Chapter 87 – The diviner’s terms of exchange

Liu Zhongtian’s heart felt a wave of intense pain. Wei Qiqi, this ugly woman, would she rather die than remain by his side? Was he not good enough to her? Didn’t he let her be wilful? What does she hope to obtain from Liu Zhongtian before she could be satisfied?

“Let’s stop!” Liu Zhongtian helplessly stood in the desert with a face full of dejection and pain. “There’s no hope, let’s return!”


The soldier helplessly followed behind Liu Zhongtian, they turned around and prepared to leave. Suddenly there was bell ringing sounds. Liu Zhongtian quickly turned his head to look for the source of the sound and discovered a mule from far away. On the mule there was a skinny woman with long hair.

Liu Zhongtian hurriedly ran over and found an old woman who was skinny beyond belief. That woman glanced at Liu Zhongtian before opening her mouth slowly, “Such a vast desert, where are you two going? You should hurry and leave!”

“May I ask, did you see an ugly woman with medium length hair in the desert who looks like a man at first sight!” Liu Zhongtian asked anxiously.

The woman covered her mouth and laughed, “I saw, a woman who was ugly beyond comparison!”

“Where is she?” Liu Zhongtian was elated. Wei Qiqi actually didn’t die. However, where was she?

“I want water. I gave that woman one bag of water although I already don’t have enough to exit the desert!” The woman tightly fixed her gaze on the only water bag on Liu Zhongtian’s waist.

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Immediately, Liu Zhongtian took down the water bag and passed it to her. The woman then looked at his sword, her eyes rolling, “You look like someone of high status, this servant also wants your sword!”

“Sword?” This sword is Liu Zhongtian’s personal item. It had already accompanied him for many years, causing him to hesitate.

That woman laughed loudly, “Forget it, it seems that you have things that you find it hard to part with. It’s not worth it for an ugly woman. I shall return your water and carry on with my journey!” The woman extended her fingers and tried to return the water bag to Liu Zhongtian.

“Wait!” Liu Zhongtian thought about it, took down the sword on his waist and passed it to the woman on the mule.

That woman kept the water bag and sword, her face looking much relieved, “Turn left and keep walking. There will a tent there, but you have to hurry for she does not have much water left and may die soon!”

Liu Zhongtian thanked the woman and was just about to leave when the woman said, “That ugly woman could mesmerize people, bringing her back could lead to much troubles. Duke, you must think through carefully, it may be better to leave her here to her own device!”

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“Duke?” Liu Zhongtian was stunned. How did she know that he was a Duke? When he started to observe her again, the woman already kept the sword, leaving on the mule with a satisfied look on her face.

Liu Zhongtian was also not in the mood to care about the words of that crazy woman. He wanted to find Qiqi. As long as Qiqi didn’t have danger to her life, he could always talk about things another day. He brought that soldier and turned left.

After about four hours, there was indeed a tent in far sight. Liu Zhongtian was elated and speedily ran towards the tent.

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