Chapter 167: It’s Not Easy To Be An Instructor!

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“Now, I am going to display the boxing technique once. Take a good look,” Cheng Yu did not bother to talk anymore and got his posture ready before he started to perform it. This boxing technique was very bold and vigorous. It was extremely suitable for the soldiers to learn it as their forte was strength. Their speed was only so-so. To them, the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique was just an extremely powerful technique. But to a cultivator, this was not just a boxing technique.

The Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique originated from the Primeval Chaos Immortal Art. This was a cultivation method they could use. Once they cultivated that cultivation technique, it would allow them to bring out the explosiveness in the boxing technique. However, Cheng Yu would never teach them this cultivation method.

First of all, once they learned the cultivation method, they needed Qi to put it to use. Otherwise, even if they had learned it, they wouldn’t be able to use it. In addition, these people here were just special unit soldiers. At best, they would be a little stronger than normal soldiers.

Therefore, Cheng Yu used the Body Strengthening Pill to strengthen their bodies. This absolutely equated to having used a cheat device. When the time comes, in terms of strength, Cheng Yu believed that there would not be many who would be able to withstand these soldiers. If he were to factor in the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique, he believed that they would be able to overwhelm all kinds of soldiers.

“Alright. Have all of you memorized it? This was the first three forms of the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique. There is a total of 12 forms in this boxing technique. I will teach three forms a day. All of you must practice it properly,” Cheng Yu displayed the first three forms of the boxing technique before speaking to everyone.

“Instructor, it’s too fast! How are we going to remember it when you only showed it once?” One of the soldiers grumbled. Having witnessed the might of the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique, everyone became very serious and paid extra attention to when Cheng Yu displayed it. But Cheng Yu really performed it too quickly! Of course, it was very fast in terms of mortal speed and before they even managed to memorize it, Cheng Yu had already finished the first three forms.

Cheng Yu saw that all of them were bewildered, and he realized that they were only mortals. They did not possess a valiant memory. Without a choice, he displayed the boxing technique again in an even slower manner.

It was known that in a military unit, boxing techniques were taught in a slow and standardized manner. They would stop at every move and make sure that everyone knew how to execute it before moving on. None of them were like Cheng Yu displaying the whole technique together. How were they going to memorize it?

Without a choice, Cheng Yu also had to teach them move by move. He felt that he must refine some Soul Pills for them. Otherwise, if he were to continue teaching at this speed, how long would it take to teach them everything?! After spending the whole morning, Cheng Yu finally managed to teach everyone the first three styles.

“How is it? Have all of you managed to memorize it?” Cheng Yu sees that almost everyone have mastered it as he asked.

“Instructor, we have only barely managed to memorize it. I am afraid that we will forget them soon,” A lot of them voiced out embarrassingly.

“That will be your problem. I will examine all of you tomorrow. If any of you are not able to memorize it, I will be your sparring partner. I hope by then you would still be able to persevere like you did previously,” Cheng Yu smiled sinisterly.

After they heard Cheng Yu’s words, all of their faces turned deathly pale. Cheng Yu’s strength was very obvious to all of them. Who dared to not obey him? But the problem was that his strength was too formidable. It had already gone beyond their imagination.

Previously when Xu Ruosong had been sparring with Cheng Yu, it was very obvious that Cheng Yu had been very lenient towards him, but Xu Ruosong was still beaten up to the point of not being able to retaliate. If they were not able to memorize the forms he taught, they would have to be Cheng Yu’s sparring partner. This was even more painful than making them run for 10 km.

“All of you should be glad for me to personally be your sparring partner. It’s a once in a blue moon chance. You must know that only by meeting a formidable opponent would you improve at a faster rate. Alright, today’s lesson ends here. Remember, you must practice the Primeval Chaos Boxing Technique diligently. In addition, don’t forget to consume the pill at night,” Cheng Yu reminded them before leaving the training grounds.

The existence of the Dragon Soul Unit had turned the current grounds to their training grounds and no one else was allowed to enter. During that time, a lot of people were very unhappy, but when they knew which unit was going to use the place, they were envious. Not because they had a dedicated training ground, but because they were a formidable unit. This brought glory to a soldier.

Among the eight big military regions, they only picked 40 people. This already showed how valiant they must be before they can enter. Besides, they heard that when these 40 people entered the unit, their military ranks would be directly promoted to lieutenant or captain. How could they not be envious?

“Good morning, Major!” This was the first time Cheng Yu had worn his military uniform and on his shoulder, his rank was displayed. This was his first time in contact with Huaxia’s military. While walking down, Cheng Yu saw everyone saluting him. He felt a sense of accomplishment when that happened. He did not expect that as a small instructor, he would actually have such a high rank. “I really looked down on this major rank previously!”

Actually, a lot of the soldiers were very surprised when they saw the major rank on Cheng Yu’s shoulder. Cheng Yu was too young! They had all been in the military for so long and had never met such a young major. Momentarily, they were extremely curious about Cheng Yu’s identity and thought that he was the head’s son and was here to have some fun.

