Chapter 483: The choice of Kexin

With a roar, the body of the tiger cub and the Violent Lightning Beast suddenly swelled a lot. Powerful light and lightning magic power swept through the room.

God beasts without their respective spirit tablets were like a tiger without talons and fangs. God beasts needed their respective spirit tablets to arouse the power of the god beast within their body. As long as they had the spirit tablet, they were able to display several times their previous strength.

The pressure and resistance from both sides reached a delicate equilibrium once again. However, this balance would only last for a short period of time. This was because Niur had already opened her mouth in order to swallow the energy in the pressure domain. As long as they dragged out the battle, Long Yi’s side would definitely achieve victory.

However, in Long Yi’s heart, he knew that it was impossible to wait for Niur to absorb all the energy. Since both sides were using all their power, they wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long. If they were unlucky, both sides would be wiped out along with this Light Church.

The best outcome right now was for both sides to discuss with each other and withdraw their magical power at the same time. However, this could only be done if both parties trusted each other. If the other party schemed in secret, they would die for sure. As such, both parties would rather perish together.

Long Yi turned his head back. Now, his face was pale and was full of sweat. He stared at Nalan Ruyue, Liuli, and Liuxu with an apologetic expression. There wasn’t a single trace of resentment in their eyes and they looked back at Long Yi with a steadfast look.

In just a short whole, the stone room was filled with energy. The energy in the room had heaven destroying and earth shattering momentum. If this stone room wasn’t made up of special materials and had several defensive magic arrays around it, it would have already turned into a pile of fine dust.

Despite all the defensive mechanisms the room had, it seemed to have already reached the limit. It began to shake violently thereby shaking the entire Light Church.

When all of this happened, dawn had just arrived. Everyone was either sleeping or meditating. Naturally, Dongfang Kexin was among them. She opened her eyes when she felt the violent shaking. She managed to sense a devastating energy fluctuation coming from the stone room.

The stone room was located on the top floor of the Light Church. When Dongfang Kexin reached the top floor, the tremors were already extremely violent. She realized that she was the only one outside the stone room. Logically, such violent shaking should have alarmed the Light Bishop and the other priests. However, none of them were here as they were trying their best to suppress the pain coming from their sea of consciousness. They didn’t know that their life was already ending and the one that was causing it was the Light Pope, Charles, whom they were worshipping as the Light God.

Kacha, kacha, along with the violent swaying, cracks unexpectedly began to appear on the door of the stone room. The cracks started to spread all over the stone door.

When she saw the cracks, Dongfang Kexin quickly hid behind a wall. The energy fluctuation which came from the room made her feel a sense of danger.

Boom, the violent energy completely destroyed the stone door. Even the wall and magic glass opposite the stone wall was completely demolished. If anyone looked up from the church square, it would appear as if the front of the entire church was cut open.

Dongfang Kexin’s heart tightened and her black hair fluttered in the wind. If it wasn’t for her preparation in advance, the shockwave would have sent her flying.

After this violent energy blast passed, Dongfang Kexin slowly looked inside the stone room. The scene in the room shocked her.

“Kexin, my obedient daughter. Quickly come over here and kill Ximen Yu. Isn’t he the person you hate the most?” Charles was not much better than Long Yi at the moment. All of them were already like an oil lamp which was out of fuel. When Charles saw Dongfang Kexin, he went wild with joy.

Dongfang Kexin’s body shook when she heard what Charles said. Her eyes became cloudy and she started walking towards the room step by step.

There was endless shock in Long Yi’s heart. He was confident that Nalan Ruyue would stand on his side, however, Charles used some devious trick on Dongfang Kexin. Even if Long Yi used his toes to think, he knew that Dongfang Kexin would stand on Charles’ side. At this moment, none of them were able to move. Dongfang Kexin was the only person who was able to do anything right now. As long as she made a move, Long Yi would go to the Yellow Springs with his women. In his heart, Long Yi thought about the possibility of returning to his pervious world.

Charles stood in the middle of the stone room. He wasn’t far away from Long Yi at all. One could say that they were dead set on killing the other party. All the pressure and resistance in the room were centered around them.

Da, da, da. Every single step Dongfang Kexin took sounded in Long Yi’s ears. He felt as though there was a hammer smashing his heart with every step she took.

Long Yi gritted his teeth. Was he just going to wait for death? He couldn’t do that. If Dongfang Kexin was there to kill him, he would rather blow himself up and perish with everyone.

Charles opened his eyes wide and his face had a twisted smile. He looked very ferocious at this moment.

Dongfang Kexin was walking towards Long Yi and Charles when she got flung away due to the resistance. She was unable to get closer due to the pressure.

Puff, Long Yi vomited a mouthful of blood and laughed, “Charles, don’t waste your time scheming. Let’s go to the netherworld together.”

