Chapter 90 – Ugly concubine entering the manor

“Return to the Duke’s manor with Liu Yun immediately. You aren’t allowed to move freely. Also, don’t open the curtains of the carriage!”

Qiqi furiously stared at him, “I want to watch the fun with you, so why are you sending me away secretly! Is it because of my looks?”

“What rubbish are you saying? Which man will strut around bringing his woman? Return to the manor and wait for this Duke!”

“Liu Zhongtian, who is your woman?” Qiqi pulled down the curtains, not wanting to see the irritating look of Liu Zhongtian. Looks like her following days wouldn’t be good. Liu Zhongtian had almost treated her as his personal property. Women were born to rely on men. That fella’s head was simply outdated.

Qiqi’s carriage split ways with the troops at the main street of Chang-an. Liu Yun rode the horse and led the way. Very quickly, they reached the Duke’s manor.

Wei Qiqi jumped down the carriage, her eyes staring at the imposing gate of the manor. The architecture and design of the manor was really lavish. Who knew if the modern Chang-an, which was Xi-an, would still have this remains. It probably didn’t exist anymore. A bowl from the Han dynasty was worth the value of several cities two thousand years later. Liu Zhongtian this unlucky Duke would be more valuable, his bones and organs were to be worth a lot more!

Liu Yun pushed open the door and led the way forward. Qiqi followed behind.

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“Welcome Royal Concubine!” On both sides there were several maids and servants welcoming her at the same time. Wei Qiqi was shocked. It was really grandiose. A Third Duke had so many people attending, and there were so many women. Qiqi was thinking in her heart that the Third Duke was lecherous.

A middle-aged man who looked like a butler walked forward. When he saw Qiqi, his face changed drastically. He had a good shock. It took him a long while before he dared to raise his head and said to Wei Qiqi in a timid voice, “Royal Concubine, I’m called Liu Quan, the butler of the Duke Manor. If there’s anything, you can order me to do it!”

“Oh!” Qiqi knew that he was scared by her own looks. She then looked towards the maids on both sides. They were embarrassingly lowering their heads. They probably didn’t dare to look again. They only heard that the Royal Concubine was ugly, however they must be frightened after seeing her today.

Wei Qiqi didn’t care if they liked her or not. She wasn’t the real Royal Concubine anyway, just a property in the Emperor’s mind. She had an agreement with Liu Zhongtian. As long as he did not go overboard, Wei Qiqi would continue enduring.

Wei Qiqi looked at her own clothes. The flames that came from the fish-oil burnt her jeans till there were holes everywhere. Her shoes were also worn off. Her appearance probably scared them, that was why everybody was even more afraid of her. Qiqi looked at the maids with dissatisfaction. She wasn’t born this ugly. She had times when she was beautiful too, but was currently unable to find a way to recover.

Wei Qiqi knew how to make use of her own status, just like how she knew how to use her successor identity. She was a Royal Concubine, apart from the Duke, she was the biggest here. Qiqi acted like nothing happened and surveyed the surroundings. Without finding another suitable place, it would be good to stay in the Duke Manor. At least she wouldn’t be humiliated.

“Bring me to the room, I want to bathe and change!” Qiqi wanted to bathe and change into clean clothes. This dirty look of her was dissatisfying. It was permeating with the smell of fish-oil and sweat.

“Yes!” Two maids respectfully led the way and Wei Qiqi followed. Looking at their respectful looks, she knew that there were a lot of rules in the Duke Manor. However to the new Royal Concubine, everything was like an illusion, not worth paying attention to.

When the maids behind saw that the concubine had left, they looked at each other and secretly gossiped. How did their suave Third Duke marry such an ugly woman. Scary was the word to describe her. The Duke was really pitiful. Who knew how many girls would have their hearts broken. Especially Ning Yun-er in the manor, what kind of feeling would she have?

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