However, Cheng Yu did not care. He walked around the military base spiritedly. Cheng Yu never once took a good look around the military base. Since there was an opportunity right now, he might as well walk around to understand Huaxia’s military prowess. At the sports field, there were different groups of soldiers having their drills in an orderly manner. Their oral commands travelled very far making it seem very grand.

Cheng Yu looked at a group of female soldiers walking past him. Every single one of them stuck out their chests making Cheng Yu shake his head. “Aish! Such a pity! So many pretty ladies have cut their hair short and are wearing such spacious training uniforms. There is not a single hint of beauty to them!”

Remembering the Chief Instructor Liu Yan’s uniform was so much better. When she wore it, it displayed her beauty perfectly. “En. Since I am so idle today, how about looking for her to talk about life? Even if it’s not talking about life, we can always talk about other stuff. Didn’t she say that if there were any questions, I can always look for her? I seem to have a lot of unanswered questions.”

“Instructor Cheng?” Cheng Yu heard a deep and resounding voice from behind him.

“It’s Commanding Officer Luo,” Cheng Yu turned around and saw that it was Luo Chengkun with some of his men.

“Instructor Cheng, I saw you shaking your head just now. Are there any problems with the soldiers there?” As the commanding officer for the Capital Military District, it was natural for him to know of Cheng Yu’s background. Now that he was actually able to become the martial instructor for the Dragon Soul Unit, Cheng Yu certainly possessed something that surpassed a normal human.

Luo Chengkun did not look down on Cheng Yu because of his young age, but in contrast, he thought highly of him. Just now, when he saw Cheng Yu shaking his head while looking at the sports field, he was very puzzled. Could it be that his own subordinates were not fit to enter his discerning eyes?

“Haha! Commanding Officer Luo must be joking. I have no idea what they are doing. I am just here to liven up the scene. Just by looking at Commanding Officer Luo’s soldiers, I am already feeling extremely vigorous. I sighed because Commanding Officer Luo actually possesses such a good method to train such good soldiers!” Cheng Yu felt extremely awkward when he heard Luo Chengkun’s words. He would naturally not say the reason why he shook his head was because the female soldiers’ uniforms were too boring.

“Is that so? Haha! I am afraid Instructor Cheng is praising me. With Instructor Cheng’s abilities, it’s naturally that you wouldn’t place my soldiers in your eyes at all. Since it’s such a coincidence for us to bump into each other, is Instructor Cheng interested in taking a look around our military district?” Luo Chengkun would naturally not believe Cheng Yu’s words. However, he also did not seem to care, but instead invited Cheng Yu to take a look around the military district.

“I really wish to take a look around this military district. It’s just that I don’t think it’s appropriate for Commanding Officer Luo to be bringing me around, right?” After all, the other party was the head of this military district. It’s not nice if others were to see Luo Chengkun bringing such a young man around his military district.

“Haha! I have always thought that Instructor Cheng would never care about the unnecessary stuff. Am I wrong?” Luo Chengkun laughed.

“Since Commanding Officer Luo has already said so, I will not reject the offer. Thank you, Commanding Officer Luo.”

What Cheng Yu wanted to take a look at most was the large scale armored vehicle. It was a pity that there were none here. A large military district would administer several provinces. Therefore, not all the troops would be stationed together. And the troops that were stationed here were mainly all the infantry. Therefore, after going past a few different places, Cheng Yu become very disappointed.

“Instructor Cheng seems to not have any interest in this kind of stuff?” Luo Chengkun brought Cheng Yu to different training grounds and was able to tell that Cheng Yu did not show much interest.

“Haha! Actually, I wanted to take a look at our military’s armored vehicles and weapons,” Cheng Yu wished to experience the weapons of mass destructions to see if they were able to injure him. Previously, when he had gotten in conflict with commoners, they would use guns. But those guns no longer posed any threat to him. Therefore, he wished to try the might of those large scale weapons.

“Then, I will really have to disappoint Instructor Cheng. Every military district is different. Different units are all stationed at different military districts. Even though we have a mortar here, it can only be used during wartime or exercise. Therefore, I’m sorry disappoint you.”

“Oh. Since it’s like that, then let’s forget it. I can always experience it in the future if there’s a chance,” Even though Cheng Yu was a little disappointed, he did not seem to mind it. As long as he could advance to Golden Core Realm, he believed that those ordinary large-scale weapons might not necessarily be able to injure him.

Since there was nothing to look forward to, Cheng Yu followed Luo Chengkun for a round before leaving. Originally, Luo Chengkun wanted to ask Cheng Yu to a meal, but Cheng Yu had always been afraid of this kind of dinner party. Cheng Yu tactfully rejected Luo Chengkun.

Exiting the military district, Cheng Yu intended to buy some necessary medical herbs for refining the Soul Pills. But he remembered that his pill furnace was still in Yunhai. Since Cheng Yu would need to make a trip back to Yunhai to get his furnace during the night, there was no need for him to buy the herbs as there was still a pile of medical herbs in his villa. The Soul Pill did not need any high grade medical herbs.

Cheng Yu took a look around his surroundings and saw that Ye Qing no longer appeared, so his heart also relaxed. Otherwise, he really had no idea how he was going to interact with her. Cheng Yu looked for a cab and went home.

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