Chapter 85 – His heart turned ice-cold instantly

Wei Qiqi returned to the tent and sat down. Could she really not leave? It didn’t seem like the diviner was trying to frighten her. Poison? Who gave her the blood poison and sent her to the Great Han, to stay forever in an ancient world?

Wei Qiqi understood that she’ll never get to see her dad and grandfather anymore. Grandfather had always doted on her. Her disappearance would surely be a big blow to him. He would think that Qiqi was kidnapped, or already dead. He wouldn’t think that Qiqi was in Great Han, facing the moon and thinking about him.

The wind in the desert died down. Qiqi sighed, looking at the desert under the moonlight. It really was a beautiful sight. A pity the person admiring the scene no longer had the mood, her heart felt like it was emptied out.

Liu Zhongtian brought the Great Han army and conquered the Xiongnu southern tribe. He was victorious and the army marched back towards the Great Han camp in the desert. They had returned, they could finally return to Chang-an with pride.

When Liu Zhongtian returned to the vicinity of the camp, he saw corpse of Xiongnu all over the desert. He instantly furrowed his brows. Not good. He quickened his steps and rushed into the camp. He discovered that there was no signs of abnormality in the camp and was baffled. Weren’t the Xiongnu attacking the camp?

A soldier guarding the camp came up and knelt, “Duke!”

“What exactly is with those Xiongnu corpses?” Liu Zhongtian took down his helmet, his head full of sweat.

“Duke, after you led the army off, a small team of Xiongnu suddenly ambushed the camp. It was due to General Qi’s wits that we retained the camp and hardly suffered any loss!”

“Oh? Wei Qiqi has another merit?” Liu Zhongtian’s lips curled. This woman could always do things that caused him to be surprised. He should reward her later.

“Duke!” The soldier drooped his head, “Duke, please kill me, we were unable to protect General Qi! General Qi…”

Liu Zhongtian frowned. His heart sank as he grabbed the sleeves of the soldier and lifted him up, “Where is Qiqi?”

“General Qi brought a fish-oil bomb and… perished together with the enemies!”

“Nonsense!” Liu Zhongtian punched the soldier and sent him flying. The soldier smashed heavily onto the floor and spat out fresh blood. He struggled to kneel down again and painfully held onto his chest.

“Duke…the whole camp…guardsmen are willing to accept our punishment!” After the soldier spoke, he couldn’t resist and fell onto the ground. The other dozens of soldiers knelt.

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“Duke, please punish us! We were unable to protect General Qi!” They shouted in unison.

Liu Zhongtian faced those soldiers and clenched his fists. He furiously took out the sword and raised it up. With an angry shout, the sword penetrated deep into the ground.

“Call the doctor to take a look at him!”

Liu Zhongtian walked out of the camp without turning his head. Nobody knew of the Third Duke’s current feelings. Liu Zhongtian almost crumbled at that piece of news. In the war with the XIongnu, although he emerged victorious, he no longer felt joy. He flew out into the desert. Within the vast desert, where was the image of Wei Qiqi? His heart turned ice-cold instantly.

Liu Zhongtian stood in the middle of the explosion of the fish-oil bomb. He was looking in all directions. There was the black spots left behind by the burning of the fish-oil everywhere. Many Xiongnu corpses were blown off and scattered everywhere. He looked for six whole hours and he didn’t find a single Great Han armor. Apart from Han clothing, there was also that strange clothing. However, why was there only Xiongnu clothing all over the place?

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