Chapter 482: Ancient Demonic Array

The light spirit tablet suddenly shot out from the space between Long Yi’s eyebrows. It drew a parabola in the sky as it shot towards the Dark Magic God who was standing in the right corner.

Although light and dark were identical in essence, their attribute repelled each other without a doubt. The light spirit tablet contained extremely pure light divine power. The moment it came close to the Dark Magic God, his aura became unstable for a moment. A small crack appeared in the pressure domain. When Charles saw the light spirit tablet appear, he was unable to control himself. As he shot towards the light spirit tablet, a larger crack appeared in the pressure domain.

When everything happened, although Long Yi’s left hand was still isolated, he was still able to activate the transmission magic array on the dragon-shaped bracelet. He just wanted a chance. As long as Liuxu was able to distract them for a moment, Long Yi knew that he would be able to break out of the encirclement.

Long Yi quickly chanted the incantation in his heart. The dragon-shaped bracelet emitted a golden light and a space crack quietly appeared behind Long Yi. That pitch-black hole was very frightening.

After Charles grabbed the light spirit tablet, he came back to his senses. However, it was already too late. Long Yi concentrated his spirit power and internal force to push away the majestic pressure domain. All of a sudden, Liuxu, Liuli, and Nalan Ruyue appeared beside Long Yi.

“Your Majesty the Pope……” Nalan Ruyue immediately felt that insane destructive aura the moment she appeared in the room. When she saw Charles’ savage look when he grabbed the light spirit tablet, she was stunned.

As for Liuxu, she issued a dragon roar and the aura of a violent dragon burst out from her body. Using the gap opened by Long Yi in the pressure domain, she rushed towards the Earth Magic God. However, after she took a step forward, the pressure returned.

Long Yi had no time to lose. His thoughts immediately entered the blood skull printed on his left palm. He quickly summoned the light sacred beast, Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast, and Long Two.

When Long Yi was busy, the pressure domain instantly came crashing down once again. With the pressure coming from five Magic Gods, who would be able to withstand their might?

Silence, dead silence. The huge pressure vastly increased the density of the air and it pressed down against Long Yi and the others. It was like a mountain was pressing against them. The moment Long Yi and the others failed to resist the pressure, they would be annihilated.

Long Yi issued a muffled groan. His complexion instantly became ghastly pale. Liuxu was clearly not much better. Fortunately, he had been able to summon Long Two, tiger cub, and the rest. When they worked together, they were finally able to fight back against the pressure of the five Magic Gods. The clash between the two sides resulted in a stalemate with none of them giving way to each other.

How can this be? How can this be? Nalan Ruyue was still in a daze. What should she do? On one side, there was her deep-rooted belief. On the others side, there was her husband who was more important than herself.

As for Liuli, she no longer hesitated. She muttered an incantation and her legs flashed with a golden light as they transformed into a golden fish tail. The moment her tail appeared, she waved her jade hand at the void. A seven-colored radiance appeared and it condensed into a seven-colored glaze harp.

Ting, ting, the jade hand of Liuli danced across the harp and a pleasant melody filled the stone room. However, the music brought along a powerful and stern aura.

Red, yellow, blue, and green radiances suddenly shot out from the harp string and danced in the air. All of a sudden, they boosted the power on Long Yi’s side and broke the equilibrium. Long Yi’s side became stronger and started pushing back against the five Magic Gods.

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The face of Charles twisted. His sea of consciousness was already inflated. This was what happened when his magic power and spirit power reached their limits.

“Saintess Ruyue, I will command you in the name of the supreme Pope. Immediately banish these heathens and evildoers to the lowest depths of hell.” Charles shot his gaze towards the stunned Nalan Ruyue. He knew that both sides were at their limit right now. Any external force would be deadly. If Nalan Ruyue made a move now, Long Yi and the rest would die without a doubt. If they withdrew their spirit power to defend against Nalan Ruyue, they will instantly die due to the backlash.

Nalan Ruyue woke up with a start. Her beautiful face was pale and she was trembling nonstop.

“Saintess Ruyue, I order you to immediately kill Ximen Yu.” Charles gnashed his teeth and ordered.

“No… No……” Nalan Ruyue desperately shook her head. She looked sad and worried when refusing the order of the Light Pope.

“Kill him.” Charles frowned in anger as he shouted.

Nalan Ruyue’s entire body trembled and she looked towards Long Yi as if she was hypnotized.

Long Yi turned his head to look at her. Although his forehead was full of sweat, his gaze was full of trust and warmth towards Nalan Ruyue. This day had finally arrived. In the past, he had doubts about who Nalan Ruyue would help when he clashed with the Light Pope. However, at this very moment, he was extremely confident that Nalan Ruyue would not betray him.

