Chapter 86 – Never giving up

Everytime Wei Qiqi places those fish-oil bombs, her face would be full of black soot. She wouldn’t have died so easily. Liu Zhongtian hurriedly returned to the camp and entered the tent. He changed into casual clothing and ordered someone to prepare water bags for him. He wanted to re-enter the desert to look for Wei Qiqi.

“Duke, this can’t do!” General Chi blocked Third Duke Liu Zhongtian and pleaded with him, “Duke, the Xiongnu has been exterminated by us. We should move and return, how can you return to the desert?”

“I am aware of my own limits!”

“Duke, you will lose your life. The soldier said it, Wei Qiqi has died. She perished together with the Xiongnu!”

“She is this Duke’s concubine. As long as I don’t see the corpse, this Duke will not give up!” Liu Zhongtian walked out in big strides.

General Chi tightly followed behind, “Wei Qiqi is only an ugly woman. Though she has many merits, as a woman, she isn’t worth your affections. To bring her back is to invite ridicule of fellow officials. Can’t you understand? Even if you return to the capital, you’ll not want that woman!”

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“Who says so? This Duke is telling you now, as long as Wei Qiqi is alive, she is my concubine!” Liu Zhongtian said coolly.

“Duke, we have no path to follow too, please reconsider!”

“If you dare to make any more noise, this Duke will…” Liu Zhongtian clenched his fists and looked at General Chi furiously, “Don’t follow me. This Duke has ordered ten small teams to go out and look for Wei Qiqi. No matter whether she has been found, all must return to the camp before night falls!”

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“Yes, Duke!”

General Chi no longer dared to stop him. Actually, he was worrying for Wei Qiqi. However if they continued like this, it would definitely impede the return timing. The Emperor might become furious and implicate them. But when faced with the determined him, General Chi could only order three soldiers to follow Liu Zhongtian. Following that he helplessly arranged other people to look for Wei Qiqi.

Liu Zhongtian and the soldiers endured the hot sun and searched the desert. It was without an end. Who knew which direction Wei Qiqi went towards. The sky was gradually darkening. Liu Zhongtian looked at the soldiers behind him and pointed towards the return direction.

“The night has fallen. All of you, return!”

“Duke, if you don’t go, we aren’t going as well!”

The soldiers saw that the Third Duke was not leaving, so how could they dare to go back. Currently, Liu Zhongtian was feeling helpless about this fruitless searching. He had lost almost all confidence. The desert was blowing currents of wind. His vision was getting blur as well. The wind was also getting smaller when it was completely dark.

Liu Zhongtian stopped. Any further, he would be too far from the camp. He ordered two soldiers, “Two of you partner up and return. If General Qi comes back, ask General Chi to set up the smoke signal and we will return immediately!”

“Yes!” The other two soldiers hesitated before receiving the order and turning back.

Liu Zhongtian brought the other soldier and continued moving forward. It was already night, yet there was no sign of Wei Qiqi. There was no smoke signal from the camp too. Facing the desert that couldn’t speak, Liu Zhongtian had lost all hope. At this time, he really believed that Wei Qiqi was no longer in this world. Calculating the time, without water and food, she wouldn’t last till the end of today.

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