Chapter 55 – Qualifiers 3

“Where did I go wrong? How could this have happened,” Qi Ren asked himself as he began to panic. After all, right at this moment, he was all alone. His soldiers had fallen, and his tricks and traps were easily countered. The enemy was only a few moments away from him.

“There’s no way this is happening! A few minutes ago the soldiers were right at their doorstep ready to decimate their forces, and the next minute they all died. Did they cheat!?” questioned Qi Ren.

“No you’re just ignorant from the moment you launched that surprise attack was the moment you lost,” said a voice.

Qi Ren looked up and was surprised to see someone who shouldn’t be at his headquarters at this moment as he yelled, “You!!! How can you be here right now! Aren’t you the commander?!?”

Luon smiled at his foes foolishness as swung his blade and said, “Yes I am a commander, and only a commander can end another commander’s life on the battlefield.”

And with that strike, the match was over.

Luon jumped into the enemies formation before him. Equipped with his NG-Arms, he flew above the soldiers as he started for attack them from the sky. All NG-Arms users can fly. Many NG-Arms were created to enhance the physical performance of a combatant, enabling them to fight in a way that made it difficult for their enemies to handle. In fact, some NG-Arms were customized so that the user could even battle in space. However, there are some limitations to NG-Arms.

First off, because the intensive maneuvers used to maintain its performance and features exhausted a tremendous amount of mana crystals, the price shot up and the operation time was limited. If Luon continued fighting the armored soldier from above, his energy reserves would be exhausted in less than half an hour. Another, limitation to the NG-Arms was the maximum potential it can provide, when people get stronger, the power that came from the NG-Arms becomes negligible.

And Luon is now facing that power drop before his NG-Arms had powered him up nearly 20 combat levels, however, after reaching combat level 60 he only gains 15 combat levels causing him to rise up to level 75.

Although it wasn’t as great as before, it just goes to show how much he’s grown this past year. While everyone is still using NG-Arms to power themselves up, he will transcend those limitations soon enough.

As Luon swung his sword against one of the brothers he retaliated with his spear, the weapons clash as an immense amount of pressure resonated from their strikes. Luon was repelled towards the sky due to the impact, and the mount beneath the man was forced to kneel as they rebounded off the earth.

As soon as Luon initiated the battle the other two brothers were glad to see Luon’s presence in the battlefield. The best way to win is to take the head of the enemies general! It’s been like that in the past, and it’s like that right now. The two charged towards Luon, but before they could do anything, a stream of bullets intercepted them. Under the suppressive fire, the brother’s armor caused them to take no damage. However, it wasn’t the same for their mounts.

They were simple-minded creatures that only knew to eat and sleep, with the loud explosive noises and pain that came from the bullets they were afraid of moving forward. However, this didn’t stop the brothers charge, they beckoned their mounts forward to the best of their abilities. Eventually, one of the brothers broke loose and the suppressive fire knowing that he couldn’t be stopped switched targets to the other brother.

Seeing the change, the brother who had broken free started to charge towards the ranged attackers, he thought as long as he gets rid of them they were open to reign havoc against their foes.

Urging his mount forward they scaled the walls without anyone stopping him. The sharp claws penetrate the metallic structure allowing the Chidabi to climb quickly. The man gripped the harness tightly to face the change in his sense of balance. Halfway through his climb, as he continued to stare forward, he noticed someone blocking his path.

Bendan smile at the sight of the man desperately grasping his mount while scaling the walls. Seeing Bendan’s smile, the brother had a bad omen, as he was preparing to face what Bendan was going throw at him, he noticed that instead of tossing something destructive at him, he jumped off the wall.

With a sword in hand he dove towards his direction, in response to the quick attack, the brother attempted to signal the Chidabi to dodge the attack. Although the Chidabi was slow to react, they managed to avoid Bendan’s path, however, before they could breathe a sigh of relief Bendan suddenly equipped his NG-Arms and attacked from behind him. It was as if a hawk was picking at a snake coiled in a tree. Bendan laughs as he whittles away at the pair.

The brother who had received all of this damage couldn’t retaliate, he swung his sword while tightly gripping his mount but wasn’t able to muster strength due to the angle. It was at this moment he realized that instead of struggling against a foe who had a total advantage over him, he should continue to press forward and decimate the units on the upper walls.

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However, his thoughts were too late, just when he was going motion the Chidabi forward to the upper parts of the wall, Bendan had sliced off one of its upper arms causing the rider to feel exceptionally unbalanced. It was only then he had realized that Bendan was aiming for the limbs and that his attacks towards him were just a decoy. Although the Chidabi has a fantastic regeneration ability, it would take a long time to regenerate a limb.

As the ride got even more unbalanced Bendan dealt the final blow, he had sliced off the other arm causing its body to be unable to latch on to the wall as they began to fall. The brother wasn’t prepared for this, other than some heavy armor, a sword, and a spear, he did not have a solution to him falling due to gravity. To make things worse the armor caused him to fall even faster, and soon enough his body hit the ground as clouds of dust exploded outwards.