The beautiful pupils of Nalan Ruyue seemed to have a layer of fine gauze covering it. Time seemed to flow backwards in Nalan Ruyue’s mind at full speed as scenes of the past flashed through her mind.

“With the Mighty Light God as the witness, today, this believer Nalan Ruyue will become the Light Church Saintess………” It was a magnificent and big church. In the church hall made from white marble, a ten years old little girl knelt in front of the Light God statue as she wore a spotlessly white priest robe. With Charles chanting beside her, she completed the baptism to become the Light Church Saintess.

“I Nalan Ruyue, swear to the Light God here and now. I will dedicate my life and soul to the Light Church.” The little girl swore to the Light God in her immature voice.

Soon after that, in the mind of Nalan Ruyue, all the scenes changed and all of it had something to do with Long Yi. From their first encounter in Hengduan Mountain to the awkward situation in Mea Principality. She recalled her agreement to marry Long Yi. Then, the scene of them going through thick and thin in the Lightning God Forbidden Area, chatting happily in Huangmang Plains and finally when they got together.

A white light flashed and a magic staff appeared in her jade hand. With myriads of tender feelings, she proudly raised her head and said, “I’m sorry, Your Majesty the Pope, my husband is everything to me. Even if I have to go down to the lowest depths of hell, I have no complains or regrets.”

The magic power within Nalan Ruyue surged and the pressure domain from the five Magic Gods was pushed back even faster.

Long Yi was gratified in his heart, Nalan Ruyue didn’t let him down. Now, his side clearly had the advantage. On the other hand, Charles and the other four Magic Gods were riding on a tiger. They couldn’t dismount now. If the pressure domain was pushed back to them, they would be the ones who died.

The pressure domain was forced back little by little. Multi-colored radiance circulated around this stone room and that huge pressure crushed everything into pieces.

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The expression of Charles became even fiercer. Such a strong resistance caused his body and spirit power to endure a pressure he had never felt before. All the blood vessels on his body felt as though they were about to explode. His eyes were filled with so much anger that they appeared as though they were about to pop out of their sockets. He looked extremely terrifying at this moment.

“Activate the Ancient Demonic Array!” Charles said while gnashing his teeth.

After Charles spoke, all five of them withdrew half of their energy. A different kind of radiance erupted from their body. The radiance shot towards everyone in the room.

The pressure domain was pushed back even faster. However, every part of the room emitted a burst of lustrous and transparent light. Mysterious magic runes appeared everywhere and an unknown mysterious power pressed down on everyone.

When the pressure domain was only a meter away from Charles, it experienced a huge obstruction. After pausing for a moment, it pushed back against Long Yi and the others.

Charles grinned cruelly as he knew the consequences of activating this Ancient Demonic Array. Every single Light Church had this Ancient Demonic Array in the stone room. As a matter of a fact, it was the origin where the Light Church’s defensive magic array came from. However, it was a different array used for attacking.

This Ancient Demonic Array contained the magical power of the Light Bishop, the priests, and light warriors. Those who had reached a certain realm would pour their magic power into the array everyday. Using the collected magic power for the purpose of defending the Light Church, only a part of the magic power contained in the array was used for the defensive barrier. If the array was used to attack, it would become a demonic array. After the demonic array disappears, the sea of consciousness of the bishop, priests, and light warriors who poured their power into the array would explode. They would all die…

Charles was extremely clear about how the array worked. However, he couldn’t care about the lives of other people right now. If he could keep his own life, he wouldn’t care about other people.

The sudden and unexpected backlash of the pressure affected Long Yi and the others. Their blood and qi started to churn in their body. A trace of blood flowed down from the corner of their mouths. Even the god beasts became dispirited.

“Ximen Yu, you can all die now.” Charles laughed with barely concealed insanity.

All of a sudden, a small head popped out of Liuxu’s sleeves. Her drowsy eyes opened and she flew into the air as fast as lightning. Opening her mouth, she sucked in all the power which was clashing in the air.

“Niur, when did she come over?” Liuxu was confused in her heart. When she came here, Niur was in her humanoid form and she was sleeping soundly on the bed. Liuxu had no idea when her younger sister crawled into her sleeves.

Long Yi looked relieved. Niur had the Devouring Dragon Physique and she could swallow anything as long as it contained energy. The only issue was the speed she swallowed them at. If there was resistance, the energy she absorbed would be slower. As such, Long Yi couldn’t be sure of the outcome when Niur appeared.

“That is not necessarily……” Suddenly, a hint of a strange smile appeared on Long Yi’s distorted handsome face. He used his spirit power and the whirlpool within his sea of consciousness suddenly started to spin at a high speed. The light tablet which was in Charles’ hand suddenly flew towards him. The lightning spirit tablet which was in his sea of consciousness also flew out. They flew towards the tiger cub and the Violent Lightning Beast.

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