Chapter 108- Grand Adventure: The Tournament Part 1

Astrid7Astridcharacter and KMega6KMegacharacter arrived at the tournament area half an hour before scheduled.

They were a little surprised that Emma and Elsa were already here, but they were even more surprised that they brought a martian cosplayer with them.

He paused nervously after seeing KMega and Astrid before looking away.

After the security check, KMega’s party met up with Elsa’s.

“So, you lovers get what you wanted?” (Elsa)

Astrid gently grabbed his hand before leaning on him slightly.

“It was a nice date. However, it was ruined after we met his brother.” (Astrid)

Based off of Astrid’s tone of voice, Elsa decided not to pursue any further.

Their new addition seemed to be really nervous in front of the two newcomers.

“Hello, I… I’m… Lewis. You’re KMega and Astrid! I’m… a…. really… really big fan.” (Lewis)

Elsa couldn’t help but laugh.

“So that explains it. Is he your idol?” (Elsa)

Lewis looked away in shame.

“I didn’t mean… I’m sorry if…” (Lewis)

Elsa slapped his back hard.

“Look, you said you were a healer, right? The team needs one, even if their low level.” (Elsa)

Lewis was uncertain what would qualify as someone low level.

“I will do my best for God…, Commander KMega.” (Lewis)

“Um, can I play too?” (Emma)

Everyone suddenly turned towards Emma in surprise, but Elsa even more so.

“I’ve been playing in my off time, you see. Not many other games have come out lately, and this one is rather good.” (Emma)

Elsa put her hands together with a joyful expression on her face.

If Winter comes as well, then the whole GSP team will be involved.


In fact, the next person to show up was Winter. She was still uncertain about her and KMega’s status, but she was willing to participate. As for Adams and Brian, they were no-shows during the signups. Since this wasn’t an official tournament, it was open to outside teams as well.

This is namely for teams that will be playing from home through special access ports.


This will be KMega’s first time in the spotlight. To say he was nervous would be an understatement. There’s a large difference from being on camera at home to being on stage in front of thousands of people. With a gentle grab from Astrid’s hand, they got up to the stage where the announcers let the audience know that they were the Green Corporation Gamer Support Program team plus 1. Other than Elsa, who was a regular at tournaments, the other team members were complete unknowns, except for a particularly popular mechanoid.

When the audience saw Astrid walk over to KMega’s pod and attach herself to it, there was instant envy from half the guys present. However, they soon all realized who was in the pod.


When they got into the game and KMega’s character was copied over, he was with the rest of his team. Asgaber was already pinned under Astrid’s foot from her attempt to grab her bottom.

Lewis was a familiar priest as well.

Behind him, there was a new addition, one of which was an angel.

“By the gods, Yowlo, you brought us to the lands in between that of the mortal and the gods. What an honor it is to set foot on this sacred battlefield.” (Angel)

The angel then looked at her new, temporary companions.

“What an odd group.” (Angel)

After those two, there was Winter wearing an engineer’s uniform. Nobody was expecting this.

“IGN is 112%. I’ll do my best.” (112%)

Only allowed on

As for Emma, she looked like some desk clerk for an adventurer’s guild.

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However, she was in a much higher position than that.

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