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Although the armor was strong enough to repel most damage, the shockwaves of the fall impacted his internal organs a bit. Bendan smiled as he flew above them to evaluate the damage he caused. Bendan didn’t expect the fall to kill them, so he monitored the situation closely to see their reactions.

Bendan couldn’t afford his own set of NG-Arms, in fact, Luon had duplicated his own for Bendan to use. Gizmo and Tyron didn’t really need them as much because the suit didn’t empower their ranged weapons, however, when Bendan had it equipped he was able to maneuver similar to those immortals cultivators he heard of from his father.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any immortal cultivators, it was just that there were too few. Before the war with the Inzektors they were already too busy killing each other off, and once the war happened, most of them had perished before the Inzektor attacks. How were Inzektors able to eliminate cultivators that were able to destroy mountains and reshape landscapes? Although they were powerful beings, there were many forces in the universe, and the ability to transcend their mortal bindings only existed in very few humans.

If consistent waves of Inzektors fought these superhumans, they would eventually tire, especially if the Inzektor race was on par with their strength or just a little bit under. To eliminate the very existent of Inzektors would take a paramount of effort, these influential figures were unable to expand due to the Inzektors vitality. To change an ocean of water with a single drop of oil, that was what it felt for an immortal cultivator to face off against the Inzektor menace by himself. So instead they decided to create their own force, which eventually became the Kien Sect, in the Kien solar system.

As the dust dissipated, there lay a mangled corpse of the Chidabi and the brother who amazingly stood right up as if the impact didn’t harm him enough. He looked like he had eaten something disgusting as his face warped as if he was about to vomit.

Bendan landed on the ground and stood before the man as he smirked and said, “Now, shall our battle begin?”

The brother looked at Bendan and couldn’t help but laugh. Bendan saw how powerful the armor was and still wanted to challenge him. After his laughter ended, he turned serious as faced Bendan and said, “Come, let me witness your strength.”

On that remark, the two began to engage in combat disregarding their surroundings.

Luon and the brother he was suppressing fought for over a minute, every time he was able to get a blow in the armor didn’t show a sign of degrading, in fact, it seemed like it was able to repair itself. Seeing the lack of progression Luon had changed strategies as aimed for the mount. In response, the brother tried to repel Luon but lacked the speed to do so.

The Chidabi was helpless as Luon continued to suppress them. Eventually, it fell beneath his blade. However, this didn’t come without a cost. Luon was exhausted as he had spent more time moving compared to the man who merely stood there.

He laughed as he said, “There’s no hope for you, just fall beneath my blade and let the match be over.”

However, beneath his intimidation, Luon smiled as he had accomplished what he needed to do. The man stared at Luon’s reaction confused and then turned to evaluate the situation. Gizmo, Tyron, and the robots firepower had eliminated the last mount they had. At this point in time, the three brothers were dismounted and wore heavy armor causing them to move slowly. Before the three of them was a massive wall which they were unable to scale and steep cliffs blocking their way.

Luon seeing how his opponent was lost in thoughts retreated to the top of the wall using the NG-Arms with Bendan who stopped his match midway through.

On the top of the wall, Luon gazed at the three indestructible brothers as if they were peasants and smiled as if they had fallen for a trap. At this moment the earth shook beneath the three brothers and the ground before the split as if they were caught in quicksand. They desperately struggled to get out, however, to top things off a massive stream of water drowned their attempts.

A man stood beside Luon who oversaw this outcome, he had an abundant amount of mana despite rapidly casting these spells. Luon had called forth an archmage to deal with the heavily armed warriors. Even though they were immune to magic, they still needed to breathe, so Luon thought if he could seal their movements and drown them they could quickly overcome the situation.

However, to get a magician that can change that battle within a matter of seconds cost an abundant amount of points, which in the end, was worth it.

With the soldiers dead, Luon, Gizmo, Tyron, Bendan and the Arch-Mage mounted a mechanical horse that Thomas had made while they fought and marched towards their opponents base.

The robotic army moved uniformly behind them. However, they needed to strike as soon as possible to make use of this advantage.

Along the way, they met traps and weak attempts to repel their forces created by the enemy commander which, in turn, slowed down their progress by a little bit.

Seeing this Luon decided to end it once and for all as he flew at a speed which exhausted his NG-Arms power reserves.

And that was when the match was over.

After exiting the battle, Luon found an awkward situation.

Usually, his classmates would cheer with their victory. However, the class was silent, it was as if they were trying to hide something. Everyone was filled with smiles, but it was followed by an awkward silence.

However, this situation didn’t last long as one of his classmates broke into laughter. It was like a dam that was impossible to stop, the other classmates followed suit and the class was filled with laughter.

Even Helen, Arisa, Shizuka and Belle were trying their best not to laugh, the only person that didn’t do so was Keyral and Kiri, but Luon had a feeling that they were laughing deep inside.

Luon gaze around the classroom filled with laughter, they had just finished a match only to be laughed at. Luon thought to himself, ‘Could somebody tell me what’s going on?’

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