Chapter 91 – Ning Yun-er plays the zither

The butler scattered the maids who were discussing amongst themselves while shaking his head helplessly. He was feeling unjust for Third Duke. This Emperor really knew how to cause trouble. Wasn’t this the perfect example of a disunion? It was always the dragon matching the phoenix, the hero with the beautiful lady. Why did their Third Duke marry such an ugly woman?

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Two maids brought Qiqi along the long walkway of the garden and walked towards the backyard. Third Duke’s manor was really not small. It was grand. Empty rooms were in the dozens. There were pavilions everywhere, with flowers decorating the place and small waterfalls flowing through. It was much more extravagant than what was seen in TV dramas.

From not far away, there was a sombre zither sound. It was refreshing and pleasant to the ears, making one feel refreshed. Wei Qiqi stopped in her tracks and looked around curiously. However she didn’t see anyone, hence she called the maid over.

“Who is playing the zither?”

“Reporting to Royal Concubine, it’s Miss Yun-er!” The maid spoke softly.

“Yun-er. That sounds familiar?”

“Miss Yun-er will play the zither at this time everyday, because…” The maid felt that she had spoken too much and didn’t dare to make another sound.

“Because of what?” If she didn’t hear about it then forget it, but she clearly heard the hidden words the maid was trying to convey, yet she suddenly stopped. This caused Qiqi to feel uncomfortable. “I dislike people saying things incompletely!”

“Royal Concubine, please pardon me. In the past the Duke will always return from court at this timing, hence the Miss will play the zither at this time…”

So this was the case, the zither was played for the Duke. Looks like this Ning Yun-er was totally head over heels over Liu Zhongtian. The Emperor forcefully split them apart and even drove a third party into a wedge. He was really bad hearted.

“Bring me to take a look!” Qiqi remembered. Liu Zhongtian had mentioned about this Miss Yun-er before. She knew that she was a beauty just by hearing her name. Who knew if there was a difference between ancient beauties and modern world ladies.

The maid led Wei Qiqi around the fake mountain and stopped at a pavilion. Qiqi unknowingly walked up. There was a green-clothed lady sitting in the pavilion. Her hairpins were like clouds and there was a pearl of flower in between the temples on her hair. Looking again at the face, she had fine brows and phoenix eyes. Her skin was white. One look and one would know she was a beauty. Her expression was gentle and her posture delicate, causing people to fall for her. This should be Liu Zhongtian’s sweetheart!

That woman seemed to have noticed someone walking over. She frantically raised her head, saw Wei Qiqi’s face and was scared till she retreated in steps. Her face was pale, and it took her a long while to recover. What a scaredy-cat. Wei Qiqi immediately backed one step away. She was afraid of scaring this lady and have Liu Zhongtian look for trouble with her when he comes back.

“Don’t be scared, I’m Wei Qiqi!”

One maid quickly came over and bowed towards Ning Yun-er. She quickly explained, “Miss, this is the new Royal Concubine that the Emperor has bestowed to the Duke!”

“Royal Concubine?” Ning Yun-er looked towards Qiqi’s face and still thought that it was very scary. The woman in front of her was really too ugly. She only heard that the Duke married a concubine, yet she didn’t know that she was ugly to this extent. She felt injustice for the Duke. How could Wei Qiqi match up to the Third Duke? This was clearly an insult to him.

However Ning Yun-er was also happy. Since the Royal Concubine looked like this, how would the Duke like her? Hence the Duke was still hers, her heart calmed down at this thought.

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Ning Yun-er walked to Qiqi’s front and bowed, “Greetings Royal Concubine!”

“Dispense with formalities. Were you playing the zither?”

“Yes, Royal Concubine, looks like you know music as well!” Yun-er lightly caressed the strands of hair between her temples, looking extremely feminine. All men are probably into this kind of woman, feeling like protecting her just by looking at her, embracing her into his arms. Maybe Third Duke was also happy about this. Qiqi’s heart involuntarily felt sour.

“I don’t know this. I only know how to play the piano. You continue, I’m only curious!”

Wei Qiqi left the pavilion unhappy. She could still feel Yun’er’s gaze, causing her to feel uneasy. Maybe that woman had already treated her as a love rival. However with Qiqi’s current looks, Yun’er didn’t have to worry. Third Duke was a man, he needed a gentle and pretty woman like Yun’er the most.

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