Chapter 88 – A treasure, or a troublemaker?

Wei Qiqi looked at the water bag which was already empty, and her heart went cold. Was what the diviner said true, that somebody would come and rescue her? She was alone in the desert with not even a figure in sight. Looks like it would be hard not to die this time around.

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Ever since Qiqi knew that she couldn’t go back to the modern world, she felt somewhat unwilling. Could the Great Han be her final solace? To die in the desert and become a pile of white bones? Qiqi suddenly didn’t want to die. Since it was destined, what use was there in dying?

If she had the chance to leave the desert, she would restart her life. She no longer wanted to dwell in the issue of traveling through time. She would settle down and be a Han, living out her own definition of excitement. The successor of the Wei Group is not just all talk and no substance!

Wei Qiqi was thirsty and decided to just lie down, her head on the ground of the tent. She was hoping to hear some sound. Suddenly, there was footsteps from the desert. Qiqi alertly stood up. She was just about to open the curtain of the tent when someone did so. Liu Zhongtian’s tall figure appeared inside the tent.

“Duke!” Wei Qiqi opened her eyes widely. Instantly she was reinvigorated. He really came to look for her! Qiqi happily opened her arms and leapt forward, tightly hugging Liu Zhongtian’s waist, “Haha, how did you find me?”

The soldier behind opened the curtain before embarrassingly closing it and turning around.

“Qiqi!” Liu Zhongtian excitedly hugged Wei Qiqi. He almost forgot about the soldier behind. He happily raised her up, “Disobedient woman, if it was not because I saw a woman who met you, you wouldn’t be alive to meet this Duke again. When we go back I’ll settle you properly. This Duke wants to hit your buttocks!”

“I’m happy, there’s no need to die!” Qiqi excitedly wrapped her hands around Liu Zhongtian’s neck, causing her face to stick closely to Liu Zhongtian’s cheeks, making Liu Zhongtian extremely embarrassed, not knowing what to do.

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“Qiqi…” Liu Zhongtian suddenly remembered that there was a soldier outside. He frantically pulled Qiqi away, “There’s a soldier here be, mindful of your manners. We will leave immediately!”

“Keke, alright!” Qiqi jumped down and quickly implanted a kiss on Liu Zhongtian’s cheeks, making Liu Zhongtian to not know whether to laugh or cry. Wei Qiqi’s expression of love and hate was very clear, always causing him to have an itchy feeling in his heart.

“It is already so late and you are still so naughty. Let’s go!” Liu Zhongtian pulled Qiqi’s hands and went out of the tent.

The three of them returned via retracing their steps. There was not much water left. Wei Qiqi was tired and thirsty. While walking, she latched onto Liu Zhongtian’s arms as she was almost out of energy. Liu Zhongtian was also very tired.

“I can’t move anymore, Duke…” Wei Qiqi’s arms were hugging Liu Zhongtian’s waist, she almost fell over.

“Climb onto this Duke’s back!” Liu Zhongtian squatted. Wei Qiqi feebly extended her arms and climbed onto Liu Zhongtian’s back. He picked her up and continued moving forward.

Fortunately , it was night and the desert wasn’t so hot. If not, Liu Zhongtian probably won’t last long as well.

“I’m so thirsty, tired, hungry, sleepy. I want to eat a cow and soak in water for three days and night…” Wei Qiqi lied on Liu Zhongtian’s back, her eyes were unable to open. She was mumbling in her unconsciousness, her arms tightly hooked onto Liu Zhongtian’s neck. Her head was lying on his back, and after a while she fell asleep.

Wei Qiqi was really a special woman. Liu Zhongtian didn’t know whether he picked up a treasure or a troublemaker.

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Wei Qiqi will eventually fall for Liu Zhongtian... wait for it!
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