When he heard Long Yi, Charles laughed as well. He had a complacent feeling in his heart and he replied Long Yi, “Ximen Yu, I will not accompany you to the ninth floor of the netherworld. You have your beauties to keep you company there. Anyway, I won’t treat you unfairly. Very soon, I’ll send everyone related to you into the netherworld to keep you company. You don’t have to worry about being lonely.”

Dongfang Kexin’s eyes flashed when she heard what Charles said. Everyone related to Long Yi… Was her Dongfang Clan included?

“Kexin, come over here. I have a way to create an opening for you to pass, however, you only have three seconds. Once you come in, kill them all.” Charles called out.

Dongfang Kexin nodded in agreement and walked towards Long Yi without any expression on her face. Now, his hair was disheveled and his handsome face was distorted due to the excessive pressure around him. Moreover, he was bleeding from his mouth and nose. He looked extremely miserable.

At this moment, Dongfang Kexin seemed to have returned to her childhood. A small boy holding a wooden stick held her behind him even though he was already battered. He faced the attack of several boys alone.

“Cousin, I will marry you and become your wife when I grow up! Don’t forget about it.” The vow echoed in her mind. It was a vow she made when she was young and innocent.

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“Kexin, are you ready?” Charles’ voice interrupted her flashbacks. However, her beautiful face was still expressionless when she faced Long Yi.

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Dongfang Kexin nodded her head and she gripped tightly onto her light magic staff. A hint of suffering flashed through her beautiful eyes for an instant.

A cruel smile appeared on Charles’ face and his body suddenly erupted with a dazzling white light. No one knew what he did but the pressure and resistance in front of him tore open. Dongfang Kexin rushed into that opening without any hesitation.

Long Yi’s heart sank as he stared directly at Dongfang Kexin who rushed in from the opening. He discovered that her face was filled with agony and tears were flowing down out of her eyes.

“Ke…… Kexin…… Wh…… Why?” All of a sudden, a weak voice rang out. Charles stared at Dongfang Kexin in disbelief and he appeared to be confused and unwilling.

Long Yi turned his head and was shocked to see the scene in front of him. He saw Charles coughing out blood and he seemed as though he grew older by a few decades. No one knew when, but a dagger was stabbed into his body and only the handle was left exposed.

“This……” Long Yi didn’t dare to believe his eyes. The three women behind him seemed to have a shocked expression on their face as well.

The pressure domain steadily disappeared the moment Charles suffered a fatal injury. Before long, all of them would suffer from an energy backlash. If was obvious that Long Yi’s side won. He would never have thought that Dongfang Kexin would be the one who changed his fate. Long Yi always thought that Dongfang Kexin would be the one to stab him if anything went wrong.

“I am sorry, I am sorry…… I can’t watch my cousin die. I can’t watch the Ximen Clan and Dongfang Clan get torn to pieces…” Dongfang Kexin covered her face and choked with tears.

“How could this happen? I clearly…” A sad smile appeared on Charles’ face. He had clearly used a technique on Dongfang Kexin. However, how could she not listen to his order?

“I knew that you used a technique in order to make me hate my cousin. I also knew that the technique would make me listen to your every order. However, I love my cousin too deeply. When I think about him, my heart starts to beat uncontrollably.” Dongfang Kexin explained before turning to look at Long Yi. Her face was covered in tears as she continued, “Cousin, that day, didn’t you ask me what it meant for me to call you cousin?”

Long Yi nodded his head.

“For me, no matter how hard I try to forget you, even after I willingly let His Majesty the Pope use an emotion sealing curse to seal my emotions, I still cannot forget about you. You said that I don’t understand love. However, I feel that this is the love I have been looking for. I love you, cousin, I love you.” Dongfang Kexin looked at Long Yi in tears.

All of a sudden, an ominous premonition crept up Long Yi’s heart. He felt extremely uncomfortable and he knew that something bad was about to happen. He gritted his teeth and started to push his energy forward at a greater speed.

“Ximen Yu, don’t be complacent. Since I’m dying, we’ll all die together.” Charles knew that his life was ending. With a wild laugh, Charles’ body became covered with white light. At the same time, the body of those four magic gods who had been thrown to the four corners of the room started to erupt with dazzling magic radiance.

“Not good, they want to explode themselves!” Liuxu cried out in alarm. The power of five Magic Gods’ self-detonation was enough to destroy the heaven and exterminate the earth.

The energy began to condense at an insane rate. The fine hair on everyone’s body stood on their end and an icy-cold death aura chilled everyone to their bones.

Liuxu transformed her hands into dragon claws as she waved them towards the void. A black and golden magic transmission array appeared beside her. Then, she urgently yelled, “All of you, hurry up and get in!”

Long Yi gritted his teeth and kept the god beasts together with Long Two. He grabbed onto Dongfang Kexin, Nalan Ruyue, and Liuli as he stepped into the magic array.

However, just as the magic array was activated, Dongfang Kexin rushed out into the stone room and a teardrop landed on Long Yi’s face. She stared at Long Yi with a deep gaze and a hint of a beautiful smile appeared on her face. She deeply looked at Long Yi with tearful eyes and a hint of a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

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