Chapter 84 – The diviner’s words

Qiqi nearly cried out. She wasn’t willing to let go of the woman, “Since you can divine this, you must have a way to save me! Then, whatever that you want I will give!” Qiqi looked at herself from top to bottom and realized that she had nothing worthwhile on her. Her clothes were also ragged. Immediately, she became dejected.

Qiqi didn’t give up and she pulled the hands of the diviner, “You can go find Liu Zhongtian, he has a lot of money, he is a Duke…you must help me!”

That woman looked at Wei Qiqi depressingly. How did she meet up with such a persistent person?

“You woman, quickly release me! Aiya…” That diviner shook loose from Wei Qiqi, picked up a cloth bag at one side and repeatedly rubbed her hands, as if Qiqi had soiled them.

“I warn you, don’t come close to me anymore. You are suffering from two kinds of poison, which has only one explanation! That is because of your face.” The diviner said furiously, with an extremely confident tone, allowing no room for doubt.

Wei Qiqi felt that she had been too excited, as if she found a healing salve, “I was too excited. Quick tell me, how can I go back, the price does not matter!”

“Give up and live in the Great Han at ease. This kind of poison is blood poison. It’s very venomous, with no cure for it. As for your looks, there’s a way to solve it!”

“I don’t care about looks, I want to go back…” Qiqi was dejected. She wanted to go back to the modern world, so don’t say that there isn’t any hope.

Qiqi sat in front of that woman and started crying loudly. Damned Great Han, what kind of place was this? She didn’t even want to stay for an additional day.

That woman frowned and continued looking at the cards, “It is destined. Little lady, why must you cry?”

“If you are like me, I guarantee that you’ll cry even harder! Wa…” Qiqi decided to let loose and cry even louder.

“Irritating, causing me to be distressed. I’m not looking anymore. So messy, why is there such a woman who can mesmerize men?” The diviner picked up the cards and stood up.

Qiqi saw that she was unhappy and she no longer dared to cry, “You said that there’s a solution to my face. Tell me, how? Even if I were to stay in Great Han, I can’t be so ugly. I even hate myself! Even the enemies didn’t dare to kill me as if they saw a ghost! You have no idea how to send me back, but at least you have an idea for my face right?”

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“Man!” The diviner opened her eyes wide, “It is best not to pester anymore. That man will look for you tomorrow! You should wait here!” After speaking finish, she started going out.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving here!” The diviner said in a huff.

“I will go with you!” Qiqi frantically followed and pulled the diviner’s hands.

“You better stay far away from me. The signs said that if I take you in, I’ll never get peace for the rest of my life. You should go to the place where you belong!”

The diviner shook off Qiqi, pulled the mule over and sat on it. Before leaving, she looked at Wei Qiqi, “Don’t leave the tent, wait there if you don’t wish to die!”

“Wait!” Qiqi looked at her pleadingly, “Will I still see you in the future?”

“Maybe so…however when that time arrives you’ll no longer be like this. You’ll be very rich, beautiful and men who would be mesmerized by you.”

“Me mesmerizing men?”

“I’m leaving, cute little lass!” The diviner lightly patted the mule and it started moving, with the ringing bells sounding pleasant to the ear.

Slowly, the diviner and her mule disappeared in the desert where the moonlight shone. The desert had countless stars acting as the backdrop, looking strangely silent.

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