to accomplish their mission,” Cheng Yu also did not approve of Liu Yan’s logic.

When those members on the ground heard Cheng Yu’s words, they felt extremely touched. They knew that as soldiers, qualified soldiers, they must not be afraid to sacrifice their lives. It was also because of this, a lot of times, their lives were worth little. They obviously knew that they would die, but they had no choice but to die. This was the mission of a soldier. They were very grateful to Cheng Yu for his care.

“I don’t deny that what you have said is reasonable, but there are lots of time that the mission given to us would need to be completed by a certain date. Only by doing so would it be useful. If it was to just protect your life and you exceed the mission validity period, the loss might not only be a few soldiers. It might possibly be a lot of citizens. Therefore, we must not allow such a situation to happen. This was also the objective of establishing this unit.”

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