Chapter 89 – Returning victorious to Chang-an

Wei Qiqi wasn’t clear about whether she had drank water or ate food, she only knew that she slept comfortably for a long period of time. A sudden intense jolt woke her up.

Wei Qiqi clumsily wiped her eyes and discovered that she was lying in a horse carriage, covered with a piece of long cloth. Wasn’t she on Liu Zhongtian’s back? Why was she in the carriage? Wei Qiqi sat up, lifted up the curtain and looked out. In front and behind were troops moving. They already left the desert and were on the way to the capital Chang-an.

“Going back?”

Qiqi extended her head and tried to scout forward. She saw Liu Zhongtian dressed in armor, traveling at the front of the troops. This fella, wasn’t he tired? Looking by it they didn’t stay long in the camp before returning to Chang-an.

“General Qi!” Liu Yun rode his horse towards the side of Qiqi’s carriage. He laughed and said, “You are really awesome, to sleep for a few days. No matter how the Duke called you won’t wake up!”

“Oh!” Qiqi smiled sheepishly. Looks like she was really too tired, to sleep for such a long period of time.

“We are going back to Chang-an. The Duke ordered me to send you back to the Duke’s manor first!”

“How about the Duke?”

“Returning victorious, the Duke is leading the troops to be received by the Emperor!”

“The Emperor is personally receiving?” Qiqi felt weird. Didn’t the Emperor not like Liu Zhongtian? To even personally receive them.

“That is an utmost honor. Our Third Duke is so inspiring. Whoever sees him has to give way to him!” Liu Yun said proudly.

“Why not bring me to that occasion?”

“Your identity now is different. You are the Third Duke’s concubine. How could you simply go meet so many officials?”


Qiqi put down the curtains. It must be because he thought that she was ugly and he would lose face. This damned Liu Zhongtian. No matter what she was General Qi and had numerous merits, yet she was not allowed to go see the fun. She really wanted to see that shameless Emperor brother, what kind of look did he exactly have?

Wei Qiqi touched her own face and involuntarily thought of the diviner’s words. Looks could be recovered, however the diviner said one word, ‘man’. What meaning was that? Could it be to eat a man’s flesh, or to drink his blood? That shouldn’t be the case, it was too disgusting. Damnit, she left without even speaking clearly. Just what was it?

Qiqi thought about the diviner’s words and felt goosebumps throughout her body. She decided not think about it anymore and continued to stay in the carriage, bored. Apart from eating some food, drinking a bit of water and resting occasionally at night, the troops were traveling.

Qiqi felt that her waist was going to break from sitting. Liu Zhongtian kept on riding in front without going too far nor near. It was okay not to talk to her, but he didn’t even bother looking back. She wanted to find a chance to complain to him but couldn’t do so. That prideful cold Duke only let her see his imposing figure and armor that was shining brightly under the sun. Wei Qiqi depressingly pinched her chin. Could she really stay in the Great Han and live with this boring Duke for the rest of her life?

The troops entered the streets of Chang-an. Wei Qiqi heard noise and cheers from outside. All the more she couldn’t contain her own heart. The Great Han streets must be seen. This was real history. She was just about to extend her head to see the excitement outside when her head was pressed back in. Following that, the curtains were raised. Third Duke Liu Zhongtian finally appeared.

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